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Candidate Experience Analyzing is a Key

A fresh snapshot from Mobilunity | Dedicated Development Teams ‘s HR team interviewing the freshmen on how right was the #candidate #experience for them.
Few points to mention:
1. working on your own Candidate Experience you cannot and should not stick purely to those candidates who happened to switch to the category “happily hired”. Indeed, assessing and analyzing the feedbacks from those candidates who
a) rejected switching to the next interview stage(s), and
b) rejected the job offer to them
may be even more important for you to understand.
2. if your organization contracts an agency or a vendor like ourselves for extending the teams of yours, I urge you to be inquiring these feedbacks from your partner. Even if they do not need those – you do, as it is very likely your process and points of interaction with the candidates may need an adjustment
3. working with the teams from moskovia will make your chances for successful and quality hiring in Ukraine way lower. Obviously.

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