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Mobilunity Thank you Day on February 14

Our recent corporate tradition that now is only gaining its popularity more and more – a “Thank You Day” on February 14.
Some words of love and appreciation to those who we think deserve it, or just may need it, the most.
In addition to the card attached, the team has come up with a 3-min video with various colleagues of ours saying thank you words to people they recalled of. However, this video is yet to be published, thus, will do it with my else post.

We recently started a more shapely organized work on understanding what it really like working at Mobilunity | Dedicated Development Teams . As if you can imagine, each tech talent we employ has two sources of “culture” – one is coming from the client themselves, and other is pure whale-y. For years, Mobilunity processes were built around each and every of our client’s needs making our own processes to be a meta-process – a basis for else 40-50 clients’ processes we build for them, on top of our foundation.

This setup is slightly harder than most can imagine – just because sometimes the process setups different clients introduce are contradictory to each other. Which is fine as they do not intersect. But not too easy to implement as down to the basics, both “contraries” should fit into the abstract foundation we Mobilunity provide.

So why was that reference to the processes? Luckily, with tiny initiatives like Thank You Day we never have any sort of complexities with the clients or employees – as very often such introductions are appreciated by all of the participants, making our work even simpler. Which is, by the way, another reason to be thankful to all of them :)

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