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Nearshore Software Development Costa Rica: What You Should Know?

If you are planning to hire software developers in Costa Rica but want to explore all the beneficial options before signing a contract with a local vendor, this article will review the current state of the Costa Rican IT market, the good and the bad of Сosta Rica nearshore software development, and if there are any beneficial alternatives to signing with a nearshoring Сosta Rica company.

Exposing Costa Rica’s Growing Tech Industry

In recent years, the IT sector in Costa Rica has been increasing at a fantastic rate of 9.17%, demonstrating the country’s dedication to technological advancement. There are over 1200 information technology companies in Costa Rica, all of which offer a diverse selection of IT services. These services range from software development to cybersecurity.

Because the country’s 22k IT specialists are among the best in the world, Costa Rica has become a center for the creation of new technologies.

With a total value of $1.04 billion, Costa Rica is proving its prowess as a global exporter of high-quality information technology products and services.
PHP, Lua, JavaScript, Java, and Python are the kinds of programming languages that are utilized the most frequently in Costa Rica.

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Why Costa Rica Is a Great Choice for Nearshore Software Development

For businesses that want to maximize efficiency while tapping into the full potential of the global talent pool, nearshore software development Costa Rica has become an attractive option.

  • Proximity and Time Zone Synchronization

Since it is in the middle of Central America, Costa Rica is only a few hours’ flight away from the majority of the major cities in the United States. The little distance between them means less time spent traveling and more time spent communicating face to face when required. The fact that Costa Rica keeps Central Standard Time (CST) all year long means that their business hours will always coincide with those of their North American counterparts. 

  • Highly Skilled Talent Pool

Both the country’s educational system and its tech industry are thriving in Costa Rica. That’s why there’s such a large concentration of brilliant programmers, engineers, and other IT pros there. These experts are fluent in a wide variety of programming languages and have a firm grasp of cutting-edge systems. 

  • Cultural Compatibility

Partnerships in software development succeed when there is cultural compatibility between the two parties. Because of its common history and ideals with the United States, nearshore Costa Rica is an excellent partner choice. This compatibility extends to work values, communication preferences, and corporate procedures, allowing for smoother collaboration and fewer miscommunication hiccups.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

Costa Rica provides affordable options for software development while still keeping high quality requirements. Nearshore software development companies seeking to maximize their return on investment will find the area’s competitive labor prices and generally positive economic climate to be quite appealing. Businesses may save expenditures on software development in Costa Rica without sacrificing quality.

  • Robust Intellectual Property Protection

The protection of original ideas is essential in the software industry. Your confidential data and new ideas can rest easy in Costa Rica because of the country’s strict legislative safeguards and protections for intellectual property. Companies can feel safe about nearshore software development outsourcing in Costa Rica because of this level of protection.

Software Development in Costa Rica: A City-by-City Look

Costa Rica is a growing software developer hotspot. This tropical paradise is known for its amazing scenery and fast-growing IT industry. Let’s explore software nearshore software engineers Costa Rica average salaries and the amount of bright experts fueling the digital revival.

  • San Jose

Without a doubt, San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital, is where the majority of top nearshoring companies Costa Rica are created. There are more software developers concentrated there than everywhere else—roughly 10,000 in all. In San Jose, California, software developers may expect an above-average pay of $3,232 monthly. This thriving city attracts IT enthusiasts not only because of the job prospects it provides, but also because of the exciting urban lifestyle it offers.

  • Limon

Limon, a small country in the Caribbean, is quickly becoming a major player in the IT industry in addition to being famous for its beautiful beaches. About 500 nearshore software developers Costa Rica call the city home, with a median pay of $3,257. Because of its beautiful scenery and growing tech industry, Limon is a great place to settle down if you work in IT but want a slower pace of life.

  • San Francisco

San Francisco, Costa Rica, is a thriving tech city that should not be confused with its namesake in the Golden State. Approximately 1,500 software developers work here, drawn by the average pay of $1,710. San Francisco is a city where innovation and tranquility combine, thanks to its scenic setting and thriving tech scene.

