Are Healthcare Software Developers Still in Demand?

Remote hiring of software developers for the healthcare software solutions is becoming pervasive with the every passing day. With the increasing demand of the software developers in the healthcare industry, the remote software developer salary is consistently rising up in the entire global marketplace.

According to the Grand View Research forecast, the total global market size of information technology in the healthcare sector is expected to cross the $104.5 billion mark by 2020. There is an upward trend of growth in all IT sectors, especially in the mobile health app development and other health software industry tools.

Let’s expand upon the healthcare software developer market across the globe in this article.

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Healthcare Software Developer in the Medical Software Development

According the US department of health and human services, more than 80% of the US based hospitals use different types of healthcare related software platforms and applications. This includes the mobile health applications and medical software development platforms.

The Healthcare Information and Management System Society (HIMSS) estimation suggests that more than $2.05 trillion is spent on electronic medical report (EMR) systems in the USA only. A huge amount of about $4 trillion budget was proposed for the Obama-care project in the USA in 2016. In such prospective circumstances, the healthcare software development companies choose to invest more in the healthcare software development.

As far as the global value of software application development is concerned, according to the Apps Run the World information, it is expected to reach $19.6 billion by 2021 with the growth rate of about 2.1% CAGR. This consistent growth will maintain the consistent demand of healthcare web developers and healthcare business analysts in the global marketplace for a few coming years.

medical device app development

Importance of Technology

Like in many other sectors and industries, the importance of technology is very high in healthcare sector too. The healthcare mobile app developer is highly demanded in the healthcare sector for the development of mobile applications for healthcare purposes to provide modern and innovative medical services to the patients. There are many functions and processes are handled by the use of sophisticated computer applications.

All latest machines used in the healthcare sector are operated by the system software applications or device applications. The other functions that use the software applications include, EMR, documentation, online prescriptions, online healthcare monitoring applications, healthcare applications for communication between patients, doctors and health service providing organizations and many others.

Growth in Healthcare Software

According to the USA Department of Health and Human Services data, the usage of the advanced imaging technology has increased more than three times in the past decade from just 5% to 17% in 2013. The clinical intelligence software market is expected to grow at more than 12.5% during 2016 and 2023, according to the Market Research Future report.

According to the Allied Market Research report, the total market value of artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare sector will reach $22.79 billion by 2023. It will grow at more than 48.7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2017 and 2023. The growth of software adoption, especially in EMR, EHR, the online prescription, and online monitoring applications will continue to grow in the near future as suggested by many researchers and research agencies across the globe. The adoption of healthcare software is very high in the North America, and Europe; and it is also gaining pace in the Asia Pacific region very quickly.

So, the overall growth in different segments of medical software development will keep increasing for many years to come.

Top 5 Healthcare Software Applications and Healthcare Software Development Companies

There are hundreds of popular software applications and platforms used for different purposes in the healthcare sector, such as hospital management, electronic medical records and many others. It is very difficult to measure the top 5 healthcare software applications in terms of its features and capabilities. Let’s have a look at top 5 general purpose software applications in the healthcare sector as mentioned below.



The eClinicalWorks software is unified health care platform, which is able to handle all processes and procedures for a better hospital management. This platform is also integrated with the modern industry tools, such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, responsive customer support and others. The main features of this platform include:

  • Powerful electronic health recording capabilities
  • Integrated data analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Supports the revenue cycle management feature
  • Easy and effective documentation
  • Responsive platform supported by all devices and OS systems
  • Integrated tools for better understanding of the emergency conditions of patients
  • Highly professional grade of customer support and communication tools
  • Suitable for all types of healthcare organization, including the single physician facility

EPIC Software

EPIC Software

EPIC software is a patient management platform to manage all kinds of healthcare procedures and hospital management activities. There are more than 190 million electronic records of patients handled by the EPIC platform worldwide. The main features of the platform include:

  • Capabilities of streamlining the common tasks for physicians
  • Powered by mobile applications to access from anywhere
  • Supports patient engagement and revenue cycle management features
  • Capabilities of modern interoperability and government regulations
  • Supports distance medicine features
  • Capabilities of data analytics and data driven decision tools
  • Easy to use and flexible platform to scale



This platform is designed for the healthcare professionals and physicians to manage different healthcare activities and processes effectively and efficiently. It is a unified platform to manage patient’s electronic records and hospital information system. The main features of this platform are given below:

  • Powerful capabilities of EMR, EHR and HIS management systems
  • Powered by online portal for patient to record his/her health records
  • It is completely a paperless and electronic solution for hospital management
  • It is a multispecialty software platform to handle multiple healthcare disciplines
  • Numerous integrated modules like laboratory, pharmacy, billing and others
  • Powered by cloud computing technology and mobile applications
  • Advanced analytics and robust security powered by biometric scanning

eHospital Systems

eHospital Systems

This software platform effectively manages all aspects of a modern hospital or clinic. It provides numerous modules and tools to manage all healthcare procedures in all disciplines of the healthcare services. The main features of this platform include:

