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Over the last decade, the ways of conducting business have changed drastically. We are now facing a new world market requirement that in many ways dictate the solutions business owners come up with. This is especially relevant for the IT industry where the competition is very intense and cutting costs with a minimum loss on quality is now a number one issue. One of the solutions in such a case is called offshore development services.

Offshore Software Development – What Is It?

Outsourcing practices became highly popular these days. Usually, people refer to those as to onshoring, nearshoring and offshoring. While the first two options are quite interesting and beneficial in their own way, today we will pay all our attention to the latter. So what is offshoring after all? If outsourcing in general means delegating some tasks to an outer contractor, offshoring basically indicates that your vendor will be from another country. What is it though that attracts business owners to offshoring so much? There are a few reasons for that:

  • Improving performance. Hiring from the outside of your country gives you more room to choose the specialist you need, not just hiring one of those, who are available.
  • Cutting costs. One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing is the opportunity to significantly reduce your expenses.
  • Getting your focus set on more important tasks. While you outsource some routing and minor jobs to an outer contractor, you and your team are able to focus on major tasks for your company.
  • Running your business 24/7. Another great thing about offshoring is that your outsourced team will be able to cover your off hours for you, therefore ensuring that your business will run day and night.

All this is especially relevant for such a complex niche as software development. That is why most companies prefer to outsource to Asian countries when it comes down to working with the software for low costs. Offshore software development services in Pakistan have become especially popular. The quality of these services runs the risk of being unsatisfactory. So, are there alternatives to offshore software development companies in Pakistan? If you are looking to build robust web applications, partnering with an offshore software development company in Pakistan can provide access to skilled Kendo UI developer through a reputable remote job staffing agency.

Offshore Software Company in Pakistan: Is It in Demand?

When it comes down to outsourcing, most companies prefer to look for their vendors in Eastern Europe or even South Asia. Companies pay the most attention to such countries as Ukraine or Pakistan. Some of them prefer offshore software development company in Vietnam. While Ukraine seems to be a widely recognizable place for outsourcing practices, not everyone knows how in demand can any offshore software company in Pakistan be.

Offshore programming in Pakistan plays a great deal in the country’s economy. Just in 2017, the offshore services that Pakistan provides brought nearly $665 million dollars of income. That is why the Pakistani government is supporting the IT industry and according to the latest researches, it is currently thriving. The same research also claims that just back in 2017 there were more than 15,000 IT specialists in Pakistan, providing outsourcing services. Companies have an option to hire app developers in Pakistan, get consulting services, and many more.  Web development plays a prominent role in this country. Offshore web company in Pakistan can offer everything concerning web development from an idea with design to website launch. Therefore offshore web developers in Pakistan are in high demand. As you see, offshoring development in Pakistan is thriving and many companies consider software development outsourcing Pakistan every day.

Offshore Software Development Company in Pakistan: Main Benefits

By this point, you are now probably wondering about what makes software companies in Pakistan so attractive for those, who are seeking offshore solutions. Well, here are some main benefits that make Pakistan IT outsourcing a good modern offshoring destinations:

  • Convenient location. Being located in the heart of South Asia, offshore software development companies in Pakistan are incredibly convenient to reach for European clients as well as for Asian ones.
  • Convenient time zone. It is essential for clients to communicate with their offshore vendors almost 24/7 and any offshore outsourcing software development company in Pakistan is perfect for that with its GMT +5 time zone.
  • Low costs. Offshore software development services in Pakistan are incredibly low in price due to the country’s currency exchange rate.
  • Big talent pool. As we mentioned before, Pakistan has a great number of IT specialists, so finding the right one for you in any offshore software company in Pakistan will not be a problem.
  • Low price ratio. Despite the fact, that any offshore software development company in Pakistan has low prices, that can influence to the quality level.

As you can see, any offshore software development company in Pakistan has many advantages that is why plenty of foreign companies tend to choose Pakistan as their main outsourcing destination. What are Pakistan’s main ‘clients’ in this case then? According to the recent data, there is a great deal of Pakistani IT specialists who are providing their services to the US companies, others prefer to take outsourcing jobs in South and Central Asia. According to the previously mentioned research, almost half of the exported IT services from Pakistan find their final destination in the United States, United Arab Emirates, or European Union.

Offshore Web Development Company in Pakistan vs. Ukrainian Companies: Which One Is Better?

Ukraine, just like Pakistan, is another very popular destination for outsourcing in general and offshoring in particular. Let’s compare these two countries to find out which one is better.

Pakistan Ukraine
Number of employees 48,000+ 200,000+
Number of companies 2,500+ 4,000+
Most popular cities for IT outsourcing Karachi, Lahore Kyiv, Lviv
An average monthly rate $1,200 $2,500

Obviously, Ukraine seems like a more profitable choice, both, in terms of the price and the number of available specialists. Also, according to Hacker Rank’s report, Ukrainian specialists take the 11th place among the best programmers in the world, while Pakistani ones are holding the 50th position. All of these points make the Ukrainian IT market even more lucrative than IT outsourcing Pakistan.

Mobilunity – an Alternative to an Offshore Software Company in Pakistan

Ukraine is a great place to do outsourcing due to its convenient location and big talent pool of specialists. In addition to all of that, Ukrainian specialists’ services will cost you significantly less, than in any other Easter European country. However, how to choose that perfect offshore programming company for your needs? We advise you to take a closer look at Mobilunity and here’s why:

  • Fast hiring process. You will not have to wait months before your team starts working for you, get your specialists within two to four weeks.
  • Transparent prices. You will always know exactly what you are paying for and will be able to ask any questions regarding the price.
  • Big talent pool. You will have a wide spectrum of choices when it will be time to choose your developers. Mobilunity has lots of certified specialists for any position you might need.
  • 24/7 support for clients. Being Mobilunity’s client you can rely on their customer support team for being there for you any time you need.
  • Certifications and experience. Mobilunity’s programmers and developers have all the necessary certifications and at least a few years of experience in the field.

So do not hesitate to contact Mobilunity’s representatives and get your consult today to make sure your project will be done tomorrow!

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