  • Alajuela

Although well recognized for its historical significance and coffee farms, Alajuela is also emerging as a major player in the global software industry. There are over 800 software engineers in Alajuela, and they make about $2,179 a month on average. Experience the digital revolution of Costa Rica while taking in the country’s rich cultural traditions.

  • Liberia

Liberia is home to a thriving software development scene as well. Liberia is a special place, with its beautiful landscapes and thriving IT industry. The country is home to over 400 software developers, who earn an average of $1,961 per month. Here, programmers can enjoy the sun while they create the code that will one day shape the world.

Pros and Cons of Opting for Nearshore Software Development Сosta Rica

To start with a good hand, let’s first explore the undeniable advantages of nearshore software development Сosta Rica:

  • A growing IT talent pool with strong government support for the IT field;
  • One of the most well-developed educational systems among Latin American countries;
  • A possibility to hire a professional and multilingual dedicated development team, since there are many skilled software engineers, and English is taught in schools, so most people speak English fluently;
  • High-quality tech infrastructure, with San José being the fastest-growing Costa Rican IT hub with many US companies having their R&D centers opened here;
  • Low attrition of Costa Rican coders, meaning that the employer wouldn’t have to worry much about searching for a replacement for a given IT expert in the middle of the project;
  • Software development services Сosta Rica costs are much lower than in the US;
  • A convenient time zone difference (2 hours only) allows for comfortable real-time communication between the headquarters in the US and software development in Сosta Rica, which leads to timely performance and quick issue resolution.

However, as with anything, there are some possible pitfalls and disadvantages of nearshore outsourcing Costa Rica as well:

  • Tax issues, since the Costa Rican tax system, requires every employee to contribute 10.84% of their wages for social security, according to the GPMI report, and many programmers may prefer working illegally without official employment and earn more money this way, which would complicate things for the employer; 
  • Hardships with finding IT experts with the much-needed specific technical qualifications and many years of experience;
  • Compliance difficulties when it comes to business laws for US businesses holding software development in Сosta Rica;
  • Data breach and other security risks when cooperating with a noncredible vendor;
  • High risks of natural hazards;
  • Cultural and communication difficulties with international companies.

Ukraine as a Beneficial Alternative to Costa Rica for Outsourcing Software Development Services 

Although hire software developers Latin America are one in demand and nearshore software development Costa Rica is a popular option for US businesses; we have been seeing a rapidly growing interest in hiring programmers offshore from other countries with tremendous potential. 

Nowadays, Eastern Europe and Ukraine, in particular, are gaining momentum as an outsourcing haven for companies with headquarters in the US and Western Europe.

Here’s why Ukraine can be a beneficial alternative to software development Сosta Rica:

  • High level of IT skills and remarkable reputation of Ukrainian developers on the global market;
  • High education level (14M+ with higher education, as per the latest KPMG report);
  • The biggest IT talent pool in Europe (200,000 IT experts, as mentioned by TechUkraine);
  • This IT talent pool continues to grow rapidly (400,000+ graduates annually, as per the KPMG report);
  • A significant number of Senior programmers has experience working with the US and European companies;
  • 160+ R&D centers already opened in Ukraine (including Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Samsung Electronics, as highlighted in the latest Deloitte report);
  • The vast majority of Ukrainian IT experts is fluent in English;
  • Ukraine has a business culture and values similar to Europe;
  • Ukrainian IT companies can comply with global data protection requirements (GDPR and more);
  • The time zone difference is not critical for successful cooperation;
  • Convenient location in the center of Europe with well-developed transport infrastructure;
  • Several times lower rates than the US coders and approximately the same costs as Costa Rican programmers.

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Hire Software Developers in Costa Rica vs Ukraine: Summing up

To sum up the specifics of the nearshore software development Сosta Rica and Ukrainian services as an alternative option, we created the table below. The average monthly rate mentioned in the table is based on Payscale data and Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets.

As you can see, both Costa Rica and Ukraine have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s essential to understand your project specifics and work with a reliable vendor when choosing the nearshoring/outsourcing country. 

