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ASP.NET Development Services: Offshore vs Local

ASP .NET is a development framework created by Microsoft. It is an open-source and free technology that is used for the creation of dynamic websites and web applications. ASP NET development services are popular among large enterprises because of the major benefits this technology offers. When seeking ASP.NET development services, it’s essential to collaborate with an experienced e commerce engineer who can skillfully navigate the intricacies of building robust and scalable online shopping platforms. In the context of ASP.NET development services, whether offshore or local, the decision to hire CMS developer can greatly influence the project’s efficiency and customization capabilities.

To understand how widespread ASP NET development is, here are some statistics on the matter:

Here are just some of the major websites created with the use of ASP NET web application development technology:

  • Microsoft.com;
  • Adobe.com;
  • Office.com;
  • Salesforce.com;
  • Fiverr.com.

This technology has been used for almost 20 years. It is constantly updated and has many features that make it widely loved by programmers. ASP NET software development can be used for such tasks as:

  • Web application development of any complexity – from web portals to custom CMS or CRM;
  • Creation of integrated ERP solutions;
  • eCommerce website development;
  • Database management and migration;
  • Migration and re-design of pre-existent solutions to this framework;
  • Cloud apps development;
  • Creation of intelligence tools and various dashboards;
  • Integration with third-party solutions, from Microsoft to SAP.
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ASP NET Application Development Services Benefits

With ASP NET web development services, companies can create online, desktop, and mobile apps of different complexity levels. Expert ASP programmers can build almost any type of application, whether an IoT solution, gaming app, or AI-focused software.

The reasons for the popularity are the benefits ASP NET application development services offer for businesses and corporations. Here are the main advantages of choosing this framework:

  • As an open-source technology, it is free to use, which saves budget. It also has a lot of third-party solutions ready to be used and a huge community of professionals.
  • It can easily handle enterprise-sized applications. For instance, ASP NET eCommerce solutions work smoothly with complex workflows and extensive functionality.
  • It offers high performance for applications with many features. Such include caching, fast compilation, and native optimization.
  • It works with a multitude of programming languages. This framework supports all .NET languages and even more. It adds to the flexibility of the development process and more opportunities to create unique functionality.
  • It ensures faster deployment with streamlined processes. It also allows easy maintenance and update of applications and pages.
  • With this framework, developers can create solutions with a wide range of features to suit all business needs. It also offers a high level of security for the solutions, which is perfect for companies and end-users.

No wonder there is a steady demand for ASP NET application services globally. The main issue many businesses might face is how to choose a reliable provider. Moreover, finding dynamics 365 developers could be a hard challnege. Such services can be accessed in several ways we will cover next.

Types of ASP NET Development Companies

A professional ASP NET development services company offers all services that can be offered with this technology, from data migration to a custom CRM. Concerning the geographic location of the client, there are three types of such companies:

  • Local;
  • Nearshore;
  • Offshore.

Local ASP NET development company

A local ASP application service provider is based in the same city as the client. This makes cooperation quite easy in terms of communication and cultural differences. There are no questions about language differences. It is a comfortable partnership if such a provider is available in your region. Often the case, finding a skilled team locally is extremely hard or even impossible.

Nearshore ASP NET development service

A nearshore ASP NET web development company is an outsourcing option. In the case of such cooperation, a business finds a reliable provider in a nearby country. So the comfort of communication remains close to a local one. There are fewer cultural and language differences as well. Nearshoring offers a wider range of talent to choose from. And it is usually much more cost-effective than hiring locally.

Offshore ASP NET development services

An offshore ASP NET development services company can be located anywhere globally, not in proximity to the client. Such partnerships might be less comfortable regarding time zone differences and language. However, it is the most budget-friendly outsourcing option regarding salary rates. And it gives access to an even broader talent pool of developers or teams to choose from.

In terms of types of cooperation, there are two main types of companies to look for:

  1. Project-based companies. They provide ASP NET web application development services by project, so it is often a short-time partnership.
  2. Outstaffing companies. These are recruitment agencies that offer hiring professionals that work at their premises but for you. You become a new employer while such a company takes care of all issues related to hiring (workplace, administration, payroll, etc.). Working with outstaffing companies helps to dramatically save time and costs related to hiring an ASP NET coder or a whole team of experts.

Local vs Offshore ASP NET Development Companies: Comparison Table

To get a better grip on the differences between such providers, look at this comparison table of local and nearshore/offshore ASP software development companies.

Benefits of Hiring ASP NET Development Services Company in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe in general and Ukraine, in particular, have become huge IT offshoring hubs in recent years. There is a decent talent pool here (only in Ukraine with more than 200,000 IT professionals of various specializations) and relatively low salary rates. Eastern European developers are also known for their quality of work.

The reasons to offshore ASP web development software projects here come from the major benefits this destination offers:

  • A comfortable location for the EU partners. Ukraine has a convenient time zone (GMT+2), ensuring direct and accessible communication. Overall, European businesses get access to the best talent with all advantages of nearshoring.
  • Highly-skilled workforce. ASP NET development in Ukraine offers work with top-level specialists for a fraction of a budget. Local programmers are experienced and highly skilled in tackling complex projects.
  • Cultural and business fit. Eastern Europe has very similar business and work ethics, as well as many cultural similarities to the EU and the US. This ensures a comfortable partnership and reduces any possible inconveniences.
  • Developed infrastructure. IT infrastructure here is in constant growth, with many industry leaders opening their offices or R&D centers. Such giants as Microsoft, Samsung, and Boeing have offices in Ukraine, for example.

That’s why ASP NET development in Ukraine is a valid choice for many businesses all over the world. It offers easy communication, fruitful partnership, and a significant reduction in costs.

ASP NET Developer Rates Worldwide

If you are not sure how much offshoring development can save in terms of budget, check the average salary .NET developer earns monthly in these 6 countries:

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

In terms of salary rates, ASP NET development in Ukraine is two times cheaper than in the US. And it is also more affordable than finding local providers in Western Europe, for instance. At the same time, a business gets access to the same level of skills and experience.

Mobilunity – Your  Outstaffing Service Provider in Eastern Europe

Mobilunity is a trusted provider of outstaffing services in Ukraine. We have more than a decade of experience finding dedicated teams to hire IT professionals for international businesses. We’ve already completed more than 40 international projects and are always ready to start on a new one. If you want to hire NET developer and aim for the best quality – contact Mobilunity and have your team set up in no time!

Mobilunity has partnered with a multitude of companies across the globe. Among our satisfied customers are such businesses as XPLG (Israel), Zenchef (France), CamptoCamp (Switzerland), Paidy (Japan), 3joueur (Canada), and many more. We offer excellent outstaffing services and IT augmentation for businesses of all sizes.

Our expert team gives access to top-level Ukrainian talent. No matter how exclusive your requirements are, we will find the best suitable professionals to tackle your projects with ease.

If you are looking for a credible ASP NET web development company in Eastern Europe, contact Mobilunity today!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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