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Microsoft Dynamics GP Customization & Development Services

Running businesses efficiently is easier if you have the technology to guide the team through every operation. There’s no lack of ERP software that helps company managers handle day-to-day tasks – yet, Microsoft Dynamics GP is a favorite for most.

The platform is customizable and easy to set up – having said that, you can make the most out of the platform if you fine-tune it to meet the company’s needs. In this post, you’ll find out where to look for a qualified Dynamics GP developer, hiring costs, great CV samples, methods to hire Microsoft Dynamics GP developers, and more!

What Is Microsoft Dynamics GP Development?

Dynamics GP is a complex platform that covers all essential areas of business management – planning, resource management, intelligence, and data analysis, financial paperwork, and others. Dynamics GP is mostly used for warehouse and hospitality management, though it comes in handy for retailers as well. The ERP system is fully functional, although the power to create custom add-ons, customize the database, and write modules from scratch automates and streamlines the user experience. Hiring a Dynamics GP developer and a Dynamics GP consultant will help shorten the learning curve for the team and reduce the amount of time needed to update the software.

5 Reasons to Hire a Microsoft GP Dynamics Programmer

Bringing a Microsoft Dynamics GP development team onboard helps to extend the functionality of the tool exponentially. Here are the reasons to hire Dynamics GP consultants and coders:

1. Adding CRM features. A Microsoft Dynamics GP programmer can add the most important CRM features – lead tracking, sales pipeline monitoring, and others to the native design of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

2. Increasing the speed of modifications. Hiring a Microsoft Dynamics GP developer to create tools for modifying the database, deleting and adding new fields will improve management efficiency, add more flexibility, and create additional space for data storage.

3. Reducing operating costs. A team of Microsoft Dynamics GP developers will provide you with continuous support for considerably lower rates. Also, you won’t pay for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration since your Microsoft Dynamics GP development team will write modules on their own. Hiring a Microsoft Dynamics developer is a considerable investment at first glance – yet, it pays off fully in the long run.

4. Eliminate the risk of data loss. Microsoft Dynamics GP customization developers don’t edit the proprietary code when creating solutions. To ensure the integrity of the system, they use Visual Basic, Delphi, SQL, and other database languages. When you choose to hire Microsoft Dynamics GP programmer, you will eliminate the risk of shutdowns and data loss.

5. High-quality maintenance. By hiring GP specialists, you get access to tech knowledge your team will need when mastering the ins-and-outs of the platform.

Overview of Microsoft Dynamics GP Customization and Integration

To connect the software with task managers, project management tools, or corporate chatrooms, Dynamics GP developers create a custom Microsoft Dynamics GP integration. Most business integrations fall into the following categories:

  • eCommerce;
  • Accounting;
  • Social media platforms;
  • Fleet trackers;
  • Messaging tools.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a 25-year-old product – as a result, it has a cluttered and outdated interface. To improve the user experience of the team, company managers onboard Dynamics GP coders to customize the look of the platform.

Projects That Use Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP is known for a wide range of finance and tax management tools. Businesses that use Dynamics GP mainly make $3-5 million per year. By domains, most Dynamics GP users manage companies in one of the following industries:

  • Finance;
  • Supply chain;
  • Product manufacturing;
  • Field service management.

Costs to Hire Microsoft Dynamics GP Developers and Dynamics GP Consultants

Hiring a tech team to customize Microsoft Dynamics GP has to be a reasonable investment that will not strain the company’s budget. A GP engineer needs to have a solid command of SQL, Visual Basic, C++, and other programming tools – that’s why skilled Microsoft Dynamics GP developers are known to have high hourly rates. However, by considering teams from countries with lower median salaries, companies can afford a skilled Microsoft Dynamics GP programmer without straining the budget. Depending on country Dynamics GP engineers are based in, the rates may vary by thousands of dollars.

