Business Intelligence Engineer. Duties and Responsibilities

Over the years, the extended hand of technology has affected almost every aspect of human existence. Key among them is the manufacturing industry where technology has threatened to disrupt the workforce demographics. It’s estimated that a good number of workers in the industry will be replaced by machines and robots in the next decade. Interestingly enough, one thing remained constant: the demand for business intelligence developer.

This constant demand has largely been fueled by the increasing demand of Business Intelligence process of collecting data for purposes of making informed business decisions.

In this article, we are going to explain the roles and responsibilities of a Business Intelligence Programmer, and how to hire a good BI team.

What is Business Intelligence Development?

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to technology-driven practices used for collecting, integrating, analyzing, and presenting business information.

Alternatively, they can be defined as data-oriented Decision Support Systems that business executive use to reach a better decision. BI is occasionally used with query tools, business reports, briefing books, and even executive information systems.

The Growth of Business Intelligence

The history of BI goes way back in 1958 when H. P. Luhn coined the phrase business intelligence in his article “A Business Intelligence System. In the article, he was referring to the ability to unearth the existing interrelationships between different data sets in a manner that allows for appropriate actions to be taken towards achieving the desired goal.

For the next 3 decades, the original concept evolved through various stages from Decision Support System to Executive Information Systems. Later in the 80s, Howard Dresner defined BI as “concepts and methods used towards improving business decision relying on fact-based systems.”

During this transition period, Business intelligence players mainly focused on developing the foundation for storage rationalization and data retrieval.

Fast forward to today, BI is virtually everywhere. The frequent users of predictive analysis are Business Analysts, Statisticians, and BI experts.

As of 2017, dashboards, reporting, advanced visualization, and end-user services were the leading priorities in terms of funding from enterprises, which is a reflection of how pragmatic investors are in endorsing Business Intelligence as the foundation for growth.

A report by Zion Market Research indicated that in 2015 alone, the global BI market accounted for $16.33 Billion. These figures are estimated to hit the $26.50 Billion mark by 2021, representing a CAGR of 8.4%.

At the epicenter of this growth, are BI developers. They are the critical lot that ensures the survival of this ecosystem. With that said, they are easily forgotten when these large figures are flaunted. Which begs the question, What Does a Business Intelligence Developer Do?

Responsibilities of a BI Developer

As earlier indicated, BI typically deals with collection and collation of data. The primary duty of a business intelligence engineer is to present the same in a simplified and understandable manner to businesses. Leveraging on tools that transform raw data into factual insights, the developers present the analytical findings in form of reports, summaries, graphs, charts, dashboards, and maps to give businesses a detailed intelligence of their internal and external state. Therefore, the more exposed a developer is to the business environment, the better they are.

Secondly, these individuals are tasked with the responsibility of building online analytical processing OLAP. This tool comes in handy when companies are looking to conduct a data mining activity or analysis of different aspects of multidimensional data. They also work with both the relational and multidimensional databases to come up with conclusive results.

It’s also the responsibility of the BI software engineer to ascertain whether the collected data is of high quality and meets all the set standards. They are responsible for maintaining the sanity of Metadata Repository through adding, modifying, and deleting of stale data.

Meanwhile, they also do the market analysis to establish the current trends and aligning the collected data with these trends to offer relevant solutions to the businesses.

Last but certainly not the least; BI developers can be deployed by the company to train their customers on how to use the BI tools to enhance the decision-making capacity of the business. This rounded of working on data imports, exports, and conversions within the software systems makes the profession among the most demanding in the IT industry.

responsibilities of bi engineer

Business Intelligence Engineer Skills

On top of having a properly edited business intelligence engineer resume, the individual developer should have specification and documentation skills. By this, it means they are capable of creating clear and succinct documentation.

  • To obtain the information for analysis, BI developers facilitate “requirements workshops”. This means that a BI developer must have facilitation skills to conduct these elicitation workshops to obtain the relevant info.
  • One of the major learning areas of honing analysis techniques requires learning to create Visual models. A BI developer should have the skills to develop wireframe prototypes and work-flow diagrams to support their analysis.
  • Methodology Skills are a must-have for a developer. It may involve specializing on a specific methodology like Six Sigma or Agile Business Analysis.
  • In terms of technical skills, the developer should learn the dominating skills like SQL, .NET, VBScript, and Perl.
  • Relational building skills are a plus for a BI developer. They should be able to forge strong stakeholder relationships as they make data collection and collation process easier.
  • Hands-on experience in working with and supporting Data Warehousing
  • Strong analytical and communication skills to be able to work in a team environment are essential.

hire business intelligence engineer

As a company looking to hire a BI developer, scoring a developer who ticks all these boxes is hard. Even some of the most senior BI developers with years of experience may simply not have all the skills. This is why it’s advisable to find the right mix of BI developers to complement each other.

However, limiting your search within a 10-mile radius may not be of much benefit.

When a company opens up to the possibilities of hiring a remote team, the unexploited potential of reaching the best talents across the map becomes apparent. It’s no longer limited by the geographical differences when mining for a talented professional which is an incredible value addition especially if they are looking for a specialized business intelligence software engineer.

Mobilunity is an IT professionals company located in Ukraine. We creating teams of professional Business Intelligence Engineers with a knack for collecting, collating, and presenting of data in a simplified and understandable fashion.

As it’s always the case with most businesses, cost and productivity are dominant factors in determining the individuals that a company hires. Mobilinuty is fervently committed to offering the best value for your money by reasonable business intelligence engineer salary.

Final Take

For any company to reap the benefits of a practical and effective BI system, they should consider investing in a team of skilled BI developers and efficient software that efficiently performs analytical tasks. On a personal level, the developers should undertake a personal development journey of improving their skills by taking interest in every emerging trend within the ecosystem. Lastly, they should also seek to intelligently devise the strategies they choose to analyze the content and context of data to give businesses a great return on investment.

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