List of Typical CVs of React JS and Node JS Developers

We all know that ReactJS is a library for JavaScript, used for developing user interfaces for apps and websites. As a matter of fact, some of the best-known websites use ReactJS (Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo Mail and etc.). For developers, this is a well-paid job, although there are differences in salaries depending on different stacks of JS developers and country they work in. Still, besides ReactJS, there is also Node JS which is very often used by a frontend ReactJS developer and is listed in their CVs along with other skills and JS technologies.

If React JS and Node developers want to earn more and grow professionally, both, must constantly improve their skills and therefore their CVs. React JS with Node Js is the best combination a developer can have.

Why Node JS Developers Use This Technology

Basically, Node JS is essential and highly recommended for developing web-based apps and chat engines. In reality, it is the ultimate platform for these needs. All Node JS developers know the main advantages and the main benefits of the platform. Still not all of them are listed in the article and we have added few more below:

  • Node JS is extremely fast, due to the fact it works on Chrome’s V8 engine by compiling the JS straightforward into a machine code, therefore ensures the fast code executions.
  • Modules and tools for Node JS have been increasing in volume since the development of the platform. Modules at Node Package Manager are constantly added and increased in number.
  • Sync between the client-side and the server-side environment is immediate, due to the fact both of them are developed in JavaScript.
  • Saves time. Some of the largest companies claim that their productivity increased 2 times. Developers need less time to complete a task, compared to technologies.

Peculiarities of React JS and Node

node js developers for hire

Although both JS libraries are popular and commonly used, there are some differences between them. We can even say that each one is used for a specific purpose. React JS Node JS differences will be mentioned below.

ReactJS is one of the most popular and used JavaScript libraries among developers at the moment. It is superb when it comes to developing user interfaces which will be used over and over again. In simple words, the library is used for developing adaptive interfaces on websites and related apps. As such, it is extremely important for high-end products.

The platform is maintained by Facebook, several other companies, and individuals. We must add the fact that each React programmer must have a proper knowledge of DOM, while NodeJS developer does not require it. NodeJS is a JS environment that is completely independent of a web browser and can operate without control from another system.

Node JS runs on Google’s Chrome V8 engine and it is used for developing apps and features which require real-time data synchronization. As such, we must say that it is ideal for all apps and purposes which will use a huge amount of data. In addition, the platform is lightweight and extremely fast.

CVs of React JS and Node Developers

Below you can check some of the detailed CVs of React JS and Node developers to understand what projects they can work on and what stacks they may be skilled in. These are only some of the CVs from our pipeline and you are welcome to request the CVs of others.

CV #1
Denis M. Senior NodeJS Developer


  • Development of web applications with React, Node.js, AngularJS:
  • Mobile applications development using React Native (IOS + Android)
  • Participation in UI / UX design prototyping (leading role in decision-making)
  • Take a practice in a product management (business analytics, making decisions)
  • Brand projects (See examples below)
  • Design UI / UX interface with development using React


  • booking tour trips, hotels, restaurants online magazines, blogs, theaters, cinema, music and other media
  • online shopping (jewelry, clothing, accessories, electronics, luxury properties, alcohol)
  • official websites of the big companies, persons (artists, photographers, singers and bloggers)
  • social networks, cloud storage systems


  • Prototyping UI / UX Web and mobile applications.
  • Knowledge of the latest trends in a modern Web-design
  • Excellent subjective vision


  • Javascript, ES6 AngularJS
  • Google Map API, OpenLayers.
  • Node.js: express, electrolyte, bootable,, mongoose, sequelize, passport, npm,
  • UI: HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SCSS, UIKit, Bootstrap, SVG, responsive other JS: promises, Gulp, Browserify,
  • JQuery, OOP, JSON.New skills: Webpack, Babel, React Native (8w), Redux
  • Secondary skills: C#, .NET (2 years), ASP.NET MVC, Web Api, IoC/DI (Ninject)
  • DB: MongoDB, MySQL, SQL Server
  • Source control: git, Perforce
  • IDE: VS, WebStorm
  • Other: JIRA, TeamCity, Confluence, Activecollab, Linux, AJAX, REST, SSE, WebSockets, bower, ffmpeg.


CV #2

GLEB K CV of React JS and Node developer


Some other CVs of our Frontend and React developers:

CV #3 Maksym H. Senior NodeJS Developer


  • 7+ years of professional experience in Web UI development



  • JavaScript/TypeScript/EcmaScript 2015-2017
  • C#
  • SQL


  • React/Native/Redux
  • Backbone/Marionette
  • Knockout/Durandal
  • Angular 1 & 2
  • Angular Material/Strap/UI
  • Aurelia
  • Vue.Js/VueX Common.Js/Require.Js/System.Js/Webpack
  • jQuery/jQuery UI
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3 & 4
  • Handlebars
  • Underscore
  • Ext.Js …

 CV #4 Dmytro K. Middle NodeJS Developer


  • Development of mobile applications (Android and iOS) with React Native
  • Interactive widgets and web application with React, Redux stack
  • Backend development in native iOS applications with Objective C and Node JS


  • PHP, JavaScript, Yii, Git, SVN, Web Analytics, Team Management, Memcache, Apache, Jquery, CSS, MySQL, CRM, Nginx,HTML / HTML5, WC3, Project Management, CSS3, Unit testing, Angular, Redis, ElasticSearch, React, Webpack, React Native, Docker, Functional Testing, MongoDB …

CV #5 Sergii L. Frontend Developer


  • Has been working with some of the largest eCommerce companies with 2 years
  • Specialized application-development and website construction


  • ES2015
  • React
  • Redux
  • Mocha & Chai
  • PostCSS
  • Task Automation
  • Sinon.JS
  • PostCSS
  • react-aria-menubutton
  • MongoDB/PostgreSQL
  • NodeJS…

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A Small Glimpse of Our IT Services for React JS with Node JS

We know all these details as  our company  helps clients from all parts of the world to extend their development teams and provides dedicated developers of any stack and level. Our team is constantly progressing towards better-developed future and more sophisticated web-services. Soon, we will have a need to begin cooperation with new developers and new clients.

All our teams and developers will be at your disposal for as much long as you need it. Each service provided by us must be outstanding.

Don’t hesitate to check our pipeline of developers and choose the one or several you are looking for!

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