Quick Guide on Microsoft Dynamics for Construction Implementation

The increased popularity of the Microsoft Dynamics application suite in the construction industry has also influenced the MS Dynamics programming positively. According to the Transparency Market Research forecast, the total market size of Microsoft Dynamics will reach $11.239 billion by 2026 with over 14.5% CAGR during 2018 and 2026. This huge growth in the MS Dynamics application suite is contributed by Dynamics 365 financials, Dynamics CRM for construction, Dynamics GP ERP, Dynamics Marketing, Dynamics Field Services, and others.

Is MS Dynamics a Good Choice for Construction Businesses?

The global construction industry is huge and spread in a wide range of construction projects that employ numerous business processes such as material management, contractor management, project management, HR management, financial management, enterprise resource management, financial management, and much more. MS Dynamics application suite consists of numerous modules dedicatedly designed for the construction industry like Microsoft Dynamics NAV for construction, Dynamics 365 for construction, Dynamics CRM construction industry, and others. MS Dynamics also offers automation for tens of business processes in the construction industry and the easy availability of MS Dynamics NAV developers in the marketplace.

Microsoft general Dynamics construction process automation solutions offer the following benefits and capabilities to construction businesses:

  • Data-driven budgeting and future projections
  • Vender collaboration cost controlling, and payrolls
  • Real-time access to business data and analysis
  • Reduced operational cost and valuable time to complete any tasks or projects
  • Better material management, contractor management, and customer management
  • Better resource scheduling, sub-contracting, and quality management
  • Effective services and support, trouble-ticketing, and feedback handling
  • Taking advantage of immediate opportunities to meet clients where they are
  • Effective regulatory compliance, high industry standards, and quality assurance
  • Improved supplier relationships
  • Streamlined supply chain
  • Efficient project tracking, change management, and cost estimation

How to Implement Microsoft Dynamics GP Construction Industry Module?

Microsoft Dynamics application suite has all capabilities and features in different forms and modules like Microsoft Dynamics GP construction, Dynamics NAV construction, and others that professional-level construction enterprises need. For the implementation of those processes, you need a professional Dynamics 365 developer to take the following configuration and deployment activities:

  • The companies in construction industry that want to deploy Dynamics 365 should hire a developer with a deeper knowledge of different processes like contractor management, costing, purchasing, project management, and other related processes
  • Configure a project parameters 
  • Create sub-contractors for supply chain management
  • Configure material procurement criteria 
  • Create different categories of resources 
  • Add different roles and authorization for MS dynamics user management 
  • Configure HR module for human resource management
  • Configure items of inventory 
  • Create different types of items and resources needed in the construction industry 
  • Define man-hours and other criteria of performance

Why Choose Mobilunity for MS Dynamics Development in the Construction Industry?

To devise a plan, deploy, configure, maintain, and customize MS Dynamics 365 in the construction industry, the companies will need fully devoted executors. Mobilunity is one of the best providers of developers, experts, and consultants in Microsoft Dynamics for the construction industry. The company is highly experienced in searching for highly professional tech-talent that match the needs, vision, and objectives of the clients in the construction business.

Mobilunity offers you:

  • Skilled, qualified, and talented MS Dynamics professionals 
  • Dedicated teams at very competitive and fixed prices
  • Fully-managed services powered by a professional management team
  • Ideal location with sufficient overlapped working hours 

If you are looking for comprehensive Dynamics CRM construction industry solutions, contact Mobilunity experts to provide you professional MS Dynamics developers right now!

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