ASP Net Developer Salary: How to Cut It with an Ease

A Dot Net developer salary averages about $65,791 per year. Let’s be real for once, 10 years ago, a 100 dollar bill would have seen you through a whole week without having to sacrifice an arm and a leg. This is no longer the case. The economy is no longer as vibrant as it used to be and layoff, hiring freezes and even pay cuts seem to dominate the airwaves.

With the global economy recovery happening at a snail’s pace, the effects have been far-reaching and impacting on almost every single job sector ASP NET development being one of them.

A survey conducted by Stack Overflow’s Developer in 2017 indicated that a 56.5% of net developers felt that they were underpaid for their skills. For this reason, it may be hard to convince an already aggrieved lot to take a salary cut.

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With the economic uncertainties, every penny counts.The slightest revenue increase and reigning in on expenses could mean remaining in business or winding up.

The good news is that companies don’t have to conduct a total overhaul to see a significant improvement. In fact, it could be as simple as exploring multiple legal options to reduce recurrent and operational costs.

There are multiple ways in which a company can reign in on expenses without having to compromise.

How is that possible? You may ask…well, majority of these cost reduction tactics revolve around transferring productivity. Whereby, the organization perpetually gets the same results while utilizing alternative resources only at a lower cost.

Legal Cost Reduction Techniques when Hiring an ASP Dot Net Developer

ways hire dot net developers

Hiring Freelancers

There is this distilled encapsulation concept that in-house full-time workers work throughout the day. On the contrary, you will be surprised that most full-time workers’ motivation dwindles immediately they sit on their desk. Even worse, if you don’t have any jobs for them, you are essentially paying for zero services. Consider hiring freelancers whom you pay for the actual hours worked.

For example, why hire a Dot Net developer to work full-time to develop ASP Dot Net framework whereas you can hire them part time and pay them for the work done?

Not sure whether they can deliver or not? Well, the key to hiring a great freelancer doesn’t lie in their well thought out Dot Net developer resume, instead posing questions that uncover key points does the trick.

At the end of it all, everybody wins. You get to pay for what you use and the freelancer gets to earn more per hour not forgetting they also benefit from working with multiple clients.

With that said and done, every business needs to maintain a core talent. On one hand, derived from full-time workers while on the other hand freelance workers. Not every employee in your company needs to work full-time.


Any business that outstaff their IT tasks or any other task essentially converts the fixed costs into variable costs. Promoting offshore and remote development environment allows a company to establish and maintain their IT infrastructure reliably and cost-effectively.

By outstaffing IT functions, an individual or a company is able to keep costs. As earlier indicated, outsourcing allows you to pay for what you consume in terms of services. In return, the expenses are standardized and prone to zero fluctuations.

Economies of scale are another benefit that comes with outsourcing. You get to enjoy the expertise, efficiency, and lower cost structures. Having an in-house IT department need a properly oiled fund to run which can make it extremely expensive. That notwithstanding, permanent employees require a lot of resources to train and hire not forgetting the compensation that goes with retaining Qualified IT professionals.

Hiring Students and Interns

Sometimes you may be craving chicken nuggets but the only option you have is squirrel meat. If you are to eat the squirrel, it better taste good right? Wrong!

Many companies are looking to hire Dot Net developers with years under the belt. As a result, they tend to overlook the myriad possibilities talented students and interns may bring on the table. Ignoring the talent and intelligence of students could see your company miss out on a Pandora box of unlimited possibilities.

Always reach out to colleges for students and interns. You never know they may bring that golden parachute on-board preventing your company from crash-landing. They may not have a lot of experience but that can be sorted at the pay scale.

After seeing the legal IT cost reduction techniques, let’s get more specific. Why are ASP Net developers scarce and how hiring a remote one can save your company fortunes?

For some reason, everyone seems to compare Dot Net programming to a McDonald’s kitchen where all the processes are automated. All the chef does is relax with shiny amazing tools to churn out everything from the cookers. On the contrary, its’ nothing close to that.

The demand for Dot Net programming professions faroutstrips the supply. Corporate CIOs are fervently searching for talented individuals. But why is it increasingly becoming hard to land these developers?

