How Much Does It Cost to Hire Software Developers?

Is there any difference between a software engineer and a software developer, you’d ask. The untrained eye would definitely consider these two professions to be just synonyms, but in fact there are some dissimilarities between them. Job function is actually the key difference, as software developers deal with the development process only, while engineers are involved in more complex activities related to the project. Software engineers apply the engineering principles when creating a software and take part in the whole life cycle of the development process, find solutions according to clients’ needs and constantly seek how to imply the requested functions and upgrade the development process. Meanwhile, software devs work exclusively with the programs and take responsibility for the whole development process of the project by designing and creating the code for it.

All software development jobs are important, that’s why you won’t see a huge difference between the software engineer and software programmer salary, for example. Software engineer is a high-demand profession in many countries, but they are most demanded in Switzerland, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark in Europe. Surely, USA, Canada and Australia have a high demand for software engineers as well.

Average Monthly Computer Software Engineer Salary in Various Countries

software designer salary

In Ukraine, software engineer salary is the lowest among the Eastern and Western European countries. As it is clear from the chart, the highest wage is in USA, followed by Israel and Germany.

Regarding the hourly rate of software developers in Ukraine, their salaries differ depending on their skill set and experience. While the average hour rate for a software developer in Ukraine is $20,00, they vary in terms of seniority. Just to compare, in USA, average hourly rate of software developer is $33,67.


Senior software developer salary on Ukraine is the highest for software devs.

Why Hire Software Developers in Ukraine

Ukrainian IT market is well known for its reliability and deep expertise in any tech topic. Many countries from America and Western Europe choose to hire experts from Ukraine. This is not only due to lower rates in comparison to local ones, but also appropriate skill sets, well developers abilities to work in teams and individually, to be tech team leads and work in highly competitive environment.

Why Hire Software Developers from Mobilunity

Hiring Mobilunity for outsourcing purposes will benefit your business and your finances. From the moment it wa founded, Mobilunity has been working with a number of companies and startups from abroad, so its experts have a vast international experience. Every developer you hire from Mobilunity has already worked with or has deep knowledge about cooperation with international firms and teams. Due to high levels of English language, Mobilunity dedicated development teams have no communication issues, neither do they experience any problems with coordination or usage of time management software.

why to hire ukrainian software developers with Mobilunity

All of the talent pool of Mobilunity uses majority of the modern technologies and deliver products to clients in many spheres. Paying attention to acceleration of the growth of every customer, Mobilunity is able to offer flexibility and reliability due to its results-driven Western management system used in the company. In such a way, Mobilunity meets the requirements of any customer, no matter how complex and complicated they might seem.

Hiring the outsourcing company Mobilunity will be your best option, whether you have a startup or you are a representative of a mid size business or corporation!

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