What Software Development Challenges Can Arise and How to Deal with Them

Software development allows creating personalized products for the needs of a company and business. It is difficult to imagine the existence of an IT field without software development. Since all businesses and companies are different, software development has gained popularity thanks to ready-made software solutions. What is the difference between software development and web development in IT? Software developers create software and operating systems; their work allows using the computer efficiently. At the same time, the web developer creates websites using programming languages. Although both the programmer and the web developer write a code, their goals are very different. The main difference between developers is that they create completely new applications or improve existing software. Web developers are involved in the creation and maintenance of websites. Stackoverflow conducted an annual Developer Survey, where about 90,000 developers of different fields from software to enterprise application development took part. The results showed almost 52% of developers prefer full-stack, front-end, and back-end programming, while there is a lack of mobile developers which is only 18% among others. Therefore, software development occupies the position of demanded specialization, though it doesn’t mean that it has no troubles to face. In this article, we will tell you what software development challenges exist and how to deal with them.

Main Software Development Challenges

The variety of frameworks has recently become a real issue, choosing between Aurelia vs AngularJS or Angular vs React programmers may encounter a problem and not know how to solve it. Such technical challenges in software development can be solved with experience, and over time, any programmer then chooses his preferred framework.

Another difficulty that can be encountered in software development is limited capacity. Programmers would like to be more efficient in using their time, but according to a study by Coding Sans, they cannot handle it. Also, there is an infographic that display a position of capacity challenge among others.

the biggest challenges facing software development

Slightly less significant challenges facing software development are the neglect of a very necessary procedure for analyzing the requirements for a future program formed by the customer and the contractor and missing it out. A weak understanding of the customer’s goals, as well as the incompatibility of important details to be implemented in the business product, result in a low-quality program, which has a significant number of shortcomings. This problem is especially acute in the field of the challenges of custom software development, where the key factor for customers is getting the solution to the market as early as possible in order to make money from selling the program to consumers.

By the way, choosing between software and web development, you should pay attention to many factors. Educba has an infographic that displays the difference between the two types of development, and what developers of these two professions face.

Ways to Solve the Challenges

To avoid the software development project challenges, both customers and contractors must adhere to the software quality assurance methodology, which consists of only a few points.

ways to solve software development challenges

  • Analysis of requirements

Even at the stage of the formation of the technical task for software development, it is required to coordinate key issues related to the mechanics of work and the composition of key program components. The parties should also come to a mutual understanding on the issue of the functionality of the software product being created, which will make it possible to get work done right after the demonstration of a working sample of the program.

  • Analysis and end-to-end code control

Monitoring the performance of program code, the presence of errors and the correctness of their processing should be carried out continuously, throughout the entire software development process. It is absolutely impossible to shift the need to search for problematic sections of code onto the shoulders of testers involved in verifying the implementation of the main software functions after the main development stages are completed.

  • Session Testing

The methodology of session testing, proposed by one of the leading experts in the field of programming, James Bach, allows you to carry out a quality check of the health of the created solution. In contrast to the technology for searching for “point” code flaws, during session testing, the tester gets the freedom of action, trying to identify unusual bugs, actually simulating the behavior of the intended user.

How Software Development Metrics and KPI Software Development Should Look Like to Make It More Challenging

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for software development is an indicator of success in development or in achieving certain goals. Product and development data are used to determine software development KPI. 3 principles that should be guided in determining software development metrics:

  1. You can measure some areas of software development
  2. Relationships can be estimated in the form of a formula
  3. The relationship between what needs to be measured and what needs to be studied

need a team to solve technical challenges in software development

These software development metrics will help track and measure software development KPI. Evaluating KPI software development can also be a daunting task because a lot depends on the knowledge of the person performing these evaluations. For example, code verification is an acceptable way to determine if a new code is documented and written in the same way as the previous code. However, no matter how obvious this sounds, this software development KPI evaluation method cannot be used by someone who is not familiar with the development.

Win-Win Software Development Ideas


One of the most interesting ideas in recent years has become software as a service ideas or SaaS. The principle of this approach is as follows: the basis of SaaS is a software product that has already been developed, then the owner of this product provides other people with access to it via the Internet. The benefits of such a software development idea are its fast-growing revenue, flexibility, and growth potential.

Machine learning

Companies providing machine learning solutions are on the rise. More and more companies are switching to AI as needed. This helps to improvise and expand the business in the software market. AI is even used in healthcare: developers continue to experiment and seek solutions in this area.

Popular programming languages

JavaScript, Java, and Python became the most common language in development and programming for 2019. The result didn’t change much in comparison with 2018.

the most popular programming languages

Using these languages in programming and development, your product will become a win-win solution. Also, you can find other software development ideas for inspiration, which can result in beneficial solutions eventually.

Software development is being actively improving around the world. Every developer needs to remember that change is necessary and inevitable. Software development challenges are definitely solvable, but it is necessary to follow the trends in software development, track KPI software development and apply modern approaches to solving the challenges.

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