Confusing Nomenclature

The first and obvious reason is the nomenclature. Yes! This may sound like a no-brainer reason but Dot Net happens to be a framework. Consequently, many people stretch imagination by concluding that you cannot develop with Dot Net you can only develop it.

To shed light on this kerfuffle, Dot Net developers can best be defined as web programmers with a soft spot for Dot Net framework which helps in creating apps, interfaces and online software.

Flawed Recruitment Processes

Recruitment process flaws are another reason why there is a scarcity of Dot Net developers. IT companies around the world acknowledge the shortage of these skills. However, when a candidate presents themselves for consideration, there is a lag from the employers’ side. To fill the deficit, companies need to come up with multi-pronged approach while recruiting.

Unrealistic Expectations

In the course of drafting a job description, employers tend to literally look for a “red Friesian” in terms of technical skills. Others go ahead to specifically dictate that the candidates possess strong communication skills to blend their agile environment.

Even worse, some companies aren’t willing to shoulder the burden of training recruits to gain some of these skills. Unless anyone is living in a Utopian world, it’s almost impossible to get a person who knows everything to do with Dot Net.

It would be better to look for that perfect candidate and training them.

Required Skills Set for Dot Net Developers

net developer skills

NET Model View controller

NET Model View controllerWeb marketing is slowly but steadily replacing conventional marketing. On the same breath, programming is equally progressing and changing every day. As a proactive developer, you just may have an upper hand over your peers by mastering this skill. Using this framework, you can create ASP NET web applications worth pondering about in a breeze.

Grasp Client Side Technologies

Grasp Client Side TechnologiesAs a dedicated Dot Net developer, you should take learning as a process instead of a journey. Learn from market trends and create creative, captivating, and highly interactive web applications.

By doing so, you not only help your clients to increase their value in the market but also market your prowess. To achieve all that, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and jQuery are a must have.

Database Application

Database ApplicationData is one of the major app development aspects Dot Net included. As a level-headed and professional net developer, ensure that you are not only sufficiently conversant with ASP NET web forms SQL servers, but armed with knowledge with recent technologies like NoSQL.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer

Microsoft Certified Solutions DeveloperThis is one of the most reviled certifications developed and maintained by Microsoft itself. Some employers will not employ candidates without this certification which goes to show the weight behind it.

Microsoft MVP

Microsoft Most Valued Professional is another valued certification that Dot Net developers must strive to acquire. Microsoft MVPPossessing this certification is an indication of high framework skills level and excellent leadership qualities. Moreover, it supplements your projects scalability.

Salary Comparison

ASP NET developer salary differs from place to place. For instance, a developer from US or UK may command significantly higher rates compared to the one residing here in Ukraine.

Below is the average salary comparison between local developers and international developers.

asp net developer salary

As the numbers indicate, a local company based here in Ukraine may find hiring a developer locally significantly cheaper. On top of that, cross-border hiring comes with a host of other issues such as travelling and filing tax returns. By hiring a remote developer locally, you can take care of some of these issues.

Hiring a Local Remote ASP Net Developer also Comes with Additional Benefits

Reduces Recruitment TAT. Hiring locally, means you can avoid complicated recruiting processes as jumping into an interview can be easily and locally arranged.

Promotes Local Economy. By outsourcing developer job positions, you not only promote local economy but also improve the welfare of the employees.

Better Cultural Fit. Hiring local candidates breeds coherence between the organization and the employees as they share local culture and background. This is particularly important in fostering good communication, networking, and teamwork.

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Final Thoughts

Its been 16 years since Microsoft launched Dot Net. Over the years, a lot has evolved thanks to multiple updated and together breeding a special lot of ASP Dot Net developers that help businesses maintain their online presence. In this line, Mobilunity is a team of dedicated top web developers that help businesses map out and implement their online presence. Recently, the company was ranked among the 10 best web development companies in Ukraine.

Are you looking to hire Dot Net developer for your projects, it’s a good idea to establish whether they can implement the theoretical knowledge practically.  Evaluating their previous projects may also help you come up with a clear judgment.

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