For example, if you are on a tight budget and prefer working in the same time zone, Costa Rica may be your best bet. However, if you need highly experienced programmers with solid knowledge of a specific field (fintech, edutech, etc.), it may be more beneficial to work with Ukrainian developers known for their exceptional IT expertise and coding skills than choosing a software development company in Costa Rica.

Whether you are opting for Costa Rica, Ukraine, or hire software developers in Colombia, it’s important to pay attention to the following points:

  • Do research over the vendor in question: how long has it been on the market, what services it mainly provides, their successful projects, case studies, online presence, and so on;
  • It would be extremely useful to check clients’ feedback, online reviews, and mentions on social media. You may even get in touch with previous clients to find out how the cooperation with the given vendor went;
  • Before starting a project, see who will be working on it from the vendor’s side, check their tech skills, qualifications, experience, etc.;
  • Before signing a contract, make sure to define the responsibilities, reporting format, communication means, progress tracking, timeframes, etc.;
  • Make sure to respond to your dedicated team reports and requests, communicate frequently, and monitor the performance to make sure everyone is on the same wavelength.

Hire developers in other Countries

Access a wide range of specialized skills and fresh perspectives by hiring developers from different countries. Expand your team’s capabilities and drive innovation by tapping into the diverse global talent pool.

Mobilunity: Your Premier Nearshoring Partner in Costa Rica

Mobilunity is your reliable companion in Costa Rica offshore development. We connect businesses with highly qualified software developers and IT professionals in their area by leveraging our broad knowledge and connections within the local IT community. Your nearshoring projects in Costa Rica may rest easy knowing they will be carried out with precision and originality thanks to Mobilunity’s dedication to excellence, tailor-made solutions, and forward-thinking methodology. If you want to succeed in the Costa Rica nearshoring ecosystem, Mobilunity is the partner you need.

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Advantages of Outsourcing the Hiring Process to Professionals

  • Expertise in Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is the focus of professional staffing agencies. They are well-versed in finding and attracting outstanding talent in a variety of fields and positions. They are experts at finding and vetting potential employees, so only the best of the best are considered for open positions.

  • Time and Resource Efficiency

The time and energy saved by outsourcing the hiring process is well worth the cost. Professionals may handle the time-consuming processes of publishing job ads, assessing applicants, conducting interviews, and doing background checks, freeing up HR departments to focus on strategic projects.

  • Reduced Time-to-Hire

The recruitment process runs more smoothly when managed by experts. The time it takes to fill a position has been cut down dramatically. This rapid response time guarantees that crucial roles are filled quickly, avoiding delays in production.

  • Customized Recruitment Strategies

Expert recruiters create individualized plans for filling each position. They put forth the effort to learn about the company’s ethos and priorities. This leads to a final selection of candidates who fit in perfectly with the company culture.

Mobilunity’s Service Models

Each of our service models is carefully crafted and delivered to guarantee a streamlined experience for any nearshore software development company Costa Rica, seeking to expand their existing staff, optimize their operations, and realize their objectives.

  • Dedicated Development Teams

Our signature service model, the Dedicated Development Team, provides clients with a full-service, end-to-end solution. This strategy lets clients manage a full-time resource we handpick for their project. This strategy gives you full control over your development staff and ensures we handle HR, accounting, and help desk expertly. It’s a holistic approach that lets you focus on project goals while we handle administrative details.

  • Consultancy Services

We offer flexible Consultancy Services to businesses who need part-time resources and expert help. Here, you can directly manage a part-time resource carefully selected for your project. Like our Dedicated Development Teams model, we handle HR, accounting, and help desk so you can focus on your consultant. This strategy offers individualized care and administrative simplicity.

  • Recruiting Services

Our global reach and talent acquisition expertise are shown in our “Recruiting-as-a-Service,” or recruiting services. Our vast network lets clients identify the best people for their tasks. We stand out because we can hire locally in Costa Rica, assuring a thorough awareness of the local talent landscape, or source top-tier individuals from Eastern Europe, known for its digital prowess.
Intriguingly, we’ve succeeded in complex markets like Japan by mastering talent acquisition. A thorough case study of our Japan achievements is available here.

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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