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How Offshore Mobile Application Development Is Done Right

Over the last couple of years, people have transferred to their mobile devices as their main sources of online activity. It resulted in the creation of various tools such as Titanium mobile application development and other options. According to the recent data, more than half of the time spent online in the US is done through mobile devices. Most companies and services these days followed this tendency and created mobile applications for their businesses to catch up with their customers’ needs. Since mobile application creation became practically a necessity for businesses – it is understandable that they are trying to find ways how to achieve that with minimum financial input and maximum effectiveness. That is when offshoring seems like the only reasonable option.

Offshore Mobile Application Development: Considering the Option

Offshore mobile app development is a popular thing these days. Currently, there are more than 5 million app users all over the world. More than just that, recently mobile applications’ usage for the first time in history surpassed the usage of the desktop ones. When it comes to creating an online presence for your business, offshore mobile app development services might be a great choice as they provide undeniable benefits:

benefits of offshore mobile app development services
  • Cost reduction. One of the main and greatest benefits of outsourcing and offshore mobile application development, in particular, is that it can be highly beneficial in terms of developers’ rates. Due to different economic situations, developers from different countries may have differences in their rates so hiring someone from overseas might actually save you some cash.
  • Attracting qualified specialists. It often happens so, that your home country might not be able to provide qualified enough specialists for your project. Then it might be a good idea to start looking for some offshore mobile application development team from overseas. By expanding your search you are improving your chances of finding someone truly spectacular at some offshore mobile app development company.
  • Increased productivity. By hiring a professional offshore mobile application development team you are basically investing in the development process’s productivity.
  • Focus on priorities. By delegating the development process to the offshore hybrid mobile development team, you are giving away a part of your daily routine tasks which allows you to focus more on management issues in your company.

While opting to hire freelance app developer or leveraging employer of record services can facilitate offshore mobile application development, ensuring proper project management, communication, and quality control are essential to achieve success in offshore development endeavors.

Offshore Mobile Software Development: Examples

Offshore mobile application development currently has plenty of examples. Let’s get through some of them and their success stories.

examples of offshore mobile application development companies
  • WhatsApp

One of the most popular messengers used to outsource its mobile application’s development back in the day. Now we all know that Facebook owns it, however, before that happened back in 2014, WhatsApp relied on offshore mobile software development and all of its benefits. As time passed by, their outsourced contractor became a permanent part of the team and moved to the head office.

  • Google

Everyone knows this company now, however, years ago it was a small startup with only about 60 people. It is outsourcing that helped them gain the success they have now. Due to the fact that they used to hire an offshore mobile app development team, as claims the source, mentioned above, they managed to significantly reduce their expenses and reinvest them later.

  • Slack

Slack is loved by office workers due to its simplicity and great design. According to the source, mentioned previously, Slack used to outsource their application’s design as well. That including their logo design, web site, and mobile application design.

  • Branchout

This application has a strong connection to Facebook and is mainly used to help people find jobs. Another thing about it worth mentioning is that it was created from scratch by an offshore mobile app development team.

  • Mindspark

An application, that is being widely used for studying math, is no stranger to the outsourcing services as well. The same source claims, that Mindspark’s owners used some help from offshore mobile software development specialists as well while were creating their mobile application.

Possible Troubles of Hiring an Offshore Mobile Development Team

Before hiring an offshore team it is best that you learn about potential problems that you might face:

  • Lack of communication or misunderstanding due to language differences
  • Cultural differences
  • Your expectations are not met
  • Different time zones

Despite all these problems, there is nevertheless a way to overcome them. First of all, look for developers, who speak your language or are proficient in English so that your communication will be clear, learn about your team’s national holidays and discuss with them their working shifts.

How to Manage an Offshore Mobile App Development Team

When you are dealing with offshore mobile software development or app development team, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind to successfully manage their performance:

tips to manage offshore mobile software development team
  • Be specific about your vision of the final product. Offshore mobile software development is an industry that requires specified details in order to get a desirable result.
  • Find a way for seamless communication. Your offshore mobile app development team should be able to contact you any time they need, so make sure they will have a chance to do so through a messenger or a video chat.
  • Include a few overlapping hours. An offshore team is usually located in a different timezone and all your communication will be based around answering emails or messages. However, make sure you’ll have a few hours per day for in-time communication.
  • Visit the company before hiring anyone. To avoid getting a cat in a sack – visit your potential team before signing a contract with them. It might save a lot of trouble in the future.

Why Mobilunity Should Be Your Offshore Mobile Development Company

There are plenty of offshoring destinations, however, Ukraine is among the most popular ones. Out of all Ukrainian outsourcing companies, Mobilunity stands out the most due to the high professionalism of its developers, even hire remote Ionic developers is possible. There are also other benefits such as:

  • 24/7 support for customers
  • Developers with fluent English
  • Transparent costs
  • Convenient location in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv
  • Productive performance

To ensure offshore mobile application development is executed successfully, it’s advisable to hire dedicated mobile app development team, as this approach allows for focused expertise, streamlined communication, and a tailored project management strategy that aligns with your specific app objectives. For optimal outcomes in offshore mobile application development, hire Kotlin app developer to benefit from their expertise in utilizing Kotlin’s advanced features, ensuring your project is developed with the best practices for high-performance and maintainable Android apps.

So stop wasting your time and leave your contact information for Mobilunity’s specialists to handle your project’s case and receive the best result possible!

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