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Salesforce is a cloud computing service as a software (SaaS) company that specializes in customer relationship management. In other words, that’s a CRM solution that brings companies and customers together. This integrated platform gives all your departments — including marketing, sales, commerce, and service — a single, shared view of every customer. 


Labor Market Data

The Salesforce's services allow businesses to use cloud technology to better connect with customers, partners, and potential customers. is a specific CRM (customer relationship management) service that contains several extensive categories: Commerce Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Data Cloud (including Jigsaw), Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud (including Chatter), Analytics Cloud, App Cloud, and IoT reaching more than 100,000 customers.

Salesforce – the fundamental offering that the Salesforce platform offers. It has the following features: an interface for case management and task administration, a chain of tools for routing and escalating crucial events automatically. The Salesforce customers can track their own cases through the portals. Moreover, the platform offers a social networking plug-in so that the users can join the discussion on their organization on social networking Web sites.

Lightning Platform – platform as a service (PaaS) that enables software engineers to develop add-on applications that are further integrated into the application. These additional third-party apps are hosted on’s infrastructure. apps operate based on built-in declarative tools, supported by Lightning and Apex (as well as Lightning and Visualforce), proprietary programming languages for similar to Java principles. 

Community Cloud is a useful tool for Salesforce customers to set online web properties for any external integration, channel sales, customer service, and other unique portals in their instance of Salesforce. a platform dealing with social performance that facilitates the performance of managers and employees through regular coaching, real-time feedback, and recognition.

AppExchange – an online app marketplace designed for third-party applications that operated on the platform. Applications available vary from SharePoint to mobile approval management integrations. 

myTrailhead – an online training platform that contains features of customizing the operations for the needs of customers. The platform serves as a kind of functionality extension which Salesforce offers to the users to provide training content needed Salesforce users. It also allows them to compose and publish their customized training content and personalized programs.

Blockchain platform – aimed at improving the process of building blockchain networks and applications integrated with current CRM.

Our recruiting’s overview

Our recruiting’s overview of the market capacity showed the following distribution of the skills that might be of need for building Salesforce product:

Decision Factors for the Developers to Join Salesforce Projects

Typically, these 3 questions, in addition to standard questions list, would be asked by the candidates considering work on Salesforce Development project:


What is the whole stack of technologies on all “ends” – from hardware to server and front-end side?


Whether or not the product prototype is already created and proved its value, or it is the 1st stage of the project now.


How exactly the whole team will be operating – will they be on the same premise and working as a team, or this is a distributed model of team’s organization, or maybe it is team’s augmentation – having a client’s team extended with few remote team engineers.

It is worth to remember, that joining ANY project, these questions are of special importance to the candidates in Ukraine:


What is the working process of development? What methodology is used, if any? How planning, delivery, quality control and deployment will be organized?


What will be the team structure? Who will be the person dealing with the team on daily basis?


What technology stacks are used for the project? How modern and contemporary are they?

All-inclusive Price Range

Junior Developers

1-2 years experience

3200 – 4700 USD

per month

Middle Developers

2-4 years experience

4800 – 5900 USD

per month

Senior Developers

4+ years experience

6000 – 8000 USD

per month

Rate Includes

Developer’s salary
Sick leaves
Equipment and software
Payroll taxes
Vacation period
Office expenses
Employee retention

Our Model

We provide teams that are functionally managed by the client, while we support operations (working environment, HR supervision, and communication between the Client and the Team). Understanding what is most important to our clients we developed a distinguishing model of 3Rs: Recruitment, Relationships, and Retention.


finding a developer is easy. Finding a fit for the client/product and capability to build a team – that’s where the hard part comes. We leverage our understanding of the local market and the best recruitment practices to make sure we pick the perfect match.


we believe that the relationships we build are the most important part of our service. No matter the distance, we foster the growth of relationships with our clients and dedicated teams by truly investing in them, and understanding their needs.


our staff takes care of all operations, making sure that your team has all of the Staff Services activities to keep them satisfied. At the end of the day, it’s relations with other people (peers, clients, contractors) that matter the most and what forms true loyalty.

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