Here’s a comparison chart of Microsoft Dynamics GP developer salaries across 5 countries from all over the world, according to PayScale:

CountryEntry-level GP specialistMiddle-level GP specialistSenior GP specialist
GermanyEUR 41,000/yrEUR 58,000/yrEUR 74,000/yr

The comparison chart proves that hiring Microsoft Dynamics GP development talent in Eastern Europe is a cost-efficient way to get a skilled developer onboard for Microsoft Dynamics GP customization.

Characteristics of a Dedicated Dynamics GP Expert

Any dedicated Microsoft Dynamics GP developer should possess a comprehensive set of technical as well as soft skills to provide the desired business benefit to his/her company. Major characteristics of a dedicated Dynamics GP functional consultant are:

  • Experience of API development and tool integration with MS Dynamics ERP and CRM
  • Great understanding of business processes and functions
  • Great interpersonal communication skills and project management skills
  • Solution-oriented approach to the complex technical and business problems

Microsoft Dynamics GP Developer CV Sample

Where to Find Dedicated Dynamics GP Development Specialists?

Dedicated Great Plains MS Dynamics specialists can be found in multiple ways:

  • Dedicated service provider companies. You can hire a dedicated Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics programmer or Dynamics GP consultant by contacting any professional outstaffing company like Mobilunity. You get comprehensive, dedicated, fully managed, and cost-effective GP recruiting services at cost-effective prices.
  • Local communication sources. This is a traditional way of finding the right GP specialists through a local newspaper advertisement, digital banners or similar kinds of local communication systems.
  • Job portals & freelance websites. Freelance websites such as Upwork, Toptal, Guru, and others are a few major freelancer websites where you can hire dedicated GP specialists remotely.
  • Social media website. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and others have become a very powerful source of finding Great Plains ERP system specialists and other technical talents.
  • Dynamics Great Plains communities. There are numerous Dynamics GP communities from where you can find GP specialists to work dedicatedly on your project easily.

How to Hire the Right MS Dynamics GP Consultant?

You can hire the right MS Dynamics GP consultant through the following hiring models:

  • Traditional on-premise hiring. This is a costly hiring solution to hire a Dynamics GP consultant to work in-house at your physical office. This is a good fit for companies that have a big budget.
  • Freelancers hiring. This is the cheapest form of hiring but the most unreliable at the same time. Your freelancer can go away at any time leaving your project in the lurch.
  • Outsourcing. This is a comprehensive and fully managed model of hiring in which the entire project related to GP consulting work is outsourced to a dedicated team. Dynamics GP development outsourcing is a great solution for a large enterprise that has long projects.
  • Outstaffing. It is a perfect way of hiring a Dynamics GP consultant to work on your project dedicatedly. This is fully managed and affordable. Outstaffing is a great solution for small and medium-sized organizations. It offers great reliability and peace of mind.

Why Ukrainian Microsoft Dynamics GP Developers Are in Great Demand Nowadays?

There is a great demand for Ukrainian Dynamics GP specialists because:

  • Ukraine has a large pool of highly-skilled, experienced, and qualified GP specialists
  • Competitive and affordable prices for Microsoft Dynamics GP development outsourcing
  • Ukraine offers high-quality services equal to the European quality standards
  • Great attitude and work culture
  • Ideal time-zone for communication and coordination
  • Efficient communication through the English language

Choose Mobilunity to Find a Talented Dynamics GP Consultant

If you are looking for well-versed tech Dynamics GP experts with cost-effective rates, Mobilunity is the right team for you. Working with our Microsoft Dynamics GP developers is 60% lower than it is to hire GP specialists in the US or Western Europe.

Here’s why hiring our developers for Microsoft Dynamics GP development is a reasonable investment:

  • We are based in a country that’s ranked fourth by the number of IT graduates;
  • All Microsoft Dynamics GP developers have excellent English speaking and writing skills;
  • Mobilunity Dynamics GP consultant and GP specialists are well-versed in ERP system automation;
  • Our Microsoft Dynamics GP development rates are 60% lower than those of Western European and American companies and 30% lower than those of Polish and Czech companies.

If you’re looking for a tech team for Microsoft Dynamics GP customization, feel free to contact Mobilunity specialists and find a talented Microsoft Dynamics GP developer!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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