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Hire Express JS Developer in Ukraine

Sometimes it seems like web development is changing so quickly, that you can blink and new technology or framework emerges. Some of those newly-born frameworks cannot survive and are despised by both developers and clients, however, others strive and thrive, gaining love and affection from many. JavaScript is the universal language of the world wide web, as it is the scripting language that runs across all web browsers. A technology that enables full stack web development using JavaScript throughout is therefore doubtlessly powerful. Such is the power of the MEAN stack: comprised of the four technologies MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS and Node.js, all of which use JavaScript as their base language, it enables seamless front-to-back web development.

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Why do you need to hire js developer? Consequently, any developer from the stack, like Node JS developers, essentially needs to master just one language – JavaScript – and he’s ready to develop an entire web application; as a result, development times and costs are greatly reduced. If that’s not good enough, the MEAN stack is also fully open-source, so each of its technologies has a freely accessible code base and can, in turn, bank on strong support from the online community.

MEAN Stack developers for hire

The Express.js framework, the E in MEAN, plays the lead role in backend development. Although Node.js provides the basic tools that allow JavaScript codes to be run on the server-side, Express.js makes server-side programming a great deal easier by providing a hefty set of features that could be used and implemented with just a few lines of code. Being a Node.js framework, it extends the power of Node.js in much the same way that JavaScript frameworks extend the power of JavaScript.

Overview of Express Web Development

According to The State of Developer Ecosystem Survey, Express.js is a second-widely used JavaScript framework, meaning ExpressJS team has done amazing jobs creating this piece of technology.

Express Web Development Popularity

Express.js, a backend technology for the MEAN Mongo Express Angular Node stack, is a Node.js framework that started really small. It was created in 2010 by just one developer, TJ Holowaychuk, and in 2014, it was sold to Node.js development startup StrongLoop, which was in turn acquired by IBM in 2015. In the process, Express.js grew from being a virtually unknown framework to being the most popular Node.js framework at present, with 32, 952 stars on Github as of writing, far more than any other Node.js framework. Now in its 4th version known as Express 4, it is now the de facto framework for Node.js: developing with Node.js typically implies developing with Node.js and Express.js.

Express Web Application Development Popularity

Currently, there are about 248,150 live websites that are using or built with Express.js (and the numbers tend to be growing). Amongst the fields that tend to use Express JS developers the most are technology and computing,  business and industrial, art and entertainment, health and fitness, and finance.

Express Development Usage Stats

In order to show you how popular this framework is, here are some honorable mentions of websites that utilize this technology.

DomainLocation on SiteCompanyVertical
cancer.orgcancerstatisticscenter.cancer.org; acscmsapi.cancer.orgAmerican Cancer Society IncHealth And Fitness
cars.comcars.comCars.com IncAutomotive And Vehicles
netflix.compartnerpay.netflix.comNetflix IncTechnology And Computing
nationalreview.comgames.nationalreview.comTribune Content Agency LLCLaw  Govt And Politics
newyorker.comaccount.newyorker.comThe New YorkerArt And Entertainment
nydailynews.comcheckout2.nydailynews.comNew York Daily NewsTechnology And Computing
nytimes.comnytimes.com/ mobileThe New York TimesBusiness And Industrial
target.comBaby.catalogs.target.com;home.catalogs.target.com; etc.Target Brands IncHealth And Fitness

As you can see, there are some international corporations on this list. Here you can find a longer list of showcases of Express applications.

  • Designbids. A platform that connects clients in need of home/office renovation with interior designers, who are looking for their new project.
  • Agnes. A US-native application, that serves as a collector of college and university events throughout the country, along with information about student organizations. Allegedly, it now hosts over 50 thousand events, as well as 20 thousand organizations.
  • Code Runner. Serving as an alternative to many other offline and desktop options, this online code compiler was designed to work with Javascript, Python, C, and Java.
  • Study Notes. Offering leaning assistance to students, this application improves the process and helps to build long-term knowledge.

Benefits of Having in Your Team Express.js Developers

Why is it worth to use Express js to create Express app?

Using Express.js on top of the base Node.js installation offers a lot of advantages, including:

  • Easier and quicker backend development – Being a framework for Node.js, Express.js provides a lot of functions to perform the most common Node.js tasks, turning functionalities that typically take several minutes to code easily programmable in seconds with Express web application development.
  • Efficient route management – route management enables the application to handle different URL requests from the client side. Whereas Node.js has a rudimentary route handling system, Express.js route management is much more advanced, allowing you to handle complex and dynamic URLs.
  • Use of template engine – Express.js allows developers to use template engines, which enable the creation of dynamic HTML files by using static templates whose variables are replaced with values from the server at runtime.
  • Use of middleware – Express.js uses entities called middleware to arrange its order function calls. Middleware functions are basically chunks of code that have access to the request and response objects, as well as the next middleware function. As a result, it becomes very easy to add features to web applications by simply adding middleware functions, making Express.js applications highly scalable.

