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Mobilunity Services: Look in Detail

Making it short on what we Mobilunity | Dedicated Development Teams do, here comes the answer:

🐳 We mostly build web development teams on need, meaning we cover web backend technologies as Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, NodeJS and all modern frameworks of frontend – ReactJS, Angular, VueJS
🐳 In addition to these, we have solid teams and same solid experience in building teams of mobile apps development (both native and cross platform: Swift, Java/Kotlin, ReactNative), quality assurance, UI/UX design, Devops/Infrastructure
🐳 Yet, summarizing my 2 answers above – we are better be treated as technology-agnostic, as we are more of experts in HR/Recruiting and less in technology itself, and thus, whatever the need is, if the market has it, we have resources and skill to source the right talent for our clients.

Here are few case studies that may explain some of the things deeper:
🐳 Swiss Insurtech getting their CTO and a team of 20+ with us.
🐳 Recruiting Services in Japan.
🐳 Hourly-paid on-demand consultancy services.

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