How Much Does It Cost to Hire JavaScript Developers in Ukraine?

JavaScript programming language is very demanded nowadays. It is the most popular language not only among frontend developers, but among backend ones as well, according to the StackOverflow survey. There’s a big amount of people learning it all over the world, hence, it’s easy to find and hire JavaScript developers. This kind of programmers are often responsible for frontend side of the project, which includes structuring of the visible elements in the web-app and making them behave the exact way we want them to. Dedicated best JavaScript developers are also responsible for connecting this frontend part of work with the server-side backend. This is also a reason why they are usually supported by backend web developers. JavaScript developers often work in collaboration with other frontend web developers and designers, who specialize in creation of markups.

How to Hire a JavaScript Developer?

Since JavaScript is a popular programming language nowadays, there is a big number of candidates to choose from. Employers or big companies can hire professionals with the help of outstaffing service. All they have to do is just apply with their request to a company, which has outstaffing solutions and that’s it. Experienced HRs will interview several candidates and offer the best ones to the employer. After the choice is made, developers are hired, the task is given – the process of creating magic starts right away. If you are interested not only in freelance JavaScript programmers, but in other types as well, read our research on costs to hire programmer in Ukraine.

Hire JavaScript developer for your team

JavaScript Developers Salaries Depending On Their Experience

Our research is based on data, taken from Dou and Payscale resources. As you could already notice, JavaScript engineer salary is usually defined by their experience and location. It concerns freelance JavaScript developers as well.

The cost of a JavaScript developer in Ukraine

Monthly net JavaScript developers cost based on their seniority

JavaScript developers are demanded, but their salaries are not as big as C++ ones due to the simplicity of this language. As you can see in the table above, junior JavaScript developer earns averagely $500, while C++ programmer has $750.

A comparison of Javascript developers salaries

Monthly net JavaScript developers cost based on location

Kyiv offers the highest salaries for middle and senior developers as you can notice in the table above. It’s not a surprise due to the fact, that it’s a capital. Lviv and Kharkiv also offer quite high salaries for developers.

JS developers salaries in USA, Canada, UK and Germany

Table showing the countries with the biggest demand of JavaScript developers

As the table above shows, JavaScript coders gained the biggest number of Google requests in USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Germany. As usual, USA, especially JavaScript developer salary San Francisco offers the highest salaries for Java Script developers. You can also check out the dynamics of search for this type of developers through the past 5 years:


Chart showing interest in JavaScript developers over time

As you can see, the popularity of JavaScript engineers has grown, and remains popular, gaining approximately within 50-90 searches per day.

Mobilunity offers high quality outstaffing solutions

Reasons to Hire JavaScript Developers in Ukraine

Ukrainian developers gain popularity in the Western and Eastern Europe every day. The main reasons for this are: talent, high level of education, flexible approach to projects, reasonable cost. You can read more on this topic on the page, Mobilunity dedicated to it. Many foreign employers hire our programmers for many reasons on a temporary basis, or for a long term. Developers, on the other hand, also enjoy going abroad and work with interesting projects and gain precious experience. Outstaffing service, which Mobilunity provides, can help employers meet their perfect team of dedicated JavaScript developers.

How it works to Hire JavaScript Developers in Ukraine

JavaScript developers pool in Ukraine is known as one of the most experienced. Since it is possible to work, most of the programmers start to learn as soon as they turn 16, and it may be so that by 26, your coder has already a significant portfolio and 10 years of experience in IT. Here are some reasons to hire Ukrainian developers: 

Sufficient productivity

Cooperation with coders from Ukraine will exceed your expectations and change your understanding of outstaffing in general. This is what our key customers point out as the main reason for prolongation of cooperation with Mobilunity.

International experience

JavaScript devs from Ukraine have outstanding communication skills, so you will never experience any inconveniences regarding management and direct communication.


American and European developers usually have high wages, but you can hire experienced Ukrainian JavaScript developer of the same experience rate and necessary skills at moderate rate.  

If you decide to hire experts from Mobilunity, we’ll be able to combine costs to meet your financial capabilities and the experienced pool of experts who will become your JavaScript programming dream team. We are ready to provide you with the best JavaScript developer resumes.

Need a JavaScript developer for your upcoming project? Let us find and outstaff right candidates for you!

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