Benefits of Hiring Artificial Intelligence Developer

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a complex domain, which includes specialized hardware, computing machines, software programs, complex mathematical algorithms and many more. The main objective of the artificial intelligence is to develop human like cognitive capabilities. The roles of a machine learning developer, a mathematician, and a computer engineer are very critical to realize this objective. Let’s talk about how to develop artificial intelligence software properly and how to find the best fit of AI developer.

The importance of an artificial intelligence developer in the present day modern era has become so crucial owing to the implementation of artificial intelligence solutions in almost all domains of the businesses, research, social activities and other fields. The use of AI in business and industry has taken new heights, especially in the domain of software platforms and tools.

According to the Tractica Forecast, the artificial intelligence programming is anticipated to grow exponentially at about 56.8% CAGR during 2016 to 2025. The total revenue generated by the software AI applications and platforms will reach $36.8 billion by 2025 from as low as just $643.7 million in 2016.

solutions to artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in Our Everyday Lives

The many of the artificial intelligence problems and solutions that people used to tell in their fictions and stories in the past have practically materialized in our modern lives. Almost every sector of business uses artificial intelligence to build business intelligence for better positioning in the competitive marketplace.

According to the Forrester Predictions 2017, the insight driven businesses – mostly powered by AI intelligence – will steal more than $1.2 trillion annually by 2020 from their competitor peers that don’t use the artificial intelligence in business for insight driven decisions.

Let’s talk about a few top examples of artificial intelligence in business that impact our everyday lives.

Business Management Processes

Modern business management is highly influenced by the implementation of artificial intelligence applications and tools. Among these business processes a few important ones are listed below:

  • Sales and inventory forecast
  • AI based automated customer support through online responder tools
  • AI based personal assistants from many AI development companies that use artificial intelligence in their PA tools such as Google Now and others
  • Customer behavior learning tools to generate insight for business positioning
  • Email categorization tools for efficient use of emails
  • Text to voice conversion and vice versa applications for quick content creation
  • And many more

Marketing & Sales Management

The professional management of marketing and sales of modern business in our daily life is highly influenced by the artificial intelligence business applications to accelerate sales and reach the market segments identified based on the AI insights for better marketing results.  The main examples AI tools include:

  • Customer segmentation tools based on the data analysis
  • Real time content curation and recommendation of items based on your interest apps
  • Image recognition and pattern learning tools help better management of marketing and sales
  • Sentiment analysis tools commonly used for the identification of customer sentiments
  • Predictive customer understanding tools for better sales in the marketplace
  • Dynamic price optimization and other incentivized features through AI apps
  • And many others

Modern Transportation

The Google self-driving car commonly referred as WAYMO is one of the great solutions to artificial intelligence based transportation in our modern lives. This car uses the multiple sensors connected with the centralized processor that is an AI software platform, which controls all the functions of the car.

There are other companies developing AI-powered transport technology. Tesla has been manufacturing self-driving cars, focusing on improving the autopilot system. While Uber is involved in the testing of “robot-taxis”.

Vehicles featuring technology are already available in the market and offering various advantages. This technology can help with automatic collision detection, signage processing, and automatic brake systems. The development of artificial intelligence in transportation has helped reduce the occurrences of vehicular accidents. In the future, the development of artificial intelligence with the purpose of powering transportation might even have an impact on a larger scale.

Top Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2018

As the artificial intelligence market is swelling exponentially all over the globe. According to the MarketsandMarkets™ predictions, the global market value of artificial intelligence will cross $190.61 billion by 2025 with a gigantic CAGR growth of about 36.62% between 2018 and 2025. This huge growth in the near future will be dominated by the following main trends in the industry.

implementation of artificial intelligence

Trend #1 Emergence of Cloud-Based AI Services

Cloud based artificial intelligence services and platforms powered by Java, Python and Ruby artificial intelligence will be the next big thing in 2018 and beyond.

In-house AI software development can be costly for companies developing AI. But with cloud computing, companies are now able to use AI technology through cloud-based AI products providing Service as a Service. IBM provides the services of its IBM Cloud, Amazon has its Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud are just some of the popular cloud-based AI SaaS available in the market for companies and developers looking for such services.

Cloud-based AI SaaS offers a diverse amount of service for its users; such as AI and Machine Learning Kits, data processing and analysis, AI tools and frameworks for developing AI projects, and many others.

The AI leverage as SaaS services will emerge as a powerful driver in the marketplace.

