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JQuery Developer for Hire

Some of the major indicators of a great website nowadays are responsiveness and quality UI/UX. The understanding of the process and an expert grasp of the tools are needed to create such an environment for your website. The frontend side of a web application project is a composite of numerous tools, skills, and frameworks that work together to create such a rich user-facing environment.

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JQuery is one such tool. It is a compact, fast, and rich JavaScript library. Initially released in 2006 by the JQuery team, JQuery simplifies JavaScript programming JavaScript software developer work and provides tools to create a streamlined and more responsive web application tools. JQuery is geared towards building HTML manipulation, animation, event handling, and simplified cross-browser implementation of AJAX.  To create a strong responsive UI/UX and seamless JQuery application development, an expert JQuery programmer needed. As companies consider whether to hire Backbone JS developers in Europe, they should also take into account the growing demand for data visualization and analysis, which requires specialized skills such as those of a D3 programmer, and the benefits to hire software developers.

Who Are JQuery Developers?

Since JQuery is a Javascript library, JQuery application development is attributed to a lot of frontend development processes. JQuery developers can be developers that are expert at utilizing jQuery in a website or application frontend development project. Their main objective is to be able to develop a responsive and streamlined user interface for the JQuery web service and frontend project that they may have.

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JQuery Application Development

Their skills are not standalone but are instead used in tandem with other frontend development tools. Which is why JQuery programmers are also equipped with using JQuery with other Javascript libraries such as NodeJS or AngularJS, and frontend frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundations. Frontend event-handling, animation, HTML manipulation, and Ajax implementation are among the other processes and functions that JQuery developers are well-versed in.

JQuery Programmer Salary Statistics

JQuery developers and JQuery programmers are among the pool of web developers with a great employment outlook in the years to come. The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Department of Labor forecasts that, in a 10-year period from 2016 to 2026, web developers will be growing 15%, a more rapid growth than the average occupation. There were 162,900 wen developer jobs in the US alone in 2016, which is predicted to grow to 187,200 in 2026. Even late in 2016, Money shared that Front-end web developers – which includes JQuery developers and JQuery programmers – will have a 6.2% increase in salary in 2017. These statistics show that the burgeoning demand for technology, devices, and tools and applications that are compatible ensures the increasing demand for web developers, including JQuery developers.

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JQuery Developers Salary Rates in Different Countries

There is a wide range of factors that affect JQuery salary; such as the scope of work, the cost of living, quality of life, and geographic location. Frontend developers – developers that are expert JQuery programmers – in the US, one of the countries with the highest developer salary, earn an average annual salary of $64,880.  Let’s see the stats of JQuery developers salaries worldwide below:

Among the countries with the most cost-effective JQuery developer salary is Ukraine, with JQuery programmer earning an estimated average annual salary of $22,040. Depending on experience, entry-level developers earn an average $22,800 annually while a Mid-career developer may earn $28,800 annually. For those searching for a JQuery developer for hire, one of the best places to look is in Ukraine.

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Attributes of a JQuery Developer for Hire

What do you look for in JQuery developer for hire? If you were to just type in “resume developer jquery” in Google, then you will be shown varied results. Unlike full-stack developers or other broad-range developers, JQuery programmers are experts in utilizing specifically JQuery and other related tools. They do not have to be limited to just JQuery, but it is their specialty. Outlined below are the major skills, experience, and tools you need to consider and take note of in reviewing the JQuery developer resume of a JQuery programmer.


(Languages) Java, C/C#, SQL, Javascript

(Frontend tools) HTML5, CSS 3, AJAX, JQuery, UI/UX, XML

(Processes) Frontend development process


+ Developed modular and reusable code for user-facing applications and website features.

+ Provided assistance in debugging frontend code for websites.

+ Designed and developed the user interface for professional websites and applications.

+ Designed and developed templates, mockups, wireframes, and other design templating tools.

+ Experience in addressing cross-browser compatibility issues.

+ Learned and applied good working knowledge in W3C standards.

+ Implementing AJAX using JQuery and Javascript tools in developing websites and applications.

+ Designed and developed interactive frontend tools using AJAX-driven JSON and JQuery.

+ Developed backend integration with JQuery and Javascript tools.


(Software Application) Microsoft Visual Studio, Adobe Dreamweaver, MySQL Workbench

(Frontend tools) JQuery web services tools, Javascript libraries

(Project Management) Github, Bitbucket, Sourcetree, Jira

(Version Control) Subversion, CVS

Not only should a JQuery programmer be expert in JQuery but they should also be well-versed in tools and applications that can be used together with JQuery. They should have a good grasp of the frontend processes, skills, and tools since JQuery is an integral part of a great frontend development project.

JQuery Programmer Resume Sample

jquery programmer resume sample

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Now the question becomes, where do you start looking? The most cost-efficient option is to hire developers from the country that shows the developer with the lowest JQuery salary but still have the expertise to build great projects. And because it is the most cost-effective, looking for jQuery developers for hire in Ukraine is a great start. Collaborating with established IT development services providers will cut down the work even more. With IT development services companies, they offer the full-package services and management of their dedicated developer teams. Mobilunity is one such IT development services companies in Ukraine.

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