What Is the Most Affordable Way to Hire Ember JS Developer?

While JavaScript is a powerful scripting language on its own, pure JavaScript codes can get quite long and messy, especially for complex tasks. This has motivated the development of the many JavaScript frameworks currently in use, all of which aim to make JavaScript coding a less cumbersome endeavor.

You may learn some useful tips on how to hire React JS developer or read more about some of JS frameworks, such as Backbone.js, Angular.jsNode.js in our blog. Another framework that has been gaining strong momentum is Ember.js.

Ember JS: Technology Overview

Aimed at dramatically reducing codes and boosting productivity, Ember.js offers a number of neat features.

Perhaps its biggest feature is its use of routers, which ensure that every action is translated into the URL, so that shared URLs will direct visitors to the exact page and state that is intended to be shared.

It also uses templates written in Handlebars syntax, which enables developers to include dynamic HTML contents in the form of expressions, and entities called models, which contain persistent state information used within the web application.

Like AngularJS, Ember.js also features two-way binding, which constantly synchronizes the model data and the pages being viewed.

Among the competitors of the JavaScript Ember framework are React, AngularJS, Backbone.js, and Node.js, and several comparisons of React vs Ember vs other technologies are available online.

The Landscape of Ember JS

Several prominent companies use Ember.js on their websites, including Yahoo!© , LinkedIn©, and Netflix©.

Popularity in Europe

Ember developer demographics

Screenshot taken from 2017 Ember Community Survey on Ember.js developer demographics

Created as the SproutCore framework in 2007 and renamed to Ember.js in 2011, it has acquired a significant user base in Europe. According to the 2017 Ember Community Survey, 33.6% of all Ember.js developers come from Europe, second only to North America at 49%.

Salary Comparisons

Average stats on JavaScript Ember Developers US

Screenshot taken from 2017 StackOverflow Developer Survey on average developer salaries per technology in the US

Average stats on JavaScript Ember Developers in the UK

Screenshot taken from 2017 StackOverflow Developer Survey on average developer salaries per technology in the UK

According to the 2017 StackOverflow Developer Survey, developers who know JavaScript, including Ember.js and all other JavaScript frameworks, have an average annual salary of $90,000 in the United States and $48,506 in the United Kingdom.

Salaries further vary by specific technologies. According to statistics from job search website Neuvoo, the average annual salary for Ember.js developers in the United States is $97,500. Meanwhile, the average salaries for developers in other technologies are: $83,516 for AngularJS, $96,250 for Backbone.js, $84,044 for React, and $82,646 for Node.js developers.

In comparison, according to PayScale, JavaScript developers in Ukraine have an average annual salary of $19,200.

Hiring an Ember JS Developer

If you’re looking for an Ember JS developer or want to hire React JS developer, there are a number of ways you can do so. We present three of the most common ways and briefly examine each one.ways to hire ember js developer

Freelance portals

You can search for freelancers from freelance portals to find a skilled Ember developer. Here, you can either hire an individual or a team.

Hiring freelancers can be quite cheap, as freelancers lower their rates to be competitive. Moreover, you pay only for the necessary hours required for your project.

However, it comes with some risks. It is not uncommon for freelancers to be from distant locations, and even from a different timezone, so scheduling and collaboration may be a concern. Moreover, freelancers may sometimes opt to suddenly disappear or withdraw from the job, and there is little you can do.

Job boards

You can also opt to post a job for an Ember developer on one of the many available job board websites. Here, you can hire dedicated employees who will work for you full-time, and for whom you or your company will be considered the employer.

This largely solves the problem of unreliability, because you will have at least some control over your employees’ schedule and work location, as well as many other work arrangements.

However, hiring full-time employees will be a big commitment as it will entail long-term contracts with your employees. Being their employer, you will also have to pay their taxes and insurance, among others.

Hiring from an IT offshoring company

Another option is to hire employees from an offshoring company. These developers continue working in the offshoring company’s office, but they report to and communicate with a client as though they were the client’s employees.

With offshoring, in addition to having more control over your developers than when hiring freelancers, you also get flexibility in the cost, because you can opt to increase or decrease the number of developers at any time depending on your project needs. This maximizes your cost efficiency at different stages of project development.

Moreover, with offshoring, you won’t need to worry about having to pay your developers’ taxes and insurance, as the offshoring company will be handling those things for you.

Offshoring proves to be a great middle ground between hiring freelancers and posting at job boards, and it features low cost and strong control over your projects.

The Bottomline

Ember.js is a promising JavaScript framework that’s steadily gaining traction among professionals, and like other frameworks, using it on your website can lead to great improvements in your site’s speed, resource consumption, and code maintainability.

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Offshoring has emerged as the most practical and economical method of hiring JavaScript developers. If you’re looking to hire React JS developer or Ember JS developers from an excellent company that boasts of outstanding IT talents at affordable rates, you’re looking at the perfect team!

CVs of Frontend and JavaScript Ember Developers from Our Pipeline

CV #1

Hire ember js developer at affordable rates in Europe


CV #2

Senior JavaScript (Ember) Developer


Overall 7 years of professional experience in Web UI development


  • Languages: JavaScript/TypeScript/EcmaScript 2015-2017, C#, SQL
  • Frameworks: Ember.js, Angular 1 & 2, Angular Material/Strap/UI, Aurelia, React/Native/Redux, Vue.Js/VueX, Backbone/Marionette, Knockout/Durandal, Common.js/Require.Js/System.Js/Webpack, Rx.Js, jQuery/jQuery UI, Twitter Bootstrap 3 & 4, Handlebars/Jade, Underscore/Lo-Dash, Ext.Js …

Don’t hesitate to hire Ember developer at Mobilunity and request CVs for review!

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