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How to Hire Developers in Brazil

Latin America is one of the huge outsourcing hubs when it comes to IT services. Many companies hire developers in Mexico, Chile, and Brazil. Brazil is actually a leading destination in this region with a big talent pool and many tech parks. So what are the main characteristics of this IT market and why people hire developers in Brazil?

IT Market in Brazil: Brazil Software Outsourcing Perspectives

IT nearshore software development Brazil could be a good option. The information technology market in Brazil in recent years has undergone significant growth and transformation. At the moment, a bright and dynamic market IT Brazil has IT Industry Growth Rate 8.34%, and Tech Export Value 6.35 Billion, which will be quite high in indicators.

The largest economy in Latin America, Brazil also has a vibrant and expanding IT industry. It is essential for promoting innovation, the digital transition, and economic growth.

Software development, hardware production, IT services, cybersecurity, telecommunications, and e-commerce are just a few of the many categories that make up the Brazilian IT business. At the moment, there are about 15k IT companies, including software development companies in Brazil and a total of 1.2 million professionals.

Software Development Outsourcing Brazil can be a good choice for companies even from other countries. Brazil software outsourcing opens up many opportunities not only for a software development company in Brazil, but also for employers around the world. If you want to hire developers in Latin America you should know that it can be much cheaper than, for example, in Germany, and you will get a highly qualified specialist ready for tasks of any complexity.IT outsourcing Brazil is rich and multifaceted, but if you want to hire developers Brazil, then keep in mind that the most popular programming languages in the country are PHP, .NET, Erlang, Lua, Node.js. However, you can find any professionals for Brazil offshore software development.

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Offshore Software Development Brazil: Where to Hire a Brazilian Developer

Brazil software development is represented in the country by many specialists and companies. So brazil software development outsourcing can greatly enhance your team with high quality professionals. You can hire developer Brazil all over the country, but there are a few cities that are the concentration of professionals and it is better to start there. Let’s compare Brazil software developers with an average salary by city.

  • São Paulo

Sao Paulo is the bustling economic center of Brazil. The city has a dynamic IT landscape with a significant number of software developers. However, here you can find not only Brazilian developers, but also front end developer Sao Paulo and many other specialists.

The average salary for a software developer in Sao Paulo is $51,054 per year, depending on experience and knowledge.

  • Rio de Janeiro

The magnificent scenery and diverse culture of Rio de Janeiro are well-known. However, this metropolis is capable of much more than that. Additionally, a sizable group of software engineers call it home. The average annual salary for a software developer in Rio de Janeiro is usually $46,468. The urban IT sector continues to expand, so here you will find not only a software developer Brazil, but also, for example, a web developer Rio de Janeiro.

  • Brasília

Brasilia is the capital of Brazil. It has its own unique IT landscape. The average salary for software developers in Brazil is $44,556 per year. The city is home to a diverse pool of IT professionals. Many professionals participate in government projects and initiatives, contributing to the technological achievements of the country.

  • Fortaleza

Fortaleza is a coastal city in the northeast of Brazil. And despite the remoteness from the center of the country, the city has achieved success in its IT sector. The average annual salary for software developers in Fortaleza is usually $43,534. The city’s tech community is growing steadily. Here you can hire developers in Brazil and many other professionals.

  • Salvador

El Salvador is rich not only in history and culture. It is also rich in software developers and other IT professionals. The average salary for software developers in El Salvador is usually $38,400 per year. At the same time, the technological scene of the city continues to develop actively, including thanks to the local authorities.

Pros And Cons Of Hiring a Dedicated Software Development Team in Brazil


Brazil stands out as an attractive option when looking for a dedicated software development team since it offers a wealth of benefits. Consider the advantages and disadvantages before choosing a location for outsourcing. Examine the advantages of using Brazilian developers:

  • Cost Efficiency: Brazilian developers are frequently less expensive than those in the US or the EU because of their generally higher pay. It is impossible to ignore this financial temptation.
  • Favorable Time Zone: The Brazilian time zone provides seamless contact for North American clients, expanding its convenience throughout Latin America. Similar characteristics support outsourcing to nations like Mexico, Brazil, and Chile.
  • Exemplary Education: Brazil’s strong educational system cultivates a pool of highly competent individuals, especially in computer science, ensuring that you have access to top-notch knowledge.
  • Abundant Talent: Compared to other Latin American regions, the nation has an exceptional talent pool, making it simpler to put up a committed software development team in locations like Brasilia.


