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List of 26 Interesting Solutions to Build a Marketplace Website

What Are Online Marketplaces?

In the late 90s of the 20th century, the development of e-business systems led to the creation of inter-corporate electronic trading platforms and exchanges. A certain prominence was given to the sites that united the giants of the automotive and petrochemical industries to solve problems related to the sale of products and logistics.

The goal of the e-marketplace is to integrate real companies into virtual business communities on a mutually beneficial basis, to create a dynamic information exchange environment and complete transactions in real time. The initiators of e-marketplace creation may be traditional corporations that produce or consume products and services, industry consortiums, service organizations, state or network firms.

List of various types of marketplaces operating worldwide

Nowadays, the marketplace is the place where the offer meets the greatest demand when compared with the performance of the same activity in social networks of online stores. It’s no wonder that marketplaces are very popular among users. Every day such resources as Yandex.Market, Google Shopping, and others are visited by millions of people. The reason for such popularity is that such services in addition to filtering by characteristics and prices offer a rich base of reviews and ratings of companies. Another important point is pricing. Since hundreds of sellers work in one information space, competition creates favorable offers for buyers. Purchases in offline stores have become not only time-consuming but also not very profitable from the financial point of view.

Summarizing, it is possible to note the following advantages of various types of marketplaces:

  • Here the buyer finds a seller on his/her own;
  • Information provided to customers is relevant;
  • Prices are affordable, and the volumes of trade are very high;
  • Businessmen do not need a whole department of employees working on business development online.

These points in many ways characterize Internet commerce in general. In the future marketplaces will develop in a similar vein.

Top 26 Solutions for Online Marketplace Development

AbanteCart open source ecommerce platform. An excellent free open source ecommerce solution, which has a variety of built-in features to start your online ecommerce shop from scratch and supports creating a multi-store.

Screenshot of AbanteCart website

CS-Cart. This is a professional online store intended to help create a marketplace website.

Screenshot of CS-Cart marketplace website builder

Storbie. This tool allows creating several marketplaces with one center of management.

Screenshot of a marketplace website builder Storbie

MarketplaceInc. It is a platform that consolidates all the main functions that are necessary to create a marketplace website.

Screenshot of a multi-vendor marketplace MarketplaceInc

Sharetribe. It is an easy way to build your own marketplace without applying any technical knowledge.

Screenshot of Sharetribe to create marketplace website

PrestaShop. This is a fairly functional content management system for a small online store. It can be installed quickly and easily, in addition, it is also easy to install the necessary complementary modules.

Screenshot of Prestashop to build a marketplace website

Shopify. It is a very popular brand in the field of eCommerce in the West, that allows to easily and quickly build a marketplace website with all the necessary functionality. Read more about and hire Shopify developers with Mobilunity.

Screenshot of Shopify, a marketplace website builder

BigCommerce. This is an online service for online marketplace development that allows you to easily create and configure your own professional online store without knowing and writing code and skills in design.

Screenshot of BigCommerce, which is used for online marketplace development

Arcadier. It is a very convenient and intuitive marketplace website builder for creating trading platforms of any complexity.

Screenshot of Arcadier, a multi-vendor eCommerce builder

VirtueMart. VirtueMart is free software and Content Management System for Joomla that allows users to make purchases on the Internet. It is a component for Joomla and it can not be used without this engine.

Screenshot of VirtueMart marketplace website builder

Wave2 Media is a software for creating a multi-vendor marketplace and digital advertising platforms.

Screenshot of Wave2, which is used for an online marketplace development

DirectoryPress offers a wide choice of backgrounds for online stores.

Screenshot of Directory Theme for WordPress marketplace development

TalkJS is a built-in messaging system for websites to meet the needs of communicating with customers.

Screenshot of TalkJS, which is used for messaging integrations while online marketplace development

Stripe Connect is an integrated payment system, which is useful in a multi-vendor eCommerce website development.

Screenshot of Stripe Connect multi-vendor marketplace builder

Eventgrid is a tool that allows planning your events and marketing campaigns, such as sales, contests, discounts, etc.

Screenshot of Eventgrid, an event registration marketplace builder

NoFraud is a system that protects your marketplace from fraud in the global network.

Screenshot of NoFraud, a marketplace website builder

Spreedly is a tool that allows you to integrate almost all payment systems into your store.

Screenshot of Spreedly, used for secure payment marketplace development

Timekit. This instrument is necessary for service marketplaces as it provides the opportunity to book services and offers.

Screenshot of Timekit used as online booking marketplace website builder

Imagga is a necessary tool for creating and designing images. Additionally, you can tag images for AI.

Screenshot of Imagga, image tagging API for online marketplace development

Forest is a database that would manage all your operations and data of a marketplace.

Screenshot of Forest marketplace website builder

IZBERG is a universal instrument for the operating marketplace.

Screenshot of Izberg multi vendor marketplace builder

Checkbook allows sending digital checks.

Screenshot of Checkbook for digital checks integration

Wemark provides an opportunity to stay in touch with the customers of a marketplace website and conduct regular campaigns.

Screenshot of Wemark for autopilot marketing campaign integration

Payable is a system for providing payments.

Screenshot of Payable platform used for payments procession

SendBird is a messaging tool to communicate with customers.

Screenshot of SendBird

Shippo is a tool to operate your procurements.

Screenshot of Shippo, a shipping API to build a marketplace website

QuickBlox is a great tool to create your own messenger for your marketplace website.

Screenshot of QuickBlox, instant messaging API solution

Do You Need to Create Marketplace Website?

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