Know More About Nearshoring by Solving the Crossword Prepared by Mobilunity’s CEO

Let’s play a bit?
Start with question 5, I know you will do well there! :)

  1. Major asset you save scaling your development team beyond your current local office.
  2. Many compare SALARY HERE vs SALARY THERE, but Cyril says this is wrong. Instead, one must compare?
  3. When your Vendor has devs not placed to any of the projects, this is called?
  4. One of 3Rs of Nearshoring.
  5. First name of your fav Nearshoring expert.
  6. Initial stage of Nearshoring model leading to your remote team foundation.
  7. An outsourcing model when your Vendor is located in the same/alike timezone and when you can travel back and forth to visit them within some reasonable timeframe (like, 2-3 hours).
  8. An Eastern European country known to be IT Nation famous for their skilled and confident software engineers.
  9. Without that R your Recruiting will be a waste as your remote people resign.
  10. A city holding some 40% of whole Ukrainian talent pool.
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