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Pros and Cons of Hiring Developers in Norway

When asked about Norway, one can probably recall that Norway is one of the most competitive economies, one of the world’s largest fish exporters, a country with rich deposits of oil and natural gas, and simply a very attractive destination for tourists thanks to its picturesque views and authentic Scandinavian architecture.

Situated in Northern Europe, Norway is though not part of the European Union. Having preserved the independent national economy with the level of GDP higher than average European GDP, there are also negative sides of being not integrated into the European markets. This has particular impact on the IT sector of Norwegian economy. When weighing the pros and cons of hiring developers in Norway versus Ukraine, consider whether your project needs a full stack NET developer for comprehensive software development or hire freelance iOS developer for specific mobile application needs.

IT Market in Norway 

Norway has one of the most competitive economies. The country has a high GDP thanks to developed trade, its own gas and oil reserves, as well as tourists. In addition, Norway is known for its attention to innovation, which is why the IT sector in the country is thriving. 

  • Norway’s IT Industry Growth Rate is 7.14%, and Tech Export Value is 4.75B. The country’s IT sector is also influenced by government support, a reliable digital infrastructure and the fact that Norway is home to international IT giants such as Microsoft, IBM, Google and Oracle.
  • Software development companies Norway are diverse but highly professional. If you are interested in outstaffing Norway, then there are a lot of highly qualified specialists here, from software developer Trondheim to full stack developer Oslo, for example. There are 7,100 IT companies and 87k specialists in the country, so you can easily find the right candidate from one of the top software companies in Norway. 
  • The most popular programming languages in Norway are PHP, .NET, Lua, Java and Python, you can find professionals who can meet more specific candidate requirements.

Popular IT Hubs in Norway

Norway has a very high quality of education, so that even junior specialists are well qualified professionals. In addition, you can find not only .NET developer Norway in general is rich in talent. However, you should understand that you will have to pay for Norwegian specialists. Salaries for IT specialists vary from city to city. It is more expensive to hire in Oslo, for example an iOS developer Oslo will require a higher salary than the same developer in Drammen. Let’s compare the average salaries of software developer Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger and Drammen.

  • Oslo

Oslo is the capital of Norway. And like any other capital, it can boast one of the highest average salaries for software developers in the country. There, professionals typically earn between $60,822 and $78,975 per year. The city is the largest technological hub in the whole country. A sizable number of startups and IT enterprises are based in Oslo. In Oslo, there are thought to be around 15,000 software developers. Here you can find web developer Oslo, front end developer Oslo, web developer Oslo, Java developer Oslo and many other professionals.

  • Bergen

The average pay for software developers in Bergen is somewhat less than that in Oslo. Typically, it falls between $53,336 and $67,746. The stunning coastline and expanding technological scene of Bergen are well known. Although there are less software developers in Bergen than in Oslo, the city still has a robust developer community. In the city now, there are roughly 2,000 developers.

  • Trondheim

Central Norway’s bustling metropolis of Trondheim. It provides software developers with competitive salaries, ranging from $56,424 to $76,074 annually. Due in large part to the presence of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), the city is well renowned for its strong emphasis on technology and innovation. In Trondheim, there are thought to be 4,000 or so software developers at work.

  • Stavanger

On Norway’s southwest coast is where you’ll find Stavanger. The typical annual pay for software developers in this region is from $59,793 to $75,700. Comparatively speaking to larger cities, Stavanger has a lesser IT community. About 1,500 software engineers work there.

  • Drammen

Southwest of Oslo lies the town of Drammen. It provides software developers with an annual payment of about $58,389. With about 800 software engineers contributing to the city’s changing IT scene, Drammen has a developing technology sector despite being lower in size than other major technology hubs.

Hire Developers in Norway for Your Projects. Oslo Dedicated Team

So you need Oslo developer for your project. What are your next steps then? You may try finding Norway developers for hire or even the complete Norway dedicated team, of course. This is the most evident way, but remember that local market lacks qualified developers to cover the growing needs of local IT industry. What does this mean to you as an employer? Let’s see. First, you will have to fight for developers to beat other employers pretending for the same resource. The salary that you will agree on will not be low for sure, especially if your offer was more attractive for a developer than offers from the rest of employers. Besides, you will have spendings on the equipment, infrastructure, office space and other things like medical insurance and other attributes of social package. This will also be rather expensive taking into account high welfare level in Norway. Imagine how great your spendings will be if you need a team of developers, while you, as most Norwegian IT companies, want to lower your operating expenses. It looks like the decision to hire developers in Norway is not the best option in terms of spendings. Still some may strongly prefer Norway developers for hire despite the necessity to spend less for development.

