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Magento is the third most popular platform in eCommerce. It hosts 9% of all eCommerce websites, an impressive number of 140K. If you’re looking for Magento developers but cannot find suitable ones nearby, consider offshore Magento development a viable option.

Before diving into Magento development headfirst, determine which version of this eСommerce platform you want to leverage. Choosing Magento 2, Magento’s successor, will grant you faster page load speeds, a modern tech stack, and advanced features. Magento 1, in turn, still suits eCommerce businesses, especially those with legacy requirements or limited resources for migration.

Regardless of your choice, both Magento versions offer scalability, customization, and SEO-friendliness — attributes for a successful eCommerce store. To further contribute to your prosperity, learn how to choose reliable offshore Magento programmers, their salaries, and the benefits they offer.

Why Consider Offshore Magento Development?

Offshore development is a lifesaver in a fiercely competitive eCommerce landscape. It helps cut costs, get the required talent, and scale your operations whenever necessary. No wonder 76% of company executives outsource their IT functions, as the Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey 2022 suggests.

But let’s look precisely at the reasons to hire offshore Magento developers:

  • Offshore hiring cost-effectiveness. About 57% of companies choose outsourcing to cut their expenses. Thus, engaging a Magento offshore developer is a cost-saving opportunity you cannot miss.
  • Diverse talent pool and specialized expertise. Offshore Magento web development brings the world to your doorstep. With 62% of companies facing IT talent scarcity, accessing an extensive global pool of developers is the strategic answer to your talent acquisition challenges.
  • Time zones for faster project completion. Time zones are your secret weapon in quicker project delivery. While your in-house team rests, offshore Magento developers in other time zones continue working, leading to uninterrupted progress.
  • Scalable operations. Around 51% of organizations outsource to transform their business strategies and operating models, ultimately fulfilling their scaling needs. Hence, hiring offshore Magento developers might be the key to your eCommerce company’s growth.
  • High-quality and compliant projects. Engaging an offshore Magento development company equals tapping into the in-depth industry standards expertise. Owing to that, you’re sure of your online store’s regulatory compliance and highest quality.

Cost of Magento Developers in Different Countries: In-House vs. Offshore

Now that you know why it’s reasonable to hire remote offshore Magento developers, let’s delve into their paychecks in greater detail. We’ve prepared a comprehensive salary comparison for different countries and hiring models — in-house and offshore.

Global Average Salary Benchmarks for Magento Developers

First, review the average offshore Magento programmer salaries in different countries:

Average Annual Magento Developer Salaries by Country and Experience Level
CountryExperience Level
Entry LevelAverageExpert Level
The US$97,500$117,000$143,750
The UK$45,541$54,649$70,933

The above are the typical salaries for in-house Magento developers in different countries. Read on to learn about the offshore rates.

In-House vs. Offshore Magento Developer Salaries

Eastern Europe and Latin America are the most sought-after offshoring destinations for software development, with Magento solutions included. The reasons for this are simple — cost-effectiveness, profound technical education, and decent quality of delivered projects.

  • The main Eastern European hubs for offshoring, Ukraine, Poland, and Romania, offer reasonable offshore Magento expert rates, from $25 to $55 hourly on average.
  • Magento developers in Latin American countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia will cost you $30 to $55 per hour.

Factors Influencing Magento Developer Compensation

As our final take on offshore Magento specialist cost, let’s discuss the factors influencing the experts’ salaries. Here they are:

  • Skills and expertise — developers with large portfolios and extensive tech stack knowledge typically earn more.
  • Experience — Junior Magento developers generally get lower compensation than seasoned experts.
  • Location — offshore Magento programmers from countries with a lower cost of living usually offer more competitive rates.
  • Project complexity — more tasks and eCommerce features typically result in higher costs.
  • Certification — developers that have official Magento certifications generally need higher compensation.
  • Cooperation model — fixed-price, hourly, or dedicated Magento developers come at different prices.

Offshore Magento Development Team Setups

When hiring offshore Magento software developers, it’s critical to structure your team effectively. That’s because your project’s success and meeting all its requirements depend on the team directly. Here are two suggested setups:

Variant 1: Small Team Setup

The structure of your team may be as follows:

  • Project manager — oversees project planning, communication, and progress tracking.
  • Senior Magento developer — offers in-depth Magento development expertise and ensures the project’s technical excellence.
  • Front-end developer — creates user-friendly eCommerce store interfaces.
  • QA specialist — ensures the quality of your eCommerce website before its launch.

Variant 2: Medium Team Setup

For projects that operate on a medium to large scale, the offshore team may include the following experts:

  • Project manager — coordinates the project, timeline, and communication within the team and stakeholders.
  • Lead Magento developer — leads the project and offers technical guidance.
  • 2-3 Middle Magento developers — collaborate on Magento website development.
  • Front-end developer — works on the user-facing part of your website.
  • UI/UX designer — creates the look and feel of your eCommerce website.
  • QA specialist — tests your website to ensure its quality.

Variant 3: Large Team Setup

  • Project Lead — coordinates the project.
  • 2 Senior Magento Developers — leads the project.
  • 3-4 Middle Magento Developers — collaborate on Magento website development.
  • 2 Front-end Developers — to create user-friendly interfaces.
  • UI/UX Designer — creates the look of your website.
  • Database Administrator — to ensure the integrity, security, and availability of the data stored in the database
  • QA Specialist — tests your website.

Please note that Mobilunity’s services offer unparalleled flexibility. We cover full-time and part-time models, allowing you to create customized teams regardless of your project’s size. Even if you require minimum involvement without project managers and DevOps specialists, our company can provide you with the necessary solution. On top of that, we can hire remote offshore Node JS developers or attract any other additional expertise following your requirements.

Benefits of Integrating Offshore Teams with In-House Resources

Instead of opting solely for an offshore Magento development service, you can go another way. Consider merging your in-house team with an offshore one. If implemented properly, this approach offers several benefits:

  • Collaborative tools for effective communication and project management. Adopt collaboration tools and technologies to ensure both your in-house and offshore teams work effectively. Owing to real-time communication and project tracking, you’ll be able to accelerate your Magento website development and achieve high-quality results.
  • Establishing a unified vision and goals across teams. Make sure your in-house and offshore Magento 2 migration developers have a shared vision. That’s how you achieve synergy and drive your project to success.
  • Training and skill development for seamless integration. Invest in additional training and expertise of your in-house and offshore specialists. It will pay off in a high-quality project with cutting-edge features and technologies.

Mobilunity as Your Reliable Offshore Magento Partner

If you’re determined to hire Magento developer offshore, consider Mobilunity as your trusted partner. Our company provides flexible solutions for engaging the experts you need. We offer two primary cooperation models:

  • Dedicated teams of Magento experts. This model is suitable for large-scale projects that require maximum commitment. Our specialists will cooperate with you full-time.
  • Part-time Magento consultants. This cooperation approach is best for short-term projects or projects with a small load. You’ll get the necessary expertise when you need it the most.

To initiate cooperation with us, state your Magento development requirements. Our team at Mobilunity will suggest a perfect team structure for your particular needs.

Our Success in Offshore Magento Development

As already mentioned, Mobilunity experts have hands-on experience in building reliable part- or full-time teams. We cannot only hire Magento programmers but also engage offshore Laravel development company developers and other specialists.

Speaking of our background in Magento development, we’ve established an offshore team for our client — 360Living. It’s a German eCommerce store specializing in home goods like furniture, lamps, and decor items. We supported our client with a dedicated team of Magento developers, and the project yielded excellent results.

Are you looking for high-quality offshore Magento development services? Contact Mobilunity to get the expertise you need!

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