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How Mobilunity Tests Candidates: Test Task VS Coding Assignment

Aside of a Tech Talk with the candidate (that will still be a general method applicable to ensure the level of the Candidate), these are two major ways to test the Candidate we at Mobilunity offer:

  • give one a test task to be done then at one’s spare time, and committed back once ready, OR
  • prompt the candidate to an online coding session when the Client sees realtime what and how the Candidate does

Each method PROs:

  • Usually is more solid and sophisticated than online coding assignment can be
  • Will take some 3-6 hours, quite often – even more. Someone who commits to do it, most likely really wants to work with you!
  • Puts less pressure on the Candidate, should this be a benefit
  • Does not take Client’s time for being present during the execution
  • Makes the Candidate think again how bad he or she wants this job


  • Usually lasts up to 1-2 hours, which is fast for the candidate
  • Will most likely be accepted for execution by the Candidate, as an investment into the application process is quite small
  • To a hands-on interviewer knowing how to code, shows very fast if the candidate is a fit
  • Shrinks the logistics of the whole Candidate Experience and the whole process, making turnaround time way smaller and foreseeable
  • Mobilunity’s recommended option :)

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