Even though the benefits are strong, it is wise to think about any drawbacks before making a choice. Making educated decisions requires having a complete picture:

  • Language Barrier: English proficiency might be lower in Brazil, posing communication challenges that require careful consideration.
  • Complex Taxation: Brazil’s complex taxation laws, encompassing aspects like 14-month salaries, subsidies, and retention costs, can impact the initially attractive salary rates. External providers are often needed to navigate these complexities.
  • Financial Constraints: Repatriating funds and establishing local operations in Brazil can be intricate due to restrictive financial laws, potentially impeding seamless operations.

Hire developers in other Countries

Expand your team’s capabilities by recruiting top-tier developers from around the world. This approach allows you to leverage diverse skills and cultural perspectives, enhancing innovation and technical excellence in your projects.

Alternatives to Brazil Dedicated Developers

Latin America and a dedicated software development team in Brazil might be the first destination that comes to mind for American clients. But it is not the only outsourcing hub worldwide. Nowadays, Eastern Europe and Ukraine especially are gaining momentum when it comes to high-quality IT services. Here are the main reasons why you may want to consider a Ukrainian SW developer before you hire an outsourced software developer from Brazil:

  • It is conveniently located in Europe, which is a great benefit for the EU clients. There is little to no time difference and many direct flights. And it is still manageable to have same-day online meetings for some locations in North America.
  • The taxation is much simpler and cheaper. The IT professionals in Ukraine work as private entrepreneurs and they are subjected only to 5% income tax under simplified rules. All the related to outsourcing costs are lower than in Brazil;
  • Ukrainian developers have an excellent reputation worldwide for the quality of services. They are in the 6th place in the world according to TopCoder (Brazil is 13), and they also scored 11th place in HackerRank rating (Brazil is 38th)
  • Ukraine also has a high education level and excellent computer science programs. It is GDPR compliant, which is a necessity for those companies that work with EU clients.
  • Ukrainian developers share the same business and ethical values as Europe. They have a similar working style and overall have a great command of English.  
Ukraine – monthly salaryBrazil – monthly salary
PHP junior$2,000$1,500
PHP middle$4,000$1,500
Java junior$1,400$1,600
Java middle$3,000$1,800
.NET junior$1,600$1,800
.NET middle$2,100$1,800
Python junior$3,000$2,100
Python middle$8,000$3,400
C# junior$600$1,800
C# middle$2,000$1,800
JavaScript junior$2,000$7,400
JavaScript middle$4,500$9,000
Android junior$2,000$1,800
Android middle$3,000$1,600

Average Salaries of Software Engineers in Brazil


Benefits of Entrusting Your Hiring Process to Professionals

  • Expertise and Insight: Making use of the knowledge of hiring specialists gives you access to market insights, best practices, and a thorough understanding of personnel marketplaces. This guarantees that you may access top prospects who fit your particular demands.
  • Time Savings: Your internal team can avoid the time-consuming processes of candidate finding, screening, and interview coordination by outsourcing the hiring process. They are able to concentrate on key business operations as a result, increasing productivity as a whole.
  • Expanded Candidate Pool: Hiring managers can find, engage, and attract a wide variety of suitable candidates because of their greater network and resources. Finding the right person for your company is more likely because to the expanded candidate pool.
  • Streamlined Process: Hiring experts streamline every step of the recruitment process, from the initial candidate search to the onboarding phase. Their refined procedures eliminate snags and guarantee a smooth candidate experience.
  • Reduced Risk and Improved Compliance: It might be difficult to stay current with employment laws, rules, and compliance obligations. By hiring professionals, you may reduce your legal risks and make sure your employment procedures follow all relevant regulations.
  • Cost Efficiency: By outsourcing, you eliminate the need for extensive in-house HR resources, such as recruitment software, platforms, and additional staff. This cost-effective approach optimizes your budget while delivering top-notch talent.
  • Enhanced Employer Branding: Hiring experts focus on positioning your business as a desirable employer of choice. Their skill in creating interesting job descriptions and drawing candidates helps to improve the reputation of your brand in the labor market.

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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