Is It Easy for an ExpressJS Coder to Find a Position?

According to 2019 Node.js User Survey Report, every 4 in 5 back-end and full stack developers are working with node.js frameworks. Being a part of Node.js community, Express.js developers are outnumbering others greatly. As seen from the previous section, companies in various domains employ application Express developer(s) or ExpressJS consultant. As for January 2019, Indeed.com listed over 1000 positions listed in the USA.

LinkedIn offers almost the same number of positions open for ExpressJS programmer(s). There is even a separate listing for Express programming required in European startups. It means that the demand for Express.js professional developers is high, as they are often employed in complex projects. So let’s focus on skills that help an Express programmer land the job and make the companies choose one Express engineer over another.

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Essential Express.js Developer Skills

Here are some additional skills that Express JS developers should have in order to be great at Express development.

  • The basics: HTML, CSS. A highly skilled Express.js developer is, by default, highly skilled in JavaScript as well. However, being a full stack developer, he should also have a mastery of the two other fundamental frontend technologies: HTML and CSS. Without these skills, a MEAN full stack developer would be vitally handicapped.
  • The base language: Node.js. It is in the best interest of any framework developer to also have strong skills in the base language of that framework. In this case, since Express.js is a Node.js framework, learning this technology by heart will allow a Node JS developer to know the inner workings and limitations of the base language and fully utilize the power of Express.js to improve and simplify the programming experience.
  • Experience in server-side templating. One of the benefits of using Express.js is that it enables the use of template engines for server-side template rendering. To fully utilize this feature, it will be a big advantage if the developer has had previous experience working with server-side templating tools such as Thymeleaf or JSP.
  • Good grasp of asynchronous programming. One of the major benefits of using Node.js is its support for asynchronous programming, which allows multiple independent processes to run without waiting for each other to complete. This makes web applications built with Node.js able to scale up to support a large number of users. Since Express.js runs on top of Node.js, it will be highly beneficial if the developer has a strong understanding of how asynchronous programming works in order to take advantage of the feature for web development with Node and Express.

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Express JS Developer Salary

While discussing the Express.js salary, we have to be extremely cautious, as typically Express web developer falls under the generic ‘web developers’. As the knowledge and experience with JavaScript are crucial in this case, let is be the focal point of the compensation rates research. According to PayScale, the overall

Web Developer with JavaScript Skills Salary

Switzerland ~$67,579~$78,147~$82,030
Ukraine$17,791average from $18,108

What Do All These Numbers Mean?

In the United States of America, an average ExpressJS developer can be hired for $20.87 per hour of their work, with annual compensation of $58,878. In Great Britain, ExpressJS developers are commonly paid £10.07 (roughly $13) with a yearly average of £24,929 (approximately $32,000). The highest rates for Express developers’ services are in Switzerland with average CHF 55.00 (~$55.46) per hour and an annual salary CHF74,288 (~$75,000). An Express.js developer in Germany receives an hourly salary of €15.55 with an average yearly income of €39,211. On the contrary, in Ukraine, Express.js developers receive around $6.4-7.2, making that approximately $18,108 yearly income.

Things to Keep in Mind While Looking for an Express.js Development Company

As a part of a larges Node.js technology, Express.js is commonly used with over technologies. The official website does not list any official partners, representatives, and associates, so anyone claiming to an official ExpressJS service partner is probably a fraudulent entity.  However, it does not mean you cannot find a legitimate Express JS provider.

  • Estimate the budget to choose between an in-house Express JS developer, nearshoring or offshoring of ExpressJS service.
  • Look for hire Express developer with specific experience, rather than a company.
  • Choose your Express provider based on their reputation, the cases they worked with, as well as their ability to meet your requirements.

Why Choose Ukraine to Hire Express Developer

As you have noticed from the salary section, Ukraine can offer high-quality services for the prices two to four times lower than in other countries without compromising the quality of the delivered services. Among other important aspects:

  • Suitable time zone. We have a small time difference with European countries, and for North-American clients and distributed teams, Ukrainian developers can start their work much earlier while still having two to four hours for updates and communication with the other part of the team.
  • English-speaking experts. Numerous companies are offering outsourcing and out-stuffing services, so knowledge of English of one of the basic requirements for every developer.
  • Great pool pf tech talents. Being one of the largest European countries, Ukraine also has the versatile conglomerate of developers to choose from.

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Hire Express JS Developer Now

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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