Maintenance and SupportAlways by Your Side with Our Tech Maintenance

You have enough to worry about with the day to day operations of your business. With Mobilunity’s customer support and maintenance services you will never have to spend time worrying about your web page, application, or custom system.

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Whether we have built a solution for you or not, we have the expertise to support, secure and maintain the technical aspects of your business.

We provide comprehensive 24/7 Customer support services and tech maintainance that we will be by your side to make sure that you won't have to be preoccupied with your site crashing, or worry about malicious activity.

Why Spend Money Building a Team?Use Ours Instead!

We already have the infrastructure in place to support your needs. Avoid costly investments in time, money, onboarding etc, when you can use our team instead. We have everything in place from equipment, experience, to proper training.

Use our services to help :

Flexibility - in terms of scale and growth, we have the recruitment capabilities to grow, and have a large facility that will support that growth.

Service Level Agreements - in place,we have the ability to shift support agents to meet SLA criteria in terms of speed of reply.

In-house PHP team - our team supports the application for contact center management and are able to perform any and all tweaks needed for the functional optimization of the center.

Internet Bandwidth - infrastructure is in place and far above European standards in terms of speed.

Contact Center Management Team - already set up along with the processes required for managing


Our staff is maintained on a rotation that ensures that they remain fresh. Flexibility is ensured by offering a variety of assignments that help with consistency and motivation, giving you the best opportunity to supply your business with a robust support service.

Customer Support services include but are not limited to

Pre Sales Support

Follow up with callback inquiries received through callback and/or email

Online chat-assisting customer’s clientele in terms of selecting the best product/service and removing concerns/doubts about services or products

Performing Upselling/Cross-selling functions, to customers based on pre approved scripts

Current Client Support/Client Request Processing

Oversee and participate in daily support center operations mainly through three channels: email, online chat and calls.

Provide clients with exceptional customer service

Support voicemails and inbox emails

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