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March 27, 2017 - Marina D

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Mobile App for Events?

So you are here, which means that you want to create an event app or at least think about it. If you are a frequent attendee of different events, most likely you cannot imagine such events without an event mobile app. In the digital age that we are living where almost all of us have smartphones at their disposal, having all the necessary useful information in a single app is more useful than to carry a stack of paper leaflets with you all the time.

In this post, we will focus on the event mobile app development highlighting the stages and cost of projects like this. Still don’t think we will be talking hypothetical. We will take the real case of an event app request we received to provide an example of what it would average cost of app development.

Building Apps for Event Management

So you are the one planning to run an event and would like to join the club of those who offer their attendees useful mobile app instead of environmental hostile and hardly usable printed materials. We will help you build a mobile app that will both be a good assistant to your event attendees and become your advertising agent.

There are plenty of apps for event management out there on the market and all of them look similar having differences in the set of functionality they offer to the event attendees and the design. The minimum necessary features include having the list of speakers, event agenda, and branding capabilities. This is not all an app can offer to you, but this is the required minimum that you can’t live without. Otherwise an app that you create will be useless to attendees and will not bring anything to you.

event mobile app development

Event Calendar mobile app development project by Mobilunity

Based on our experience of making Event Calendar mobile app, customers usually see some product they like and want to replicate it. The idea to make own event mobile app comes after taking part in an event that offers a really good looking and functional app making it easier for you to manage that avalanche of information.

Our client planned to run a business forum for startup companies. Each company should present their business idea for other event attendees to discuss it and evaluate. Thus, our client considered the following set of functionality will be needed in his event mobile app:

  • Information about the event
  • The list of speakers
  • Event schedule
  • News feed
  • Report briefs
  • Event location maps
  • Venue interactive maps
  • Event sponsors
  • Favorites
  • Ratings
  • Social media integration

build a mobile app for proper event management

Example of UX for event mobile app

Depending on the needs and budget, event mobile apps may also include messaging capabilities allowing participants to communicate to each other and speakers, polls providing speakers and event organizers with the ability to ask attendees questions and get their immediate feedback etc.

Estimation of Event Mobile App Development

Depending on the technological decision, if you choose native event mobile development for, let’s say, Android platform, development efforts to make mobile app will take approximately 122-170 hours. The efforts to build native iOS mobile app would have comparatively same estimates. If you choose the ReactNative technology, the cost for both Android and iOS apps would be in the range of 145-203 hours. This technology allows to make a mobile app having single source and then compile Android and iOS versions from that source.

However, this kind of app should necessarily have the backend that supports the app functionality. This was not included in the mobile app estimates provided earlier. Backend will most likely be developed using PHP programming language and MySQL database server used for storing data. The estimate for this kind of work is bouncing between 66 and 96 hours.

Looks like we are done, but hold on – you forgot about testing your future event mobile app. You would hardly like if the app would fail on your attendees’ devices after you paid for its development. Quality Assurance should mandatorily be one of the stages of your app development cycle.

There are two ways to provide testing estimates for your piece of software:

  • Estimate testing each feature
  • Estimate QA efforts as percentage of time compared to development efforts

Since we have not started the development for our client yet and are awaiting the detailed requirements, we cannot provide estimations on the feature basis. Taking into account we only have a set of features that the client wants to see in the app, we can provide ballpark estimates only. We assume that on this stage QA will take 30-40% of the development time.

Thus, the resulting estimations for an event mobile app development would be:

  • Backend development: 66-96 hours
  • Mobile app development (native, for one platform): 122-170 hours (should be doubled to cover the second platform)
  • Mobile app development (ReactNative, for two platforms): 145-203 hours
  • QA Backend: 20-40 hours
  • QA Mobile app (native, one platform): 37-68 hours (should be doubled to cover the second platform)
  • QA Mobile app (ReactNative, two platforms): 73-102 hours


Hire mobile app programmers for event mobile app development

Apps for Event Management

Every major gathering with a high number of attendees has a mobile app created specifically for this event or event series if it is a recurring event happening with some periodicity. We will not name any as those cannot be reused for other events like the one you plan to run. However, as we noted previously, all of them may look similar in structure as the clearly defined list of functionality exists for the mobile apps of a kind.

What we would like to note before you make your decision is that to create a good app for event management, you need to have the clear vision of what you will need in the app, how you would like it to be designed and look like. If you are ready, we are here ready to help you make the event mobile app just for you.

Mobilunity possessing expertise in both native and hybrid mobile app development offers its qualified team of specialists to create app for event management. We also do outstaffing, so if you need a remote dedicated mobile app developer for your project, we are ready to provide you with the team members that you need.

Contact our sales team today to have our team build a mobile app for you!

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