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The Candidate Experience in the Eyes of a Java Team Lead on a Belgian Project

In a focus today, the Candidate Experience in the eyes of Ihor Pysmennyi , Java Team Lead on a Belgian project we Mobilunity work with for years.

Ihor tried to recall times when he was going from one interview to another, and he puts some light on the process from the Candidate’s perspective. Or, at least, one of the views at the Interviewing Process.

I tend to agree with Ihor’s assessment of how it usually happens. From what we see, the companies who approach the interviewing process in a more creative and more human so to say way usually win against those companies who do things more formally, such as a test for N questions, or interview questions from “standard lists”.

So, thinking of interviewing your potential remote engineer, think about if you can be:

  • asking fewer standard questions,
  • speaking more about your product, its current challenges and actual problems you now face,
  • sharing your point of view and approach with the candidate and hearing her/his opinion back,
  • ensuring you have alike conversation as you would have had on a virtual kitchen with such a candidate, when/if she/he already becomes a colleague of yours.

As Ihor said, accepting a job offer is an important step. A candidate’s life will change for the next few years, and one’s choice will define one’s short-term future. Bear in mind, good candidates are seen same good by other companies. So they will choose. 

And until they know for sure how great/cool/nice/kind/friendly/funny you are, numerous formal things (job offer conditions, your company’s employer brand, your company’s product, tech stack, company’s industry) are extended purely with chemistry you had (or you did not have) during the interview.
It takes an effort to get the best ones. Same as we did with Ihor, a long time back – good for us, and good for our Belgian client! :)

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