MS Dynamics Consultants in Ukraine

Microsoft Dynamics is a set of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications.

The Microsoft Dynamics is mainly applied but not limited to the following domains: finservices, retail, customer services, manufacturing, and the public sector.

Microsoft Dynamics can be adapted by both large corporations and SMEs. 



Labor Market Data

Microsoft Dynamics comprises a group of enterprise resource planning products aimed at different market segments geared toward medium to large organizations with multi-language, currency, and legal entity capability. Each of the main MS Dynamics products has its own subcategories specifically developed to be applied for different clients.

help the customers with the following:

1. Control the processes within the supply chain;
2. Organize financial data and set reports for proper business planning and regulatory compliance;
3. Make less crucial and routine tasks automated to direct the efforts on core functions;
4. Reduce expenses on administering salaries, perks and benefits, paychecks of recruiting and performance management;
5. Provide better visibility into central operating factors, including profitability and potential issues;
6. Align with niche needs of the industry for vertical business processes.

dynamic consultant

on its part provides the customers with:

1. Cloud & On-Premise Hosting Options;
2. Integration with other Microsoft Products (including Outlook, Office 365, and SharePoint);
3. Easy-to-use interface and the feature-rich modules for your Sales and Marketing departments;
4. CRM developed for your specific business needs;
5. High-level Customer Service.


1. Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) is developed to facilitate the business conduct for organizations across many countries by creating standardized processes and helping to streamline compliance;
2. Microsoft Dynamics GP (also known as Great Plains Software) used to adapt to level up companies, add opportunities and expand growth by managing changing markets. It also enables them to meet specific business requirements, and connect business operations within all departments of the organization;
3. Microsoft Dynamics NAV (previously named Navision) is developed with an aim to align with the unique requirements and needs of the industry;
4. Microsoft Dynamics SL (full named Solomon IV) is particularly used by project-driven organizations. It helps them compose reports, conduct business analysis, as well as automate projects within all company’s divisions and locations;
5. Microsoft Dynamics C5 (Concorde C5) deals with finance, manufacturing, supply chains, analytics and eCommerce for SMEs.

Compared to ERP, MS Dynamics CRM has nothing but the upgraded versions of its first launch with the branch of new options and functionality. Starting back in 2003, when Microsoft released a CRM 1.0, its version of 2016 was called a revolution due to the combination of 2 Microsoft business products (CRM & ERP Dynamics AX). Dynamics 365 features deal with Finance and Operations while Dynamics 365 Business Central manags the needs of the company’s  ERP; these include book-keeping, invoice and purchase handling and production. The customers themselves decide what modules they need to integrate into their CRM. Microsoft gives a standard offer Dynamics 365 Plan, a Customer Engagement Plan for CRM apps and a unified operations Plan for ERP applications. The Dynamics CRM Functional Consultant has the following roles and responsibilities: reviews current business processes of a client, considers changes to improve the efficiency through re-engineering, performs other tasks that are needed to successfully implement a CRM. 

Our recruiting’s overview

 of the market capacity showed the following distribution of the skills that might be of need for building MS Dynamics product:

Decision Factors for the Developers to Join MS Dynamics Projects

Typically, these 3 questions, in addition to standard questions list, would be asked by the candidates who consider working on MS Dynamics Product Development project:

MS Dynamics Consultants in Ukraine


What is the whole stack of technologies on all “ends” – from hardware to server and front-end side?


Whether or not the product prototype is already created and proved its value, or it is the 1st stage of the project now?


How exactly the whole team will be operating – will they be on the same premise and working as a team, or this is a distributed model of team’s organization, or maybe it is team’s augmentation – having a client’s team extended with few remote team engineers?

We recommend our clients think of these answers as if the answers are positive – often, the candidates more likely will be willing to become a long term part of such a project. Our in-house recruiting team will anyway be advising you from which side we would be “selling” the project to the candidates, yet, driving factors are important to keep in mind.

It is worth to remember, that joining ANY project, these questions are of special importance to the candidates in Ukraine:


What is the working process of development? What methodology is used, if any? How planning, delivery, quality control and deployment will be organized?


What will be the team structure? Who will be the person dealing with the team on daily basis?


What technology stacks are used for the project? How modern and contemporary are they?

All-inclusive Price Range

Junior Developers

1-2 years experience

2800 – 4400 USD

per month

Middle Developers

2-4 years experience

4400 – 5700 USD

per month

Senior Developers

4+ years experience

5700 – 7300 USD

per month

Rate Includes

Developer’s salary
Sick leaves
Equipment and software
Payroll taxes
Vacation period
Office expenses
Employee retention

Our Model

We provide teams that are functionally managed by the client, while we support operations (working environment, HR supervision, and communication between the Client and the Team). Understanding what is most important to our clients we developed a distinguishing model of 3Rs: Recruitment, Relationships, and Retention.


finding a developer is easy. Finding a fit for the client/product and capability to build a team – that’s where the hard part comes. We leverage our understanding of the local market and the best recruitment practices to make sure we pick the perfect match.


we believe that the relationships we build are the most important part of our service. No matter the distance, we foster the growth of relationships with our clients and dedicated teams by truly investing in them, and understanding their needs.


our staff takes care of all operations, making sure that your team has all of the Staff Services activities to keep them satisfied. At the end of the day, it’s relations with other people (peers, clients, contractors) that matter the most and what forms true loyalty.

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