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Things You Should Know About Website Development Cost Estimation

Nowadays, if you don’t have a website, you don’t exist. Putting simply, a business must have an online presence that reflects its core functions, products, and services. This presentation should not be only informative but also appealing and user-friendly to attract new customers and turn them into loyal clients.

No wonder that the web development industry is rapidly growing wider and deeper, and those who haven’t created a website yet are desperate for the most accurate website development cost estimation. But why the cost of website development can be so different? What are the factors that influence this cost? Let’s sort everything out.

Understanding the Specifics Web Development Cost Estimation

It’s completely important to understand that the cost for website design and development is not a universal constant. Each project is unique, and so are the time frames, requirements, complexity, specifics, preferences, approaches, and much more. Instead of wondering about the web development cost for your business, you can easily calculate the approximate cost it will take. By taking into consideration the following factors, you can build a clear picture of the website you need and the cost it can be done at.

Why Are Websites So Expensive?

The web development cost estimation is based on the three main parts.

  • Technical part

Technical complexity reflects the core value of your website and the main functions it presents to clients. Thus, a large e-commerce website requires a lot more time, expertise, and efforts compared to a basic one. The cost for the complex website comes higher, accordingly.

  • Creative part

Nowadays, the creative part is just as important as the technical one. Even if the website is well-developed and contains a lot of useful features, no one will use it if the design is not intuitive and looks gross. Thus, the cost for the user-friendly modern website design, or front-end development, adds to the total cost estimation framework development.

  • Labor costs

Whether you are trying to build a website by yourself, hire a freelancer, or turn to a reliable web development company, each option comes at a cost. While doing the website by yourself, you mostly spend your time and efforts, by hiring professionals for building the website you spend money. There is no way you can avoid both expenditures, so you have to decide on the budget before choosing who will work on your site.

Factors that Influence Website Development Cost Estimation

There are a lot of factors you have to take into consideration when coming with the website development cost estimation. Besides the already mentioned factors, here are the specific points that add to the cost of website design and development:

  • The domain name (from $10/year)

You need to have a unique name in the address box to represent a unique identity of your product and services.

  • SSL certificate (from $0 to $1,500)

SSL certificate protects your company’s and your customers’ sensitive data transfer when operating with your website. It is the mark of quality on the web.

  • Website hosting (from $24/year)

It is basically a server that allows your customers to access your website. The hosting provider influences the loading speed of your website, among other points.

  • Style or theme (from $3,000)

A unique, recognizable, and appealing design is the second thing you should consider right after the core functionality. The top-class design is worth the funds spent.

  • Responsive design (from $2,000)

Responsive design is a must when it comes to up-to-date websites. Make sure you provide your clients with a user-friendly and fast-loading website.

  • Multimedia content (from $1,500)

You need to fill your website with valuable content. It relates not only to descriptions and guidelines but also blog posts, high-resolution photos, videos, etc.

  • The number of pages (from $50/page)

And here are the optional functionalities that you may require depending on the type of the website you need:

  1. Content Management System (CMS) – from $2,000 
  2. E-commerce functionality – from $2,000
  3. Database integration – from $1,000

Also, do not forget that a website is not a thing you create once and use forever. It, therefore, requires maintenance, which can cost up to half of the product development cost estimation. The more complex website you have, the costlier the maintenance will be. This all, however, is worth your customers’ convenience and engagement that will respectively lead to growing revenues and brand reputation. Thus, it is worth investing in a responsive good-looking website that will serve you best.

Taking a Closer Look at the Types of Websites to Develop

If talking about the types of websites you can go with, here is a brief description of each one so that you could understand the main specifics and the differences in development costs:

  • Basic

Best for individual entrepreneurs and local businesses, usually contains a few pages creates with a website builder; comes at $500+

  • Do-it-yourself

Best for small businesses and freelancers that want to save on labor costs and need a simple few-pages website; comes at $500+

  • Template website

Works for small to medium-sized companies and is usually operated on the WordPress platform; comes at $2,000+

  • Professionally built

Great for medium to large-scale businesses, involves an expert web development team; comes at $5,000+

  • Custom

Built specifically for the company’s needs, the whole functionality is created according to the specific needs; comes at $10,000+

  • E-commerce

Works great for online retailers that need a platform for their businesses; comes at $17,000+

  • Web application

Besides a well-built website, you can go the extra mile and create a web application as well. It is most useful for large-scale businesses and e-commerce platforms; comes at $10,000+

A Website Step-by-Step: What Is the Average Cost of Each Phase

Every website development process can be divided into a few major parts, and each one comes at a specific cost. So, the system development cost estimation includes the following phases:

  • Planning and researching (from $1,000)
  • Prototype building (from $500)
  • Back-end development (from $2,000)
  • Front-end development (from $1,500)
  • Content creation (from $500)
  • Testing (from $500)
  • Launching (all the cost was already distributed through the preparation stages)

Now that you know the specifics of the web development cost estimation, it would be interesting to find out the cost rates for web development in different countries.

Comparing the Cost for Website Design and Development Globally

If you wonder how much does web development cost in different countries, here is a helpful table to compare. Check out the average cost of website development in the countries with the biggest number of created websites, based on hourly rates of web programmers provided by PayScale:

Country Website Design and Development
Basic Medium Large
USA $5,000+ $10,000+ $35,000+
Canada $4,000+ $9,000+ $25,000+
Switzerland $5,000+ $12,000+ $25,000+
Germany $4,500+ $8,000+ $20,000+
Japan $3,000+ $10,000+ $30,000+
Australia $4,000+ $10,000+ $20,000+
Ukraine $500+ $1,500+ $2,500+

As you can see, the numbers for the average cost of web development differ a lot depending on the country you hire experts from. It means that it is possible to find reliable specialists in any country in the world and get an affordable web development cost estimation for high-quality work. Thus, if you haven’t thought about outsourcing your website development, it is the perfect time to do it.

Are There Professional Web Developers at Mobilunity?

Mobilunity is one of the biggest and most renowned software development companies in Europe, providing top-level outsourcing development services to companies all over the world. We have a huge experience in creating websites of different complexity and functionality. To sum up, here is what we offer:

#1 An experienced web development team

We have developed 100+ projects this year only. Our part time web developer knows how to build a website that will have a modern design and the best functionality.

#2 A remarkable portfolio

With a big number of created websites, we are ready to face a new challenge and proudly show you the products we’ve done so far. Thus, you can be sure of our expertise.

#3 24/7 support

Our support team is here for you 24/7/365, and your dedicated web development team will always be available to your questions, suggestions, and feedback.

#4 Individual approach

We take each client’s needs and requirements seriously, and we create projects from scratch to follow all the guidelines and wishes. The website development cost estimation that you get is calculated specifically for your projects, including developers and business analytics salary taking into consideration all the functionality and visual part. If you want to find a Salesforce developer – contact us!

# 5 Affordable cost

With Mobilunity, you are assured of paying for nothing but the quality web development services. No additional charges, no hidden fees – you get a cost for website design and development that is calculated precisely according to your project needs.

If you need to find out the web development cost estimation for your project, fill the order form or drop a line in the chat at the right!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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