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Python Developer Resume: How to Choose a Coder for Your Project

Python is an object-oriented high-level programming language, used for website and application development, including mobile apps. Its integrated dynamic semantics is perfect for rapid app development, as it offers dynamic typing and binding options. Python is a relatively simple language – it’s syntax is focused on readability. Coders read and translate it easily. A clear code reduces program development and maintenance costs. If you need a functional application in a short time and for lower cost – look through several Python developer resumes to find Python programmer for hire for your benefit.

This general-purpose programming language is used almost for everything. It supports the creation of modules and packages, which you can easily import and export. If you need a modular program with components, you would like to reuse in other products – this is the coding language you need. When searching for the right Python developer for your project, it’s important to consider the value of outsourcing application services and partnering with a reliable provider of SugarCRM customization services, to ensure that you have the resources and expertise needed to create the most efficient and innovative solutions for your business needs.

What exactly you can do? In general, it is data processing, visualization, and machine learning. With this language coder can:

  • process text;
  • display images and numbers;
  • solve equations;
  • save data.

It is a scripting language, which doesn’t transfer its written code to a computer-readable format at run time of the application.

Python is quickly growing popular. It is already used in the search engines of Google, in YouTube scripts, web-oriented transfer systems of the New York Stock Exchange. Even NASA uses this language to write code for their machines. Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Spotify, and Quora are also powered by it.

How Popular Is Python

The demand for Python is constantly growing. TIOBE claimed it the language of the year 2018. In January 2019 it has already taken the 3rd position in the rating of the most popular programming languages. About 2,8 million programmers are using this language in their work, as it is said in Python developers resumes. 79% of them – as the main language, while in 2017 it was only 32% of the developers.

Forbes has published a list of The 10 technical skills with explosive growth in job demand. Python takes the 7th place in it. The demand for this programming language has grown by 456% since 2011.

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What Skills Should Be in the Python Developer Resume

If you have never hired a developer before, it might be difficult for you to find a coder, who will complete all your assignments. A perfect Python developer CV should include a set of skills to create attractive and functional applications. This set should include:

  • Core Python. It is impossible to know every module, but a true specialist should be proficient in Python 2 and 3, used by 25% and 75% of the coders correspondingly.
  • Frameworks. Most projects today are created on the basis of some framework. Your ideal specialist should work in top frameworks: Django, Web2py, TurboGears, CubicWeb, Bottle, Pylon, CherryPy, Flask, Tornado.
  • ORMs. Object-relational mappers make it easier to connect information from the application to the database. Python developer resume sample should have this point included.
  • Understanding multi-process architecture. High-performance applications require correctly written and managed multiple processes and threads.
  • RESTful APIs. With the application program interface, which is based on the representational state transfer it is easy to integrate different components into one app.
  • Other programming languages. The ability to code in Java or C++ is a significant advantage in the Python skills resume.

In choosing the right Python developer for your project, it’s important to factor in the benefits of engaging CIO consulting services and collaborating with an independent software consultant, who can provide a comprehensive and unbiased evaluation of candidates’ resumes and technical expertise, ensuring that you hire the most qualified developer for your project.

The Stack of Technologies in Python Resume

What is the difference between the ordinary coder and full-stack developer? In the set of skills and knowledge. And it is not enough to know several frameworks to call oneself a full-stack coder. The stack of technologies, which are used with Python, is huge. But a person, who knows, how to deal with it, is a true professional.

Python developer sample resume can contain such technologies as:

Development environments

  • Text editors and IDEs: Vim, Emacs, Jupiter Notebook.
  • Shells: Bash, PowerShell.
  • Source control: Git, Mercurial.


  • Relational databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL.
  • ORMs: Django ORM, SQLAlchemy.
  • NoSQL: Redis, MongoDB.

Web development

  • Template engines: Django Templates, Mako.
  • Web design: HTML, CSS (Bootstrap, Foundation).
  • JavaScript: React, Vue.js, Angular.
  • Testing: Unit testing, Debugging, Integration testing.
  • API creation: API frameworks, Django REST framework.

Tech stack differs depending on the product that should be created. It consists of front-end and back-end development – for the client-side and server-side. For example, Python, Django, and Ruby on Rails are for back-end development.

Python Developer CV Example: How It Looks Like

Check the Python developer example resume before hiring a coder for your project, to make sure, that you will get the best performer.

python developer resume

Python Resume and Developer Behind It

Now, when you know how the ideal Python developer CV looks like, you are probably wondering, where to find an author of this CV. And Ukraine stays one of the most popular outsourcing destinations in Europe. Hiring offshore python development expert in Ukraine, you receive a product of the same high quality, but with a significant saving of the budget. Emphasizing the need to hire a Django developer is crucial, as their specialized skills in this high-demand framework can significantly enhance your web development capabilities.

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