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Language Barrier Concerns? We Have the Solution

Language concern is quite common for some countries, both in nearshore EU and in else parts of the world.
Without proper communication there will be no good result.

Here are the list of workarounds we apply working with non-English speaking businesses:

  1. English-speaking Product Owner / Manager on Client’s side, onsite. Great solution but is not applicable to many companies, as not always there is such a person on site
  2. English and Else Language – speaking PM, with two languages knowledge, that is ideally located in Client’s country, and can work with Headquarters’ staff in local language, and transmit the requirements to the Ukrainian team. We at Mobilunity provision such people for some of the countries, sometimes available part-time and sometimes – full time. Usually, such person is great and enough to run the project team in Ukraine of a size of 5-8 people.
  3. So called Bridge Service – something we build and keep in Ukrainian office, few people fully fluent in “else” language help our dev team work with their client’s HQ, bridging all communication that is not doable through Google Translate

So, it all comes with an intent, with gains forecast and complexities analysis. May it be worth the effort – your vendor must be flexible enough to make it work for you!

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