Things You Must Know About Software Development Australia Provides

The Australian software development industry is one of the fasted growing industries in the world with a substantial scope of offshore and nearshore software development outsourced to the companies abroad. According to the IT Ukraine research report, the software development Australia is the industry where the demand of software engineers is very high.

Let’s have a look at the different aspects of software industry in Australia, such as how much does it cost to develop a software tool, what is the average salary of a developer, importance of outsourcing, and future prospects of an Australian software developer in the industry.

Software Industry in Australia

According to the IBIS World research report data, the total market value of Australian software publishing stands at about $3.1 billion in 2017. It grew at about annualized 8.5% during the past 5 years. It is expected to grow at about 7.1% in 2019. This trend of growth in the software Australia industry will also continue for the next five years.

The total contribution of the Australian digital economy remained over 10% during the past four years. It is expected to contribute about $139 billion of dollars in the Australian GDP in 2020.

Australia is becoming one of the fasted growing education and technology hubs in the Asia Pacific region. It attracts numerous engineering students and skilled and qualified engineers and developers to this country for pursuing their goals of life.

Interesting Facts

The according to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission website, the number of new companies registered in Australia stood around 248,000. Among that a huge number of new companies, there were also a large number of IT and software engineering companies registered in 2017.

Let’s have a look at a few interesting facts and figures related to the computer software companies and software development industry of Australia.

  • The ratio of new registered companies stood between 0.8% to 1% of all registered companies in twelve months of 2017
  • Victoria region stood first, followed by the New South Wales and Queensland regions in terms of the number of registered companies
  • One in 10 workers earns more than $2,548 per week on an average
  • Healthcare and social assistance is the largest industry where the use of software is extensive
  • Programming, system analysis and system evaluation are the top demanded skills
  • The migration inflow of software developers and programmers stands at about 5,000 plus during the past few years
  • The total number of temporary skilled ICT worker inflow stands at 13,900 in 2014-15
  • About 5,000 ICT graduates and post graduates completed their courses in 2014
  • Exports of ICT services stood at $2.3 billion in 2014 and imports at $2.56 billion
  • The API based software solutions are anticipated to grow four times by 2020

The Australian software development industry not only supports the local industries, but also earns foreign exchange through software service export to other countries.

Industry Growth

The computer programming and software development plays a vital role in the entire development of the Australian industries as well as in the exports of the country. The IT software development industry is expected to grow consistently for the next five years, as per information of the Australian government’s department of employment.

According to the computer software development related job outlook, more than 60,000 jobs will be created in the industry by 2022. The custom Australian software development market employs more than 104,000 developers and programmers in 2019.

The Australian Financial Review predicts a whopping amount of $84.8 billion spending in the technical spending in 2019. The ERP software companies in Australia are estimated to increase their spending by 11.7% as compared to the year 2017.

So, the IT industry, especially the software development is set to grow substantially in the next few years.

Software Companies in Australia

Australia is a great place for the software development companies to thrive due to many good reasons. The fast growing software development industry, easy to do establish a company and the availability of a huge demand of services not only in the local market, but also in the domain software exports are a few very important reasons. There are thousands of digital companies and startups working in different areas of Australia. They are making a huge contribution of over $123 billion dollars in the total GDP of the country.

The total market capitalization of these top five companies stood at about $15.183 billion. The Altassian Inc is the biggest software company in Australia with a capital value of over $6.2 billion listed on NASDAQ.

The top rated registered software companies in Australia are listed below.

  • Altassian Corporation
  • Link Administration Holdings
  • Xero FPO Corporation
  • Myob Group Limited Company
  • Iress Limited Company

Apart from the top 5 companies, there are many other software companies with substantial revenue in millions that operate in the marketplace.

Top 5 Reasons for Aussie Companies to Hire Dedicated Developers Abroad

A large number of software development companies in the Australia choose to outsource the software development to other companies, professionals and service providers not only in the country, but also abroad. Among numerous remote hiring models, the dedicated hiring of software developers abroad is one of the most popular ways in the Australian companies. The top 5 Reasons are mentioned below.

Higher Reliability

Higher ReliabilityThe dedicated developer hiring offers great reliability powered by the service provider company. The developer or the team of developers fully focuses on the single project assigned to them.

Lower Cost

Lower CostThe cost of dedicated developer is comparatively low and fixed as compared to outsourcing or in-house development. The development cost is one of the major concerns for all kinds of software companies not only in Australia, but also in all other countries.

Fast Delivery

Fast DeliveryHiring the dedicated software developers will increase the efficiency and fast delivery of the software development projects. The entire team works dedicatedly for the project assigned for a particular time duration; so the project is delivered on time without any delay or distraction.

Fully Managed Teams

Fully Managed TeamsThe team of dedicated developers is fully managed by the third party contractor who administratively managed the entire team by providing work space, development infrastructure, communication medium, hiring processes and local administration. Thus, the hiring of dedicated teams provides better results to the client company.

No Legal & Social Liability

No Legal & Social LiabilityLike many other governments, Australian government also imposes many governmental rules, regulation, social security conditions and legal matters related to the on-premises employment. All those constraints don’t apply in case of remote hiring of dedicated teams abroad.

Remote Help for Top Software Development Locations

The main areas of software development are the major cities of Australia because the population of Australia is concentrated in the cities, especially the big cities. Let’s have a look at the big cities where the remote software development help is highly required.


Large scale software development is required in the banking, finance, insurance and other IT firms in this city. To cater the increasing demand of software products and support, many software development companies operate from this city. The major software development companies operating from this city include IndiaNIC Infotech, iTechArt, Magento Solutions, Sphinx Solutions, NMG Technologies, HiddenBrains, 10Cloud and many others.


Melbourne is another very important city in Australia. It plays a very crucial role in software development to fulfill the local needs as well as exports the software to other countries. The main software companies that develop software products and services include IntellectSoft, Cyber Infrastructure, Sunflower Labs, DiceUs, VironIT and many others.


Adelaide is also a very prospective city for the software development business. It uses on-premises as well as outsourcing modes of hiring for software development in the city. The major software development companies that operate from this city include Alpha Softwares, Applied Data Control, Active Ideas, Bakas IT Solutions and many others.

Hiring Developers in Australia vs Ukraine

The cost of living in Australia is very high, which translates into the higher rates of a software developer. The living cost of a single person in a major city of Australia may cost you the range of $20,000 to $30,000 per annum. If you want to live with the entire family, then the cost will increase. So, the living cost of a single person in Australia is equal or greater than the total average earning of a software developer in Ukraine.

So, it is highly desirable for the software development companies to hire the dedicated software developers from the Ukrainian software development service provider companies like Mobilunity for lesser charges.

Final Takeaway

In the presence of cutthroat competition in the Australian marketplace, it is a great option for the software development companies to hire dedicated software developers from Ukrainian professional grade service provider companies like Mobilunity dedicated developers provider company. This reduces the development cost and improves the project efficiency. The quality of the development is always maintained high.

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