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Creative Staffing Agencies in IT

Good old times when finding the perfect candidate was a simple process have long gone. The search for a specialist, especially for a creative role, is usually a multi-layered, overcomplicated process. The candidate is screened simultaneously for relevant experience, a specific skill set, shared vision, and the type of hiring they seek – permanent or temporary. 

Moreover, according to the 2022 Statista.com survey on hiring challenges, 44% of recruitment staffing companies acknowledge the shrinking talent pools and skills shortage as a real issue for finding specialists to fill the job positions. Choosing a specialist that suits both the qualifications and budget is a long and stressful process that the internal HR department cannot always cope with. That is why the services of a creative staffing firm are so in high demand.

When it comes to creative staffing agencies in the IT sector, finding one that offers specialized AdTech consulting services can be invaluable for companies looking to optimize their digital advertising strategies and campaign performance.

What Is a Creative Recruitment?

The main task of creative recruitment agencies lies in the search and selection of specialists of various profiles, including those who are involved in developing advertising concepts, design, applications, and the company’s brand image.

No matter if a company needs temporary specialists who will work for one project or permanent employees who will be involved in the full cycle of development, – a creative staffing firm can help assemble a team or find the right candidate swiftly. Moreover, using the services of a temporary technical staffing agency, a company gets access to an expanded base of qualified specialists ready to start working immediately. Mobilunity is an experienced vendor to offer you the best:

Different Types of Talent Acquisition Through Creative Staffing Agencies

There are many scenarios of how a creative specialist can contribute to a company. Likewise, there are various types of recruiting through design recruiting agencies. You can either find a full-time employee with an IT staffing agency or a temporary one to help you complete one project or specific scope of tasks.

To avoid any misunderstandings when cooperation comes to an end, it is worth immediately defining the type of cooperation between the employee and the company. Here are the most common types of talent acquisition through recruitment agencies:

  1. Remote staffing. One of the fastest-growing and successful types of cooperation, which helps to find a permanent employee and at the same time reduce the cost of hiring. Working remotely is becoming a fairly common norm, which allows you to hire an employee from anywhere in the world without spending money on renting an office for him. In this mode, the employee is 100% part of your company and must fit both the company’s values ​​and be actively embedded in the company’s culture.
  2. Contract/temp staffing. It is common when the company seeks an employee for a limited period to perform certain tasks. In this case, it is beneficial to hire the specialist on a contract basis. When hiring via recruitment agency, design specialists can be recruited to perform several tasks or to work on a project with a limited term. For example, design a landing page for a new product or draw the animation for a new advertising company. At the same time, both parties are aware that their cooperation is limited in time.
  3. Direct hire staffing. If the company needs a permanent employee who will become part of the company, then a digital recruiting agency can find specialists who are ready to become full-time employees. It can be a marketing specialist or a product designer interested in continuously working on one project. With this approach, the recruiter is looking for an employee who wants to work for a start-up or a corporation with great development potential within the company and does not set for a short-term relationship.
  4. Creative executive search. When a company needs specialists for managerial positions, a usual screening process for candidates can give nothing. If you need a creative director or a marketing director, digital recruiting agencies can find persuasive arguments and lure a suitable specialist from competitors.

What Type of Specialists Can a Design Recruiting Agency Provide?

Creative talent agencies usually involve IT specialists and teams who offer marketing and digital advertising services. It includes design, copywriters, illustrators, web developers, marketing, SEO, and other digital specialists. 

Creative placement agencies can vary deeply by the size and type of specialists they can offer. In some cases, they specialize in one industry, such as a graphic design or SEO-centered agency. But many all-rounded service providers can offer any IT creative specialist on a project-based or full-time basis. Here are the most typical specialists the creative employment agency can hunt for you. 

The designer is a broad profession that can encompass various skills such as making creative marketing images for the company, as an illustrator or digital artist, or bringing the concept of the product into life, such as product designer. 

They also can work in the app or web production to create simple-to-use and attractive designs for companies’ websites or product landing sites as UX/UI designers. If the company needs to hire dedicated website designer or a specific digital artist, hiring a graphic design staffing agency is the ideal way to quickly find a specialist that will match the company’s needs.

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  • Marketing

One of the essential components of online business promotion is marketing. Any service or product that the company sells must be visible to the target audience. A marketing specialist is a person who will ensure the growth of online sales and brand awareness.

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Almost every business needs a mobile application with a user-friendly and recognizable interface. It is precisely what an application design specialist provides. Given the latest trends in eCommerce and apps in general, it’s essential to have a specialist with a modern approach to app design, including VR and 3D technologies.

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This industry is one of the fastest-growing during a pandemic, as gaming became the most popular activity among Millenials and gen-Z, according to Statista.com. However, the number of game development and design specialists, such as motion designers or 3D art specialists, is quite challenging to find and hire.

