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IT Staffing Models

Temporary IT Staffing, Contractual Recruitment, Project-Based Staffing, IT Staff Augmentation

IT staff augmentation is a modern approach to enhancing your existing resources with external highly skilled specialists. In this article, we will cover different types of IT staffing models, why businesses opt for staff augmentation consulting, and how to choose a reliable vendor.

Understanding IT Staff Augmentation Services

There are a lot of times when you need an IT specialist to deal with one specific one-time or long-term task or contribute to a project of your business. However, finding a trained and capable expert for a temporary job can be challenging, money-taxing and time-demanding. Finding a person that will suit the business needs, in general, can take up to 24 days, according to Glassdoor. This is when IT outstaffing can come in handy, proving its global market worth of $92.5B as per Statista.

IT staffing services usually deal with the difficulties of hiring the talent for specific temporary or time-restricted vacancies. The IT outstaffing company takes on the whole mundane responsibilities of searching, recruiting, and onboarding the specialist on behalf of the business. 

With high-end IT outstaffing services, you can ensure that the specialist who works for you obtains all the required skills, has gone through a background check, and perfectly matches the described role and the project needs. 

A good IT recruitment agency can provide you with highly skilled experts in software development and a strong understanding of the software life cycle, from software development, DevOps assistance, project management, software architecture planning, and cloud infrastructure setup, to user support, QA, system administration, and many more. With IT staff augmentation, it can be also possible to hire dedicated development team that can start or join the needed project and complete it within the appointed time. 

Thus, if you’re looking for resources to contribute to your project and business, working with a credible IT staffing services provider may be a beneficial solution for your company’s growth and development.

Different Types of IT Outstaffing to Consider

Since IT staff augmentation solutions include a variety of options, it’s important to understand which one suits your business needs best. Here are the most common IT staffing models a company can opt for when hiring an IT specialist:

Temporary IT Staffing

The most common cooperation model, temporary IT staffing, usually means hiring specialists to cover the worker’s duties on vacancy or parental leave or fulfill some types of tasks that are limited in time (some advisory, analytics, or small project development). 

When the company needs to keep working uninterrupted to thrive, losing one IT expert even for a short time can be daunting. With temporary IT staffing services, a business can get an expert ready to work without expectations for long-term cooperation on a contractual recruitment basis. It’s great when you need a quick replacement for the absent in-house worker. 

Contract IT Staffing 

Contractual staffing is the best option for companies who need a flexible solution for their project. If it’s a new branch of business and the company is unsure how the launch will go, contract staffing services imply that the hired specialists will work on the project or finish the tasks within the required period of time. 

Moreover, if there is a need to extend a project, there will be a chance to renew the contract with the team or selected specialists. Also, it’s a great option if you need time to see the results the expert can bring to your company and their real expertise.

With both contractual IT recruitment and contracts to hire IT staffing (C2H), a business can work with a highly skilled contractor that will perform the assigned role for the outlined timeframe. If the results suffice, the company may recruit IT professionals on permanent terms.

Project Based IT Staffing

If you have some project in mind, but there are no internal resources to bring it to life, it may be the right time to consider working with an IT staff recruitment agency. Project-based staffing is oriented toward covering some development tasks that exceed the usual operational activities, i.e. for new or ongoing projects. So, instead of hiring an entire team permanently while their services are needed for one project only, you can opt for project based recruitment to achieve your business goals. 

IT Staff Augmentation/IT Outstaffing 

Sometimes it isn’t easy to cover all the needs of a company with only internal specialists. IT staff augmentation services refer to getting access to a great pool of global talents to select from when you need to find the right expert to fill the job position for a project or business processes.

IT staff augmentation companies can help businesses source, assess, and recruit the best IT specialists in the needed field with the required skills and expertise. Usually, IT outstaffing means hiring a dedicated specialist working remotely, for instance, nearshore software staff augmentation, but it also can be possible to organize a relocation of the selected expert within one city/country/to a foreign country on demand with the help of the reliable outstaffing agency.

Let’s also compare IT outstaffing vs. managed services to see how there approaches differ:

IT Staffing Model for Your Business: Which One to Choose?

