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What is Your Key Person Resignation Action Plan?

What is your plan B if your key person working for you remotely quits?
Do you even have this plan B?

A bit of disclaimer. I am never ready for my key people resignations. Well, not “never”, sometimes I am, but these periods are always a stressful highlight in my professional life. And I still miss some of my old colleagues. But I myself am trying to follow the recommendation below.

Yet, you should not, right? So what is your Key Person Resignation action plan?
A good routine Eliza Kravchenko and her team offer to our clients is talking on WHAT IF matters. These talks are typically annual, sometimes they are part of else conversations, but we feel our obligation to not only ask the client on how much they are already prepared to what may happen in future, but also showcase some of our else clients’ frameworks already in place, with some that had their chance to be “verified” on a real situation.

The answers or solutions might be on “having number 2 raised” or “having it all documented” or “i dont care as i will cope myself for few weeks and then hire someone alike”. There is no silver bullet as every organization is different, and every key person is “key” in its own way.
Seeing another client being totally prepared to a resignation of a person who worked for 5+ years with them is a good sign we did everything possible to let our client think of their next move in conditions where time is not pressing them as much!

Olha Danilchuk won’t let me lie here – she now has a joy of planning an International Chess Tournament for our staff and clients’ employees while none of her people aim to quit :) so she may focus well on things she needs to do.

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