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Meteor JS Developer Salary: Worldwide Overview

When considering to launch a new product with the perfect design you’ll probably need to hire a Meteor dev for this job. Meteor js developer salary is the first question that you will be interested in because a big part of your budget actually depends on this. The second one is where you may find a professional developer for your project. However, beforehand you should get acquainted with this technology a little closer. Meteor is a full-stack JavaScript framework that consists of packages and libraries bound together. It is often called magic as well, as WhyMeteor defines it. Let’s learn more about how to find JavaScript developers and hire MeteorJS developers.

As you evaluate Meteor JS developer salary worldwide, consider the added value of collaborating with MS Dynamics developers, hiring a full stack Node JS developer, and engaging a skilled Zend programmer to create a diverse and competent team capable of delivering efficient and innovative web solutions.

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Meteor.js Services: Overview

Meteor.js services help to prototype apps in an easier way and make the whole process of web and ecommerce developers work much easier because it is quite flexible and needs less code that leads to better quality and result. It makes no problem to learn how to build using Meteor. Meteor has a lot of built-in frameworks like Blaze. Meteor is an application form that uses Node.js and MongoDB on its server-side and relates to the “Full Stack JavaScript” camp. Its ecosystem is a proprietary package management system Atmosphere. All the necessary metadata can be added to the libraries which can be simply taken for any other project, – Developer Telerik writes. Meteor is at the highest position at Github with 38,438 stars among the server-side web frameworks.

Meteor.js Popularity on the Market

interest of meteor developers in meteor geographicallyInterest in Meteor in different countries, according to Alexa

Based on the data provided by Alexa, a traffic analyzer, we assume that Meteor is most used in these countries. Meteor websites are most visited in the United States, with 27.8%, it is followed by India (9.1%), China (6.8%), France (4.3%), and United Kingdom (3.7%). At the same time, a survey on StackOverflow 2017 shows that in 2017, JavaScript remains the most popular programming language with 62.5%. being the most loved with 62.1% of developers work with Node.js and expressed the desire to continue working with it. As per StackOverflow trends, Meteor reached its peak popularity in 2015-2016.

Meteor Programmer Salary on Freelance

Developers who work with Meteor, are supposed to be well skilled in Node.js, as Meteor is based on it. Of course, Meteor developer salary depends on his experience and skills. While Meteor JS developer salaries vary around the world, companies seeking to develop e-commerce platforms may also consider hiring a specialized 3dcart developer to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance. According to PayScale, in USA, an average annual payment of software engineer is $83,275 with $38.95 hourly pay, front-end dev gets $71,384 per year which makes $29.05 per hour, while senior software engineer gets $116,306 and $65.09 per hour respectively. An American web developer in Meteor.js receives $61,026 per year which is $25.43 per hour.

chart of meteor developer salary in different countries

In Luxembourg, software engineer and senior software dev receive $64,200 annually ($30.87 hourly), while front-end developer gets $42,440 ($20.40 hourly), according to PayScale. German software engineer $57,555 annually ($35.36) , Front-end devs is annually paid $49,794 ($17.07 hourly), senior software engineer gets $69,102 ($43.94 per hour), as PayScale informs.

Cost of Meteor js developer in Ukraine is lower than in Europe and USA. Here we’ll analyze the salaries of devs who work on JavaScript, since Meteor.js is a part of it. According to DOU, a junior JavaScript dev receives $600 per month which is $3.4 per hour, software engineer gets $2,000 ($11 per hour), while senior SE is paid $3,500 per month ($20 per hour). Fronted developers in Ukraine will ask only $22,800 per year on average.

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The Sample of Meteor Developer Resume

meteorjs developer resume sample

Mobilunity as a Meteor Services Provider

If you are looking for Meteor developers you can take a look at the Ukrainian Outstaffing services. As were mentioned above Ukrainian Meteor developers have lower rates than programmers on the European and USA market so you will have the high-quality teams members with affordable price. If you want to find web developer for startup, consider exploring the potential benefits of hiring overseas web developers, who can provide cost-effective solutions and a diverse pool of talent for your web development projects, while also taking into account factors like Meteor JS developer salary and expertise.

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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