How Much Does It Cost to Hire Worker for Software Development?

Like many other salaries, software programmer salary depends on the skills the coder has, programming languages he or she uses and experience. Seniority level matters as well – junior software engineer salary will be a few times lower than that of a senior programmer.

Range of Monthly Software Engineer Job Salary in Ukraine Within 3 Past Years

When it comes to money, employers seek the best convenient way to hire team of software developers. They should have enough skills and it is highly desirable that their payments are not that much high. Although this must seem a tough requirement to meet, there are some countries where you can hire a great best-matching software programmer for your project without large expenditures. Here are salaries of software engineers in five major countries:

software programer salary in different countries

Ukraine can boast the lowest salary rates out of European countries.

In general, computer software programmer salary in Ukraine remained almost unchanged within the range of three years (2015-2017). There was a small drop of pay in 2016, but in 2017, the rates went upwards:


Computer software developer salary, like any other salaries, are dependent on a few factors including the economics of the country, IT market state, offer and demand, as well as available talent pool. Ukraine is referred to the developing countries with a low economics level. Thus the salaries there are lower than in Europe. Moreover, the exchange rate of Ukrainian currency (UAH) and US dollar (USD) are large. In 2017, it ranges from 26-27 UAH for 1 USD.

Why Hire Developers in Ukraine

Many international companies prefer to hire Ukrainian developers, and there is a number of reasons why they do so. As cutting costs is the major reasons why firms are seeking for outsourcing, in Ukraine it is cheaper than in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, or the Czech Republic. In such a way, Western countries are able to save up to 60% on their total IT expenditures. Working with Ukrainian IT experts is secure, as Ukrainian legislation and regulatory systems guarantee the confidentiality and protection of your data. In fact, in Ukraine, there are more than 15,000 registered IT firms.

reasons to hire developers in Ukraine

Due to its location, Ukraine is convenient for foreign companies in terms of time zone changes without any hindering of communication between the devs and employer. There’s mostly 1 or 2 hours of time difference with major European countries. Which is more, Ukraine boasts its vast IT talent pool. It is ranked as the 4th country in the world in terms of the number of certified IT experts and is positioned in the TOP 30 of suitable for software development outsourcing locations.

Mobilunity as an Outsourcing Company to Hire Software Engineers

hire developers in Ukraine with Mobilunity

Being among the best outsourcing IT companies in Ukraine, Mobilunity offers a number of advantages over its competitors on the Ukrainian IT market. We have 8 years of international experience, as some major global IT payers are among its clients. All Mobilunity’s staff is well trained, fluent in English and managed according to the Western management system. The communication skills of dedicated developers make them the best experts in the sphere to meet the requirements of the client and offer a number of suitable solutions. Mobilunity imply the most up-to-date technologies in order to deliver products to their customers.

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Wondering where to hire software engineers? We’ve got an excellent option for you here at Mobilunity!

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