The Best Developers for Offshore: WordPress Development, Java, PHP

As offshore WordPress development has gained popularity due to successful case of the platform working with a vast number of remote programmers in various countries, offshore Java development and offshore PHP development are keeping up with the global trends of offshore software and application development.

What Developers Are in the Highest Demand for Offshore

Current market trends are subject to change, as the demand and needs are continuously altering.

Popularity of Java Developers

According to Hackerrank, in all industries, Java is on the second position (47,4%) with regard to developers that are sought by companies. However, it’s leading in the financial services with 52,5%, technology (49,2%), and security (51,2%).

According to StackOverflow general technology rate, Java developer has 39,7% and is placed on the 3rd position in the general rate. Java has been very popular in the financial industry for a long time.

Popularity of JavaScript Developers

Hackerrank’s chart that JavaScript implementation is generally leading the chart with 47,8% followed then by Java. JavaScript is a leading programming language is the following spheres: automotive & technology (37%), healthcare (51,6%), media (51,5%).

PHP Developer Demand

According to Hackerrank research that studied the demand of skills of various programming languages, PHP skills are required by 14,6% only nowadays.

StackOverflow general technology rate, the rate of PHP programmers for hire is 28,1%. Regarding the industry of demand, PHP is used for web related programs, mostly for online platforms and apps like Facebook, Baidu, Whatsapp etc.

Popularity of WordPress

StackOverflow among the platforms, WordPress has 15,6% that takes it to the 7th position among other platforms.

It might seem a bit surprising, but WordPress is still a Number 1 CMS that is used for website and landing pages creation worldwide. 74.6 million sites depend on WP, while 48% of Technorati’s top 100 blogs are managed with this CMS. It is logical to assume that WordPress developer positions are on demand worldwide.

Offshore WordPress, Java and PHP Developers Rates

Here is a chart of hourly rates of offshore PHP developers plus Java and WordPress developers in different countries:

offshore wordpress development, php and java development rates

American and Australian are the most expensive, Eastern Europe offers the lowest rates preserving the western world level of development.

Where to Make the Best Options for Offshore Development

With offshore PHP web development along with demand for WordPress and Java are still of demand worldwide. Offshoring web development is becoming more popular, as businesses get high quality product for less money. Just for a quick comparison, the rates of US-based developers varies from $70 to $150 per hour on the average, plus office related expenses, while with offshore companies you will pay only the money for the fulfilled job without any hidden expenses. Hiring developers offshore will help you to sufficiently save costs on the salary differences as well as insurance and office savings.

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