  • Management of both outdoor and indoor patients
  • Supports multispecialty healthcare domains like radiology, pediatrics, orthopedics and others
  • Supports numerous features like lab, pharmacy, inventory, billing, electronic medical records, accounting, human resources management, customer support and others
  • Supports easy integration of different tools simultaneously on this platform
  • Powerful reporting and data analytics features



EMRDoc is a comprehensive solution for the physicians to manage the entire flow of medical treatment for a patient. It is developed by the EPOWERDoc Software Solutions, which is one of the US based healthcare software development companies. The main features of this healthcare software include:

  • Offers physician charting system capability
  • Offers capabilities of complete patient tracking and management
  • Provides a patient discharge module
  • Highly useful for emergency departments
  • Powerful clinical documentation
  • Electronic prescription writing features
  • Offers the detail oriented administrative reporting
  • Very customized outlooks and robust security

Demand of Healthcare Software Developers

According to the Micro Tech staffing information, the healthcare sector is a domain where the demand of software developers is very high followed by the social media and retail industries. There are many segments of software development in the healthcare industry where the demand of healthcare developers is consistently increasing, for instance, AI diagnostics, patient record management, robotics, and equipment software systems.

Scope of Healthcare Software Developer in Future

Like many other healthcare technologies, the cloud is another important domain where the software developers are highly demanded to develop cloud based software platforms to manage different processes and activities in the healthcare industry. According to the Markets and Markets research report, the value of healthcare cloud computing is estimated to cross $9.48 billion by 2020 with a growth rate of over 20.5% CAGR.

Similarly, the CNBC report highlights the increasing demand of software developer skills like Java and SQL in the software development domain of healthcare industry. These trends clearly indicate the prospective future of the software developers in the healthcare industry.

Mobilunity Top Healthcare Portfolios

Mobilunity has successfully completed numerous projects related to healthcare software development. A few important portfolios of the company are mentioned below:

Healthcare Website Design


This website is aesthetically designed by the Mobilunity healthcare developers with many features, capabilities and useful components. The main features of this healthcare website are given below.

  • Great healthcare concepts integrated into the website outlook
  • Use of different therapies as the software modules in the website
  • Supports online booking and video consultation through web plugins
  • Very responsive web design suitable for multispecialty hospitals and clinics
  • Integrated features of online consultation and necessary preliminary support
  • Use of awesome images and animation
  • Highly search engine optimization friendly website

Healthcare Sales App


The healthcare sales app developed by the expert healthcare developers at Mobilunity, is an example of great UI/UX design and expertise. The application has been designed for the effective management of the sales of healthcare devices. This application is designed for the tablets with the following main features.

  • Highly attractive user interface to create great user experience
  • A great combination of art and technology
  • Supports all functions a sales representative needs
  • Easy to use interface
  • Capable of sending presentations, promotions and marketing content through a few clicks
  • Uses high quality images, animation and other multimedia content
  • Useful for all healthcare devices used in multiple disciplines of healthcare sector
  • Feature of adding high resolution images of healthcare devices for sale
  • Supports powerful capability of data analytics to have a deeper insight into the sales and customer behavior
  • Supports multiple modes of billing and online payments

Rejuvenation Cosmetics Web


Rejuvenation Cosmetics Web is a customized and creative WordPress web development project completed by Mobilunity web developers. It is a highly featured and innovative website for plastic surgery and rejuvenation cosmetic procedures. The main features of this application include:

  • Highly customized and optimized WordPress design
  • Supports multilingualism and the Geo location features
  • More than 20 powerful animated pages along with inquiry forms
  • Supports social media streams running on the website
  • Highly responsive design and 100% SEO friendly website
  • Supports the great feature of interactive prototyping

Benefits of Using Mobilunity Services

The Mobilunity development teams provider is one of the greatest Ukrainian software development companies that offer software development services at very affordable prices in the domain of healthcare application development. The company offers dedicated healthcare developers for your projects to make your project 100% success. The main benefits of using Mobilunity services include:

  • Provides highly skilled, experienced and qualified healthcare software developers
  • 100% project success rate and reduced development cost
  • Offers very competitive fixed prices without any hidden charges
  • Offers professional developers fully dedicated and focused on your projects
  • The company offers a great work environment and provides great development infrastructure required for smooth and efficient software development
  • Provides a comprehensive set communication sources to keep in touch with the software developers as well as the management team
  • Mobilunity team consists of a large number of technical and management professionals to provide you with the full peace of mind about the successful completion of your project
  • On-time project delivery

You can also benefit from the geographical location and the time zone the company lies in. It is suitable for almost all countries in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.

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