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Women in Tech — IT Market of Ukraine

Years ago I interviewed Viktoriia V. for a number of tech related questions for my Inside Nearshoring Online Show. That time we were touching up questions on whether or not there is a gender inequality in the IT market of Ukraine, what stops girls and women from considering their career in IT and software development specifically, what the market in general thinks about #womenintech
I perfectly remember Vika’s answers even without playing them over again.
Making long story short – the market is in need for bright minds, those who are open to constant learning and advancement. The market may have some preferences on the gender itself but what Vika has never had problems with – getting the right job, in the right company, for the pay she being on the market level.
At Mobilunity | Dedicated Development Teams some 80% of my management team are women. Yet, some 80% of my engineering teams are men. Which, as an explanation a bit, matches the gender structure of market of software engineers.
On another note, one of our best #dynamics365 consultant is a woman from Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the best business analysts on our American #telco project is the women, one of the most performing and intelligent #Salesforce Commerce Cloud engineers we have is Vika herself.
The situation in TECH improves annually – and I will post some numbers closer to the International Women Day on March 8 – yet I also see from the social media the questions of inequality in pay, misconceptions, approaches between men and women are yet there. Which, in time, I am sure will be more and more resolved.

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