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Some Insights from Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience is something we started evaluating with 2020 start, and this is a good time not only to assess the initiative but also to share some insights from it.

To Mobilunity, candidate experience consists not only from our in-house employees as actors (such as recruiters of tech interviewers) but also – our client’s staff.
There are 15 questions we ask assessing this experience, and there are 3 teams being such process stakeholders: Recruiting Department, Account Management Department, and Employer Marketing Team.

Out of those questions we ask, these 3 are specifically my own area of interest:

  1. Whether or not, and in what extent, vacancy description fits reality faced after the actual start
  2. Whether or not the candidate heard/knew of Mobilunity as the employer company
  3. What were the decisive factors choosing our client’s vacancy over any others

You cannot overrate the value such analysis may bring to all 3 Rs of Nearshoring: Relationships, Recruiting, Retention.
An Approach I RRRRRRRRRRecommend!

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