Hire Developers in Norway vs Ukraine. Pros and Cons

When asked about Norway, one can probably recall that Norway is one of the most competitive economies, one of the world’s largest fish exporters, a country with rich deposits of oil and natural gas, and simply a very attractive destination for tourists thanks to its picturesque views and authentic Scandinavian architecture.

Situated in Northern Europe, Norway is though not part of the European Union. Having preserved the independent national economy with the level of GDP higher than average European GDP, there are also negative sides of being not integrated into the European markets. This has particular impact on the IT sector of Norwegian economy. When weighing the pros and cons of hiring developers in Norway versus Ukraine, consider whether your project needs a full stack NET developer for comprehensive software development or hire freelance iOS developer for specific mobile application needs.

Scandinavian IT Services: Norway Developers for Hire

According to the Nordic Shared Services and Outsourcing Pulse Survey 2016, Norway takes the fourth place in top five leading service providers in the IT sector in Europe. In particular, one of the well developed areas is telemedicine. The country’s density of population is not very high, thus a demand for this kind of service pushed its development, which resulted in appearing and improving appropriate software products and technologies.

There are plenty of IT companies and a high demand for developers possessing versatile technological knowledge. Though there are own specialists available on the market, the amount of talents is not sufficient to cover the demand. The country is not part of the EU which makes it harder to hire developers in Norway than throughout the EU since the market of resources is significantly smaller. Besides, not all of the Norwegian IT companies hire English-speaking specialists. To work for some companies, strong knowledge of Norwegian is a must, thus a usual developer in an Oslo dedicated team should speak Norwegian.

Norway is gradually becoming a trailblazer in digital solutions and technological innovations, it is well known for delivering software fast and with the highest quality. As stated in the Norway Country Commercial Guide prepared by the US International Trade Administration, the Norwegian government heavily invests into the IT renovation of the healthcare sector, thus developers are always needed by the local companies. IT specialists are usually needed in bigger cities that serve as large development centers. Plenty of IT companies hire developers in Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen and Stavanger.

From the technological standpoint, it is hard to define top technologies that are the most demanded by the Norwegian software companies. Taking into account special attention paid to developing the IT sector and increasing investments into new technologies, there are almost no technologies that would not be requested on the Norwegian IT market.

Below we have provided a brief list of what expertise local companies expect from the developers in Oslo. Dedicated team should have developers skilled in the following technologies:

  • .Net,
  • Java,
  • JavaScript,
  • PHP,
  • C/C++ and C#,
  • React,
  • AngularJS,
  • NodeJS,
  • Rest API,
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • native Android
  • iOS.

The Norwegian IT market now meets such challenges as looking for and attracting new talents as well as cutting down operating costs. Also, increasing investments in new technologies and improving existing ones as well as delivering innovative products and solutions are in the list of top priorities.

Hire Developers in Norway for Your Projects. Oslo Dedicated Team

So you need Oslo developer for your project. What are your next steps then? You may try finding Norway developers for hire or even the complete Norway dedicated team, of course. This is the most evident way, but remember that local market lacks qualified developers to cover the growing needs of local IT industry. What does this mean to you as an employer? Let’s see. First, you will have to fight for developers to beat other employers pretending for the same resource. The salary that you will agree on will not be low for sure, especially if your offer was more attractive for a developer than offers from the rest of employers. Besides, you will have spendings on the equipment, infrastructure, office space and other things like medical insurance and other attributes of social package. This will also be rather expensive taking into account high welfare level in Norway. Imagine how great your spendings will be if you need a team of developers, while you, as most Norwegian IT companies, want to lower your operating expenses. It looks like the decision to hire developers in Norway is not the best option in terms of spendings. Still some may strongly prefer Norway developers for hire despite the necessity to spend less for development.

Are we trying to scare you to death to stop even thinking of creating some new product? No, we don’t. We try to show the way to make your product come true in the most optimal way. The way that allows you to hire qualified developers in Oslo, Bergen or Trondheim at a lower price with no need to provide your equipment, social package etc. Sounds too good to be true? No, sounds completely real, it just has nothing to do with hiring Oslo developer or developer in Trondheim or other Norwegian IT location.

Hire Developers in Oslo or Kyiv?

You have two options here – hire developers in Norway or… consider something completely different and most likely new to you. You may have already heard about Ukraine, the country in the heart of Europe that has plenty of IT specialists available at a lower than your local developers price. Ukrainian developers and dedicated teams cost less than Norway developers for hire, but are capable of delivering on the same level of quality. When we say less, we mean it – if you decide to hire developer in Oslo, the average net salary will be around $5622 while the average net salary of Ukrainian developer is $2400. Considerable difference, right? Ukrainian universities prepare thousands of new specialists every year. The vast technological background guarantees you can find Ukrainian developers possessing the technology you need.

Mobilunity an Alternative to Hire Developers in Norway

Mobilunity, a Ukrainian IT company, has a staff of own specialists at your disposal. We can also assist you in hiring the developers you need if we do not have them already in-house. We have been successfully working with numerous customers throughout the world and we do our best to become a trustworthy partner. For any IT company. For any project. If you have a project and you would like to find and hire Norway dedicated team, hold on, get in touch with us to outsource its development to us on the best conditions possible. Need a Norway dedicated team working on your project under your guidance and control? Just let us know and we will provide you with the team that you need.

That’s all clear, but you may ask “Why should I consider Mobilunity?” Well, it’s really simple – we already have the developers you need, you don’t need to expand your staff, just get what you need for your project and no more. All those people are in our office and thus you don’t have to get your office expanded for developers, you don’t need to buy new hardware and bother about software products for their computers. Developers that we offer for outstaffing already have rich experience on working with various projects and customers, and if there is a new technology or an update to what they previously used, they will master it in no time. With the team of developers that we provide you with, all you have to do is concentrate on your business solutions. Taking care of the rest is our business. Here is what you get if you choose Mobilunity as your outstaffing partner:

  • Qualified development team
  • Lower cost spent on the development team without compromising the quality
  • No need to spend on hardware, software, infrastructure etc.
  • Reduce your operating costs
  • You are in control of development
  • We are accountable for the resources we provide to you.

Our answer is as simple as that. If you have a need in developers or a dedicated team, just believe us, Oslo developers or Oslo dedicated team is not the optimal solution for you today. Just calculate all of the spendings that you will have to make to hire developers in Oslo or hire dedicated power bi developer. Look at the market of Ukrainian developers for qualified specialists at less price, but the same quality and development speed.

Have some project in mind and need Oslo developers at a reasonable price? Contact Mobilunity to get our qualified specialists outstaffed to you today!

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