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  • Executive (Art Director, CIO(Chief Information Officer), CCO (Chief Creative Officer), CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

No project is complete without a strong management team that can envision the end goal and successfully launches the perfect apps, campaigns, and products. However, finding a specialist to fill such high-end job positions as Art Director or CCO (Chief Creative Officer) can be challenging as real professionals are usually already involved in other projects. 

The same applies to such relatively new professions as CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), who manages all marketing companies and works on the company’s image online and offline, and CIO (Chief Information Officer), responsible for all the technological equipment and operation of the company. Only those creative recruiters who are well aware of the underside of the creative business will be able to find convincing arguments to lure them to their project.

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Benefits of Partnering with Creative Staffing Firms

Undoubtedly, the company can search for specialists without involving a third party. However, cooperating with a creative staffing agency can bring many benefits and be very profitable in the long run. Among the main advantages of hiring a third-party company, you can list:

  • A quick search for a candidate. With broad access to search tools in a highly targeted environment, top creative staffing agencies can reduce candidate searches from months to weeks. It helps to quickly fill in the missing places and start working on the project.
  • Lower hiring risks. Many things make it difficult to part with him when hiring an employee, including severance pay unemployment insurance. The agency does all this and provides a quick replacement for the worker if the candidate cannot cope with the volume of work.
  • Savings on onboarding, training, and recruitment. The process of training and introducing a new employee into the company’s internal processes takes a lot of time and effort. With an experienced creative agency, you won’t have to spend a lot of time training a worker who is generally doing a temporary job. The agency will provide you with a specialist who clearly understands the scope of the required work and will perform it qualitatively.
  • Employee benefits and overheads. The company will save time and money by using an agency because all benefits like insurance vacation pay will be dealt with without any additional company’s input. The graphic design staffing agencies will deal with all issues related to overwork, vacation, and sick leave expenses, which will free you from unnecessary headaches since you will pay only for the main work.

5 Insightful Tips From Mobilunity Talent Acquisition Expert for Hiring Top Creative Roles

If the company struggles to find creative talent, it’s usually caused by a few reasons: lack of inside resources for headhunting and creative recruiting or lack of understanding of what specific talent is needed to fulfill the empty working space. 

Getting a design staffing agency from outside helps resolve these issues, as their sole goal and expertise is matching the talents to companies for mutual benefit. An expert from well-established design staffing agencies such as Mobilunity will have the necessary and modern tools for searching talents and a solid experience to see right through and quickly analyze what type of talent the company needs. 

Below are some expert tips that can guide you through finding the best talent provided by the Mobilunity hiring specialist.

  • Make sure to compose an ideal candidate profile. You need to include all specifications and skills required from an ideal specialist and write it in a tone of voice that will be close to the company’s work ethics and culture. This way, you can take a closer step to attract specialists with similar views, values, and a sense of humor.
  • Launch a labor market campaign. In Mobilunity, hiring specialists focus on targeting the potential candidates in the labor market by using the sources and channels that will most possibly reach the desired candidates. It can be launching campaigns on LinkedIn or other job-hunting places or reaching the candidates through social media from Instagram to TikTok.
  • Shortlist the CVs. After the campaign is over, the hiring specialists screen the received CVs and vet the candidate profiles that hit closer to the ideal. 
  • Do several speed interviews. The great recruiter will not make the candidate slip through their hands to the rival company by making them wait in the uncertainty or making them tired by countless rounds of interviews. A recruiter from Mobilunity will try to maximize the time given on the interview stage by meticulously checking if the candidate matches the profile. If the answer is positive, ensure to deliver the list of the best-suited candidates to the company. 
  • Set a date. A great recruiter will ensure that you set the final interviews with the management and the team and organize the meeting. 

A creative hiring agency will make sure that the company negotiates effectively and that the offer is sealed and accepted for the company’s best outcome.

What Makes Mobilunity a Top Level Creative Staffing Company

Are you considering finding top-notch specialists in Ukraine? Mobilunity is the IT staffing company worth your trust. From the first talk with the Mobilunity specialists, you will get actual data on the Ukraine IT labor market, the salary ranges, and the entire process of cooperating with the agency. Learn how to directly contact your contractors in no time with the help of Mobilunity recruiters.

There is no IT creative specialist that the Mobilunity recruiters cannot find. With a proven record of gathering top teams to work on digital projects and app development for companies worldwide, this Ukraine-based staffing company will quickly access the companies needs and provide you with top-notch options to select from.

If you require a creative staffing agency that can quickly find the perfect match for your open vacancies, be sure to contact Mobilunity. 

If you need a reliable creative staffing company to gather the perfect team for your project, Mobilunity recruitment experts are ready to help you out immediately.

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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