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Mobilunity Continue Delivering High-Quality Services

We at Mobilunity keep getting inquiries for our services. To remind, we do:

  • full-time devoted to projects of our clients Dedicated Development Teams services,
  • on-need part-time (hourly) engagement of our consultants in Clients’ projects,
  • Recruiting Services worldwide (except a few countries we don’t want to hear anything about).

Talking to these businesses, I always ask whether they are aware of the war russia has caused in Ukraine. The answer is always positive, so they come with the intent to work with us, specifically. And here is my reflection WHY:

  1. (patriotic) Ukraine is a country of brave men and women. You all had probably seen the articles in world mass media about how Ukrainians continue delivering on time, on scope, and on the budget, while being shelled by russian invaders.
  2. (economic) Assessing Quality for the Price, Ukraine remains on the top list for nearshore locations like European Union, the UK, Israel, and UAE. Not many else destinations may deliver the same well.
  3. (demand-supply) Let’s have a look at the region. Before February 24, 2022, when russia has attacked their neighbor, these were the pools of the tech talent available (in general) on the market for nearshore and offshore destinations:
  • Ukraine with some 250,000 tech talent overall
  • russia with some 200,000 tech talent
  • Belarus with some 50,000 tech talent more.

This was a pool of 500,000 people working on misc projects locally and on export.
After the war has started, sanctions got in place, and continue coming, we basically have only Ukraine’s part of this pool you may count on a long run. What used to be 500k has become 250k, 2x less, in a moment of an eye blink.

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