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Serverless Application, SPA and PWA Development: Overview & Benefits

The speed of development of modern web technologies is incredible. The Internet is becoming an increasingly friendly environment for different browsers and platforms. For example, the demand to hire image processing app developer is growing constantly. Every year, we become witnesses to new startups and technological innovations. Everything in the tech sphere evolves, and developers always need to stay “on the crest of the wave.”

Meet Anton – one of our front-end software engineers with over 3 years of experience in web development. Currently, he is working with Angular 5 but he is always looking into new trends and technologies. Thus, we will talk about some technological solutions which show promise and are bound to rise in popularity in the near future. Here’s what this article covers:

  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA)
  • Single Page Applications (SPA)
  • Serverless Applications

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Angular developer Anton

Progressive web applications are among the hottest trends in web development, and more and more people want to learn about this concept. What is PWA? A progressive web application is a website that looks and behaves just like a mobile application, which means that it can be added to the main screen of your smartphone, send you to push notifications, access the hardware and data on your device, and work offline. Yes, it works online, but a PWA works just as smoothly with an unstable connection or with no network at all, as it would with perfect internet access. Believe it or not, your browser is now capable of many interesting functions that you would not expect just a couple of years ago.

What benefits can Progressive Web Apps bring to the site owner?

Cross-platform progressive web apps give us the ability to make a single web application that will work on all devices where a browser is present. The ability to continue to work despite failures in the internet connection and the increased download speed with PWA will protect you from losing conversions in the face of an increasing number of failures.

Disadvantages of Progressive Web Apps?

PWA is a new technology, so there are not many examples of its implementation. Moreover, not all versions of browsers support PWA at this moment. This situation should change in the future though.

The best way to try and experiment with PWA you may find on the Google Progressive Web Apps site.

Single Page Applications (SPA)

Angular developer Anton

Perhaps one of you has already heard of the term “single page application” or SPA. However, not everyone knows what it is, so let’s delve deeper into the technology.

SPA is a web application hosted on one web page that downloads all the necessary code-base to work within the single page alone.

Applications of this type appeared relatively recently, with the beginning of the era of HTML5, and SPA is a typical representative application on HTML5.

SPAs resemble native applications, with the only difference being that they are executed within the confines of the browser and not in their own operating system process.

Therefore, communication between the client and the server is minimized.

Almost all modern JavaScript frameworks support the possibility to easily and quickly create a SPA. The most popular tools are: Angular, React, Vue.js, and Backbone.

Benefits of Single Page Application

So, the first “plus” is that it works on a big number of devices. It means that one application can bring a larger audience of users than when using a standard way.

Another advantage is the user experience; – since there is only one web page, it’s much easier to build a rich user interface. It’s easier to store session information, manage view states (views), and manage animations in some cases.

One of the biggest benefits of SPA, though, is that it significantly reduces download and loading times.

Yes, modern browsers allow you to use data caching, but if there is nothing to cache, then resources are not wasted.

SPA disadvantages

A client must enable JavaScript, and this is a clear disadvantage of SPA.

Serverless Applications

Angular developer Anton

Probably one of the most interesting innovations (at least in terms of work) is a serverless architecture, which is based on serverless computing. Building a serverless application allows you to focus on your application code instead of managing and operating infrastructure. What ‘serverless’ really means is that as a developer, you don’t have to think about the servers on which your app will run; instead, you just focus on your code. While this technology is relatively new, thousands of programmers can already prove that it gives them the ability to launch apps at record speed. At the moment, the ability to implement this type of application is available only for users of AWS (Amazon Web Services).

What are the benefits?

First of all: money. Renting a server costs money; it does not matter if your application is running or does not work, or whether it needs 100% of your server resources or only 1% of it, you pay the same for hardware and service. The model on which serverless computing is built is called FaaS (Function-as-a-Service), and you only pay for the performance of the functions or for the time they are performed. When your application is used, that’s the only time you’ll pay.

This is perhaps the most interesting technological solution of recent years, and it has only started to gain popularity. It’s designed to facilitate better and more effective communication among people through the internet. The capabilities of the modern internet in many aspects depend on the type of gadget or platform that the user has chosen to use, so serverless applications facilitate Internet access for everyone. These solutions are not only designed to facilitate easier development, but also to provide a better experience for end-users.

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