Different IT staffing models were created for the companies to extract the maximum advantage from adhering to IT contract staffing services. Of course, any type of hiring is not a suit-it-all. Here are some options to consider regarding the RPO model and staffing approaches as per industry:

  • Financial services or Banking: If your company is related to the financial sphere, you may probably need a lot of specialists in Big Data analytics, digitalization, blockchain development, or client support. Any tasks can be transferred to a temporary IT staffing team, or if there is a need for a dedicated specialist, it’s wise to opt for contract engineer recruitment. Consider getting staff augmentation consulting to plan the recruiting and HR processes beforehand with the help of experienced HR specialists.
  • Retail: For retail companies, demand has accelerated the digitalization of their businesses in recent years. Suppose the company needs to access new international markets or boost its sales. In that case, it’s vital to make a user-friendly website and app, and an engineering staff augmentation team can be the right choice. If the warehouses are located on different clouds or servers, you will also need a skilled person to manage the remote administration of services.
  • Startup: If you need to get expert advice on the ways your startup can quickly grow as a business, you can hire a specialist to analyze and forecast the prospects of your project. IT staff augmentation firms offer hands-on consultations and assistance with an entire cycle of services for startups to start from square one.

Questions to Ask Before Selecting the IT Staffing Model

  1. Will it serve my organization’s priorities?
  2. For how long do I need these specialists?
  3. Do I need a seperate specialist or a team?
  4. Will software development staff augmentation bring me more profit than it costs? 

Red Flags of Staff Augmentation Providers to Be Aware of

The key factor for harvesting the full benefits and minimum downsides of information technology staff augmentation services is cooperating with a reliable IT staffing provider. When you’re encountering more than one of these characteristics when talking with a potential staffing partner, it’s time to reconsider your choice:

  • The company has limited experience in the IT field. The agency needs to be precisely oriented and focused on IT services. Suppose the staff augmentation vendors have years of experience but mainly worked with nontechnical spheres. In that case, there is a high chance they will fail to provide you with the specialists needed for your project due to a limited network or poor knowledge of the IT market, which grows each year exponentially.  
  • The vendor doesn’t fully understand your business needs.  The responsibility of the IT temporary staffing agencies is to analyze the company’s needs and advise on the type of workers who can fulfill these requirements. If the vendor lacks knowledge in the IT industry, or solid miscommunication occurs from the very start, any real results will be pure luck. In most cases, it will lead to long timeframes and unfitting candidates. 
  • The agency lacks recruiting expertise/skills.  Screening the candidates and asking the right questions is the central part of the work of temporary recruitment agencies. If they can’t do it properly, the chances that the company will suggest hiring specialists who don’t fit are pretty high.
  • Staffing services cost suspiciously cheap.  Of course, hiring an IT staffing agency is potentially more profitable for the business, but it is never meant to be cheap. It will be hard to maintain and retain skilled specialists for lower than minimum wage salaries. IT temporary recruitment that is cheap usually results in poor quality. Remember that a credible and experienced IT staffing company will tax their services accordingly, but this investment will be worth it.

How to Recognize a Trustworthy Vendor?

Here’s what makes a staffing company reliable, secure, and beneficial to work with:

  • Individual approach. A good IT staffing agency will take time to learn about your company, its goals, and work culture to ensure that the potential candidate acquires both hard and soft skills needed and has similar views on life and work, which will contribute to fruitful and efficient cooperation.
  • Transparent and quick communication. A good agency will provide you with detailed information regarding their work processes, explain what services they can provide, tell you about the approximate time frame for hiring specialists for you, and be ready to talk it through with you in detail.
  • Complete control over the processes. A business owner should be aware of all the stages of the hiring process of a temporary engineering staffing team and be able to conduct the final decision. Qualified IT contract recruitment agencies will be open to providing you with reports, analytics, and keeping the heads up on the process.

Mobilunity As a Reliable IT Staffing Services Provider 

Mobilunity is a vendor that passes all the qualities of a secure IT services provider and offers cost-efficient options for businesses all over the world. Mobilunity is a Ukrainian company that has experience providing dedicated IT teams for various projects for over a decade, allowing businesses from across the globe to get access to the huge pool of IT talents and hire developers and other IT experts with outstanding expertise in diverse technologies. 

Among our clients are a Swiss insurtech company esurance, German IT documentation company i-doit, and Israel data management company XPLG, to name a few. With a dedicated approach and time-tested methodology for sourcing the right talents, our experts at Mobilunity are wafer to provide you with top-level offshore staff augmentation services to meet your business needs. 

Looking for high-quality staff augmentation services? Contact Mobilunity and learn how to find the right experts for your business! 

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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