Design of Experiences at All Levels of Recruiting Process

Being in People Business we got to keep all the “soft side” of the processes on top tier level.
So thinking of Mobilunity | Dedicated Development Teams as a vendor that propagates 3Rs of Nearshoring – Recruiting, Retention and Relationships – you may be (rightly) guessing we make a special effort on these 3 aspects specifically. A reflection of that effort is a set of “experiences designs” we have in place and we keep “reading” permanently not to only know ones by heart but also to be constantly improving and revising ones.
This said, there are
Candidate Experience (I often post some visual parts from that process designed, doing it today as well)
– Employee Experience (where Yulia Borysenko has her multi-layer schemas of what and how may and should work), and
– Client Experience

As long as the vendor is in our business model and has these 3 experiences designed, you may be sure this will be a solid manageable service with delivery you may foresee.

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