Trend #2 AI Based Transportation

Self-driving vehicles will be a big trend, which will kickoff extensively in all major markets of the world. Tesla, Google, and Uber are just some of the companies developing ai for this industry. Tesla is improving the autopilot systems of self-driving cars, Google’s WAYMO is developing AI-powered centralized vehicles, and Uber testing their “robot-taxis”. Artificial intelligence software companies are also taking steps towards manufacturing self-driving trucks, with the goal of improving courier and trucking services. This trend will continue for many years to come. The traditional transportation system will undergo substantial changes due to the emergence of self-driving cars based on AI power.

With the development of artificial intelligence tools, devices and machines may be moving toward being more intelligent and AI-powered. Self-driving vehicles have a lot of potential and advantages; such as improving and enhancing the driving experience and reduce the risks and vehicular issues that are encountered.

Trend #3 AI Based Creation of Content

This is another big trend in the industry that will pose threat to content creators like me! Many AI development companies dealing with the content creation will adopt AI based applications and tools to create content for their businesses. The examples of such companies using AI based content include CBS, US Today and others.

With the quality of learning that computers are now, and in the future, capable of, the use of AI in developing quality digital content is not too farfetched. It may seem like a threat to writers like me, however, just like any technology, this can be used as a tool to enhance and streamline work. Tools like Grammarly helps reduce time spent proofreading content, Crayon and Uberflip can be a source of great topics for a blog, Acrolinx can also help improve content for a target audience. AI tools have the potential to enhance the quality of our work, as well as streamline most of the process.

Trend #4 Cost of AI Will Decrease

If you ask how much does artificial intelligence cost now, the answer is boggling high, but it will decrease very soon. This is a very common fact large scale manufacturing and development of products will reduce the cost of the AI services, products and equipment. The cost of AI will decrease, but the cost of artificial intelligence software developer will keep increasing due to the scant availability of the same in the marketplace.

It is the classic case of supply and demand. Before when there was a limited number of machines capable of developing and implementing AI, the technology was costly and was very niche in its capabilities. However, with the prevalence of devices and machines capable of applying AI tools and its derivatives, AI has become a hot commodity, a feature that needs to be in devices to show that it is up-to-date with technology. Because more devices are capable of AI, and different interpretations are now available for use, the cost of AI software development technologies is less than it used to be, but with even more potential than before.

Trend #5 AI Will Increase Unemployment

This trend may become a political and social issue across the globe. According to the CNBC report, more than 25,000 jobs of truck drivers will vanish in the USA market only due to self-driving vehicles. Similarly, a large number of about 1 million pickers and packers working in the warehouses across the USA may lose their jobs. This trend will also leave an impact on many other industries across the globe.

As AI development evolve, more repetitive and assembly processes will be machine-led. Manufacturers will move towards replacing assembly lines with machines to improve efficiency and lower costs. And with the quality of learning that artificial intelligence development has been showing over the years, other industries such as customer service, healthcare, and financial services will also be applying AI tools. There is the potential for better efficiency in applying such tools. This will impact the workforce, however, this can also be an opportunity to shift more of the workforce to other industries needing more manpower, or developing industries of categories of jobs to augment this trend.

Trend #6 Defense Sector Will Aggressively Embrace AI

The defense industry has always been thinking about the aggressive use of AI based warfare equipment and robotic warriors for so long now. Now, they more advanced options for developing artificial intelligence warrior robots and AI based warfare equipment and machinery in 2018 and beyond.

Artificial intelligence software companies are now finding military, security, and defense potential for AI tools. Intelligence systems, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are now tools used to collect, process, and analyze military and defense tactics and situations.

The AI development for the defense sector has the potential to improve the welfare of defense personnel. Sending robots and drone systems to collect, process and diffuse situations instead of military or other defense personnel lower casualties, while AI and machine learning can be used to improve surveillance, navigation, and targeting systems. However, caution is highly recommended, because just like a gun and a car, AI-powered technology can easily become a weapon when used in the wrong way.

Artificial Intelligence in Different Industries

The artificial industry has taken very strong roots in almost all kinds of industries across the globe. The main industries that have already been heavily influenced by the use of AI applications and tools include the following:

ai in business and industry

Examples of AI in Businesses

There are hundreds of examples of artificial intelligence applications in our everyday business. A few most popular applications commonly used in the workplaces of today’s modern businesses are given below:

projects made by AI development team


This is very popular and powerful application used for customer support services. It is used to improve the emotional behavior through behavior adaptation. It helps improve the phone communication experience of customers with the customer support representatives.