Are we trying to scare you to death to stop even thinking of creating some new product? No, we don’t. We try to show the way to make your product come true in the most optimal way. The way that allows you to hire qualified developers in Oslo, Bergen or Trondheim at a lower price with no need to provide your equipment, social package etc. Sounds too good to be true? No, sounds completely real, it just has nothing to do with hiring Oslo developer or developer in Trondheim or other Norwegian IT location.

The average net salary will be around $5622 while the average net salary of Ukrainian developer is $2400.

Software Engineer Salaries in Norway

Norway undoubtedly plays a key role in the global technology landscape. Here’s how the salaries of junior, middle and senior software engineers vary in Norway.

Junior Software Engineer$46,412
Middle Software Engineer$55,769
Senior Software Engineer$71,302

Mobilunity: Your Trusted Partner for Hiring and Managing Developers in Norway

Are you in search of skilled developers in Norway but concerned about the costs and logistics? Look no further than Mobilunity. We are a leading Ukrainian IT company with a proven track record of providing top-notch developers for projects around the world. We offer an alternative to traditional hiring in Norway, ensuring you have the development talent you need, precisely when you need it.

At Mobilunity, we understand the challenges businesses face when building dedicated teams in foreign markets. That’s why we not only have our own team of specialists but also excel in helping you hire developers in Norway, tailored to your specific project requirements. With extensive experience working with clients globally, we have earned a reputation as a reliable partner for IT companies of all sizes.

We can also assist you in hiring the developers you need if we do not have them already in-house. We have been successfully working with numerous customers throughout the world and we do our best to become a trustworthy partner. Just calculate all of the spendings that you will have to make to hire developers in Oslo or hire dedicated Power Bi developer. So, why should you consider Mobilunity for your development needs? The answer is simple: we offer a hassle-free solution. Here’s what you gain when you partner with Mobilunity for your outstaffing needs:

  • A highly qualified development team.
  • Cost savings without compromising on quality.
  • No capital expenditures on hardware, software, or infrastructure.
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Complete control over the development process.
  • Accountability for the resources we provide.

Our Main Service Models

  • Dedicated Development Teams

Mobilunity offers Dedicated Development Teams, based in Kyiv, Ukraine. These teams are fully dedicated to our clients, working remotely on a full-time basis while remaining under our management. Clients functionally manage the team, while we handle on-premises operations. This model suits long-term partnerships where clients have the time to manage the team themselves and treat team members as their own employees, offering cost savings and full control over team structure.

  • Consultancy Services

Our Consultancy Services are perfect for short-term projects, companies not needing permanent expertise, or one-off specialized consultancy. This model offers flexibility with no long-term commitments. Clients engage remote and part-time talent based on their schedules, paying for hours worked. It’s an ideal choice for accessing rare skill sets and Senior-level specialists quickly.

  • Recruiting Services

Mobilunity’s Recruiting Services cover both local and international talent acquisition. We have a proven track record in challenging markets like Japan. Our recruiting-as-a-service approach simplifies talent acquisition, ensuring candidates match specific requirements and company culture. Whether you need local hires in Norway or talent from Eastern Europe, we’ve got you covered with an efficient, tailored recruitment process.

Hire developers in other Countries

Expand your team’s potential by recruiting top-notch developers from around the world. This approach offers access to a diverse range of skills and perspectives, fueling innovation and enhancing your projects’ global relevance.


  • Why hire developers in Norway? 

Norway offers a highly skilled tech workforce due to its strong education system and technological innovation.

  • What’s the average developer salary in Norway? 

The average salary for a Software Developer in Norway is $52,307 in 2023.

  • Are there hiring challenges in Norway? 

Yes, high competition for talent and immigration complexities can pose challenges.

  • Can I hire developers remotely for Norwegian projects? 

Yes, remote hiring, both locally and internationally, is a viable option.

  • Can Mobilunity help with hiring for Norwegian projects? 

Absolutely! Mobilunity offers comprehensive recruitment services for your Norway-based projects, including both local and international talent sourcing.

Looking for a trusted software development company in Norway? Look no further! Mobilunity has the expertise and resources to meet your development needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your tech goals.

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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