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Offshore iOS Development

Want to dive into offshore iOS app development? If you’re reading this, chances are you do. This venture is lucrative for businesses, given a thriving iOS app market and the offshore model’s cost-effectiveness.

As per StatCounter, iOS holds a 29.67% market share among other mobile operating systems, placing second behind Android. With over 1.64 million iOS apps out there, you, as a potential owner of one, can connect with a massive audience and monetize your creations.

What’s even more exciting is that the offshore approach allows you to excel in any iOS app’s niche. While games, business, and education are the top three categories in the Apple App Store, offshore iOS developers with the precise skills for your ideas are readily available. So, what services do these experts provide, and what’s the cost? Keep reading our article for more insights.

Core iOS Development Services

Let’s start our guide to iOS offshore development with the services you can get on the market. Take a look at the main ones:

  • iOS UI/UX Design. Leveraging this service, you get a user interface that boasts user-friendliness and structured information architecture. You also ensure your app is easy to navigate through thoughtful UX.
  • Custom iOS Application Development. Through this service, you bring your app ideas to life. An offshore iOS developer delivers a tailor-made application following your requirements.
  • iOS Software Testing. This service ensures your application works as expected. QA specialists find bugs and limitations, and developers fix them before your app’s launch on the Apple App Store.
  • Multi-Platform Deployment. If you aim to dominate iOS, Android, and other app markets, consider this service a perfect option. Hire offshore iOS developers skilled in cross-platform solutions to release your application on different platforms.
  • iOS App Development Consultation. Discuss your iOS software ideas and requirements with offshore vendors to refine your concept and build a comprehensive strategy. Decide on the necessary technologies, features, design characteristics, and a suitable team structure.

Cost of iOS Developers in Different Countries

Before we jump into the offshore iOS developer rates, let’s first look at how much these specialists earn in different countries worldwide. Explore the average salary benchmarks in the table below:

Average Annual iOS Developer Rates by Country and Experience
Entry LevelAverageExpert Level
The US$107,200$127,200$161,000
The UK$50,100$65,700$91,600

As you can see in the table above, the Eastern European and Latin American countries offer more favorable rates than Western European and North American ones. Read on to discover the salaries for offshore specialists in some of these promising destinations.

In-House vs Offshore iOS Developer Salaries

Let’s compare the in-house and offshore iOS developers monthly salaries in Eastern Europe and Latin America. Here are the insights we’ve gathered:

Eastern EuropeLatin America

The above salary statistics show that the offshore approach is more favorable in cost compared to in-house recruitment.

Factors Influencing iOS Developer Compensation

Now, discover what the salary of offshore iOS developers depends on. Here are several factors:

  • Skillset. Specialists with a solid understanding of multiple programming languages, frameworks, and other tools typically get a higher compensation.
  • Years of Experience. Experienced iOS developers usually earn more.
  • Developer’s Location. Experts from countries with lower living costs offer more reasonable salary rates.
  • Cooperation Model. Depending on a chosen working approach, be it fixed-price, hourly, or time & material, you’ll get different prices for iOS developers.
  • Project Complexity. iOS offshore development services will cost you more if your requirements are extensive and complex.

Possible Team Setups in Offshore iOS Development

If you’re determined to hire iOS developers, learn about the possible teams you can assemble based on your project needs. Look at the following options:

Small Team Setup

  • Project Manager. A specialist who oversees all project tasks and deadlines and handles communication within the team.
  • Senior iOS Developer. A seasoned expert who deals with all iOS-related development tasks.
  • Back-End Developer. A professional who covers server-side development and database management.
  • QA Specialist. A person who tests your iOS app to ensure its proper operation before launch.

Medium Team Setup

  • Project Manager. An expert who handles all project-related processes, including communication, timelines, budgets, and task coordination.
  • Lead iOS Developer. The main specialist who oversees and guides the iOS development process.
  • 2-3 Middle iOS Developers. Specialists who work under the guidance of the Lead Developer and cover all iOS development tasks.
  • Back-End Developer. An expert who handles the development on the server side.
  • UI/UX Designer. A professional responsible for user interface and user experience creation.
  • QA Specialist. An expert who checks your app for bugs and limitations.

Large Team Setup

  • Project Lead. A person responsible for the entire project and usually has certain technical expertise.
  • 2 Senior iOS Developers. Experts who bring solid development experience and knowledge to the team.
  • 3-4 Middle iOS Developers. Specialists who work alongside Senior Developers and perform simpler tasks.
  • 2 Back-End Developers. Professionals who cover extensive server-side development.
  • UI/UX Designer. A specialist who creates the iOS app’s look and feel.
  • Database Administrator. An expert who manages the database.
  • QA Specialist. An expert who runs comprehensive testing to ensure your app’s quality.