Siri PA App

It is a very useful iOS app used for personal management for the workplace as well as for the personal life. It can also be used with Mac and other Apple devices. You can manage many tasks such as, sending messages, gathering information and many others with the help of this app easily.

Tesla Car

Tesla car is a self-driving and highly featured vehicle in the marketplace. It has many great cognitive capabilities such as sheer tech coolness and predictive abilities that make it more attractive than ever before. The features of this car are regularly improving with the passage of time through regular updates in technology.

NetFlix Predictive Technology

The Netflix predictive technology is based on the artificial intelligence applications, which uses the comments, reactions and other activities of the customer to suggest new movies and entertainment videos. This is very effective in analyzing hundreds of millions records and data strings. It is getting smarter with every single passing day.

Nest Learning Thermostat

This is a very powerful application that is able to be integrated with the Alexa, which is a Google AI app. This AI learns from the behavior of your body to adjust the heat and cold of your office or home. It has now been integrated with many other components, such as camera, door locks and other equipment. This is being extensively used in the modern businesses nowadays.

Other than above mentioned a few popular AI platforms, there are a large number of applications that are being used in our day to day business. A few of them include, Alexa, Pandora, Amazon AI transactions, Boxever, WalkMe, AISense and many others.

List of Top 7 AI Benefits for Your Business

Artificial intelligence is extensively used to achieve the competitive advantages and business efficiency. The main advantages of AI in the business include the following.

benefits of artificial intelligence in business

Why AI Developers Are in Great Demand?

According to the Forbes Technology Council report, artificial intelligence will remain the highest demanded skill in 2018. This is a clear indication that AI developers are going to have great demand in the marketplace not only in 2018, but far beyond that.

According to the TechRepublic analysis, the data scientist, machine learning developers, research scientists and other AI jobs are among the highly demanded roles in the marketplace. This trend will remain for many years to come. There are many good reasons for this increasing demand of AI development teams in the marketplace. The main reasons are listed below.

  • Exponentially increasing the amount of big data, which requires many software tools to handle. So the demand of AI developers will remain intact for many years.
  • Internet of things (IoT) is being extensively adopted in all domains of business, industries and sectors, which require numerous software tools to control the processes.
  • A huge demand of state of the art software tools in healthcare, eLearning, machine learning, manufacturing processes and in many other fields is the need of the time; so AI development teams are required on a large scale
  • The automation industry is taking high leaps in the recent years, which require sophisticated AI software platforms and tools for developing artificial intelligence projects; so AI software developers are needed here again.
  • AI software apps in the entertainment and gaming sector are the other major driver for the AI developers in the marketplace.

Salaries of AI Developers

According to the Glassdoor information, the average salary of an AI software engineer is about $104,462 per annum in the USA. Similarly, reports it about $98,138 per annum. From these figures, it is very clear that the salaries of AI developers and engineers are very high as compared to other software developers.

For a better perspective on the matter, below are some of the average annual salaries of AI programmers from various countries from around the world.

UK£36,000 ($47,300)
AustraliaAU$75,380 ($54,980)
New ZealandNZ$62,400 ($42,280)
CanadaC$72,500 ($55,460)
France€34,000 ($39,050)
SingaporeS$50,610 ($36,960)
Hong KongHK$307,800 ($39,310)
Japan¥6,000,000 ($52,990)

According to the PayScale information, the average salary of an AI programmer in the USA is about $90,863 per annum. The salaries of AI developers in the Western European countries are also very high, as shown by the average annual salaries in the United Kingdom and France in the table above. Hiring AI developers can be costly. However, the potential that they bring to a project may well be worth it.

Where to Hire AI Developers and AI Development Team?

The salaries of artificial intelligence developers, engineers and programmers in North American and Western European countries are very high, and the process to hire an AI developer is very lengthy and governed by many social, governmental and industrial rules and regulations. This creates many roadblocks for the companies in those countries to hire local technical resources.

hire artificial intelligence developer

For such countries, the outstaffing is one the best option to choose. By outstaffing a dedicated resource through a third party company like Mobilunity AI development team providing services, you can save a lot of time and money, and improve the quality of your software development projects. Mobilunity offers highly qualified and skilled Ukrainian AI dedicated developers for your artificial intelligence based projects at very competitive prices.

Contact us now to employ highly skilled, qualified and experienced artificial intelligence software developers for your AI software development platforms!

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