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Hire NoSQL Developer

NoSQL is a database designed for specific data models and having flexible schemas for building advanced applications. NoSQL systems store and manage data in various ways allowing high operational speed and excellent flexibility. It is increasingly being implemented by businesses, big and small, around the world and the demand to hire SQL developer experts is on the rise. Popular companies that are already using NoSQL include Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Amazon, LinkedIn, and Google. It is said that the need for data analytics and an increase in unstructured data will raise the demand to hire NoSQL specialist candidates even more and it is predicted that NoSQL will grow by 31.4% from 2019 to 2026 in the market. 

There are three major NoSQL categories. Each type has different uses and solves a problem that can’t be solved with relational databases. 

  • Key-values stores. These are the least complex of the NoSQL databases and they consist of a collection of key-value pairs. They are the most scalable among the types and can store large amounts of data.
  • Document databases. Document databases are the most natural of the NoSQL database types since they are intended to store everyday documents as is.
  • Graph databases. Graph databases are the most complex. They are designed for storing relations between entities in an efficient manner. When data is highly interconnected graph databases are used.

Besides the three major categories, there is also a range of NoSQL database management systems which include open-source wide-column store Cassandra, non relational database DynamoDB, key-value, distributed database SimpleDB, open-source document-oriented CouchDB, and graph database platform Neo4J. Each has specific characteristics and are used to store and process data differently. 

Pros and Cons of NoSQL Database Engineer for Business

NoSQL has been widely adopted by businesses because of the many benefits it offers. NoSQL allows businesses to add any kind of data to their database because it is flexible. It also offers distributed storage and high availability of the data. The advantages to hire MongoDB developers and NoSQL engineers for businesses include: 

  • Scalability. NoSQL is made for transparent expansion and is designed for use with low-cost commodity hardware. If outward scalability is important to your business, NoSQL databases are an excellent fit.
  • Easy management. NoSQL databases offer simplified data models, data distribution and auto repair capabilities and require less hands-on management.
  • Handling massive amounts of data. For businesses who require the management of bigger amounts of data, NoSQL may handle these volumes with ease.
  • Cost-effectiveness. NoSQL databases can be effortlessly installed in affordable commodity hardware clusters as data volumes increase. So, you can manage more data at less cost. 

NoSQL also has a few obstacles that need to be overcome. The disadvantages include: 

  • Less support. NoSQL databases are open-source and, therefore, proper support often lacks for a Cassandra programmer or a Neo4j developer. 
  • No advanced expertise. NoSQL is still quite new and, therefore, a certified Cassandra developer typically is still learning new aspects about it and advanced expertise is rare. 
  • Less mature. NoSQL databases are still new and there are many important features that have not yet been implemented.

An Overview of the Professional NoSQL Developer

A NoSQL developer specializes in NoSQL technologies and database architectures. Their responsibilities typically include installing, configuring and upgrading database software, managing the operations for both development and production databases, troubleshooting NoSQL issues and NoSQL application development. They should have strong NoSQL web development, analytical, problem-solving and communication skills in order to successfully complete these tasks. Skilled NoSQL coders bring the following benefits to businesses:

  • Managing large volumes of structured and unstructured data
  • Offering rapid sprints, agile iteration and various code pushes
  • Offering object-oriented programming that is flexible and easy to use
  • Efficient and affordable architecture

NoSQL Developer Resume Example

What Is the Average NoSQL Developer Salary?

One of the first things to consider when looking for a NoSQL database engineer is the cost. The salary of a NoSQL engineer varies largely from country to country. Let’s look at how the annual NoSQL developer salary differs between five top countries: 

  • US: $85,919
  • UK: $57,552
  • Canada: $54,473
  • Germany: $60,547
  • Ukraine: $23,600 (based on our Recruiting Team research over several local job portals)

From this, it is clear that the NoSQL database developer salary in Ukraine is much more affordable. This makes Ukraine a very attractive destination to hire MongoDB developers and to hire developer Neo4j candidates from. 

Why Ukraine Is the Ideal Destination to Find an Expert in NoSQL

Ukraine is one of the top destinations to hire Cassandra developer or a dynamoDB developer from. The reason for this is the numerous benefits Ukraine offers. These include: 

  • Affordability. Ukraine is affordable and as a result, it is incredibly cost-effective to hire Cassandra developer or Redis developer experts from Ukraine.
  • High-level education. Ukraine makes education a top priority and ensures IT workers, such as HBase developer and Cassandra database developer experts, are well educated. 
  • Efficient communication. Ukrainians typically have excellent proficiency in English which makes it easy to communicate. 
  • Favorable time zone. Businesses do not have to worry about losing working hours, as Ukraine is situated in a very convenient time zone. 
  • Outstanding work ethic. Ukrainians always go out of their way to put their clients first and put in extra effort to exceed expectations. 

Choose Mobilunity to Hire NoSQL Specialist

Mobilunity specializes in expert outstaffing solutions for businesses. We make sure we source the best NoSQL data engineer, dedicated Unity developers and freelance SQL developer candidates with the right skills and experience.

The benefits that make us a top NoSQL development company to hire an expert in NoSQL include:  

  • Affordable rates. When choosing Mobilunity to hire MongoDB developer candidates, you’ll save valuable money on admin and human resources costs as the average NoSQL database engineer salary is lower compared to other countries.
  • Top talent. We go out of our way to source only the best Jr NoSQL developer talent with top skills and experience. 
  • Flexibility. With Mobilunity, you choose when and how you want to scale your team. In other words, you can hire NoSQL expert candidates when needed. 
  • Improved productivity. Our database developer with NoSQL candidates typically work only on one project at a time to ensure a high level of productivity. 
  • Excellent work ethic. Mobilunity’s cloud database developer NoSQL candidates are known for their high work ethic and always go out of their way to put clients first.

If your business is ready to hire a NoSQL engineer, be sure to contact the expert team at Mobilunity for assistance. Get the professional help you need today!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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