Regardless of the team setup necessary for your project, Mobilunity has got you covered. Our offshore iOS development services offer unparalleled flexibility and cover full-time and part-time models. Thus, by cooperating with us, you can gather a team of any size, even for smaller projects that don’t require the full-time involvement of certain specialists like Project Manager or DevOps.

Benefits of Integrating Offshore iOS Developers with In-House Teams

Let’s look at why it’s beneficial to hire offshore iOS app developers as an addition to your in-house team. The perks are as follows:

  • Enhanced Productivity. Integrate freelance offshore iOS developers with your in-house resources to get the necessary expertise and tackle project tasks more efficiently.
  • Accelerated Project Timelines. Complete your iOS projects faster by combining the efforts of in-house and offshore teams.
  • Learning and Development Prospects. Hire an offshore iOS development company to create learning opportunities for your in-house team members.
  • Efficient Risk Management. Mitigate risks like economic or political uncertainties by distributing your processes across several geographical locations.
  • Cost Optimization. Make your iOS development more cost-effective by locating offshore developers at favorable rates.

Mobilunity Is Your Trusted Offshore iOS App Development Company

Having grasped the benefits of offshore iOS development for your business, you likely aim to hire such experts. If so, consider Mobilunity as your partner in this process.

Established in 2010, our offshore iOS app developing company has been providing dedicated part- and full-time experts for numerous clients globally. We offer two flexible cooperation models:

  • Dedicated Teams of iOS Experts. By choosing this approach, you get full-time developers devoted to your success. This cooperation model is perfect for large projects with complex requirements.
  • Part-Time iOS Consultants. If you opt for this cooperation model, you gain the necessary expertise on a part-time basis. This approach is best for short-term or small-load projects.

Please note that our expertise extends beyond iOS specialists. Mobilunity can hire remote offshore Magento developers or any other experts you may require.

Our Offshore iOS Development Success

Mobilunity has practical experience in gathering offshore iOS development teams for our clients. One such is Chipin, a FinTech platform from the UK. We skillfully located the necessary iOS experts and handled development leveraging Cordova and Swift technologies.

Want to discover more of our offshore projects? Explore our extensive portfolio.


  • What services do you offer in offshore iOS development?

Our iOS offshore development includes full-cycle app development services, from initial design and concept to deployment and maintenance. We specialize in creating bespoke iOS applications tailored to specific business needs, ensuring high performance and excellent user experience on all iOS devices. To accelerate the development of your mobile application while managing costs effectively, consider the option to hire offshore iOS app developers who bring specialized expertise and innovation to your project.

  • How can hiring offshore iOS developers benefit my project?

Hiring offshore iOS developers allows you to access a global talent pool with specialized expertise in iOS development at a fraction of the cost of local developers. Our offshore iOS developers are skilled in the latest technologies and methodologies, ensuring your project is developed efficiently and up to the latest standards.

  • What distinguishes your offshore iOS application development company from others?

Our offshore iOS development company stands out due to our commitment to quality and innovation. We employ rigorous testing procedures and continuous integration practices to ensure each app is reliable, scalable, and secure, while also staying ahead of industry trends to offer cutting-edge solutions. When you need to extend your technical team or address complex iOS challenges, hire offshore iOS engineers can provide the necessary expertise and support to drive your mobile project forward efficiently.

  • Can I hire offshore iOS experts for short-term projects?

Absolutely, you can hire offshore iOS experts for both short- and long-term projects. We offer flexible engagement models that allow you to scale up or down based on your project’s needs, providing you with the expertise necessary for specific phases or the entire duration of your project. Engaging freelance offshore iOS developers can provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for companies looking to expand their mobile development capabilities without committing to full-time hires.

  • What are the advantages of your offshore cross-platform app developing service?

Our offshore cross-platform app development service provides significant cost savings by allowing simultaneous development for multiple platforms using frameworks like React Native or Flutter. This approach reduces development time and effort while ensuring consistency across iOS and other platforms. To rapidly enhance your mobile app development capacity with specialized skills and up-to-date iOS expertise, you can hire offshore iOS developers from a trusted development firm.

  • How do I ensure effective communication with my offshore iOS development team?

Effective communication with your offshore iOS development team is facilitated through regular meetings, detailed reports, and the use of collaborative tools like Slack, Jira, and Trello. We emphasize clear, concise communication to ensure all project requirements are understood and met on schedule.

  • What process do you follow for offshore iOS app development?

Our process for offshore iOS app development follows a structured approach including requirement gathering, wireframing, design, development, testing, and deployment. We incorporate Agile methodologies to allow for adaptability and feedback at every stage, ensuring the final product precisely meets your business needs and user expectations.

Looking for a reliable offshore iOS development vendor? Reach out to Mobilunity and discuss your opportunities!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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