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Hire ETL Developer in Ukraine

The demand for specialists who know how to process and structure data is growing exponentially. In most digital spheres, especially in fintech, where all business processes are tied to data processing, a good big data engineer is worth their weight in gold. In this article, we’ll discuss the role of an ETL engineer in data processing and why businesses need such experts nowadays.

Who Is an ETL Engineer?

The growing number of data sources and the need for data storage and analysis require companies to conduct a meticulous collection, storage, and processing of information. For most businesses operating with large amounts of information and complex structures, this involves the data extracted from sources to be transformed and transferred to databases or data warehouses (DWH).

It is the ETL developer who is responsible for all the work with extracting, transforming, and loading data for further use. ETL developers are in high demand nowadays because their responsibilities are not limited to operating databases and processing information. Increasingly, companies are looking for an ETL data engineer to help them collect info from various sources to enhance data-driven decision-making and gain marketing insights, among other services. As you embark on hiring an ETL developer in Ukraine, consider the benefits of hiring freelance full stack developer to handle both front-end and back-end needs, or a freelance backend web developer to focus on database interactions and server configuration.

Extract, Transform, Load: Understanding ETL Process

Whether the content sources use a structured SQL database or require transformation, they rarely have the same or compatible formats. That is why ETL is used – a method for unifying and converting data and processing information sources, which is necessary for data analysis. After combining all sources of information, the analyst will be able to qualitatively analyze the information and deliver analytical results to the business.

Mistakenly so, people usually cut down the ETL developer role to simply extracting the data from different sources and bringing it to one DWH. However, ETL processes are more technically complex and require the active involvement of developers, testers, analysts, and other IT experts. Narrowing down the ETL developer job description can be a tough task in itself.

ETL includes three main interrelated stages of data processing – Extract, Transform and Load. Let’s observe these stages in more detail:

  • Extract (E): In this step, the developer extracts the original data from the source. Data may be stored in a temporary staging area for further processing. 
  • Transformation (T): The extracted data that is received from various sources is usually unstructured, contains several formats, and thus cannot be used and processed in the original form. At this stage, the developer must format, clean, and change the information structure to integrate with the target data system and the rest of the data in that system.
  • Loading (L): Loading refers to the process of placing information in a data storage system. Depending on the amount of data that must be processed, the ETL engineer optimizes the loading process and makes sure that the DWH operations are processed quickly. An ELT developer can also work on the backup and recovery procedures in case of loading failure. 

An ETL programmer can become an integral part of the company’s project. Extracting, collecting, and analyzing big data is vital for making major business decisions. ETL specialists’ range of tasks can spread to testing, data analytics, QA, and process management. In this way, similarly to a business intelligence engineer – ETL developer can become a beneficial addition to the R&D or data analytics team.

What Are the Main ETL Developer Roles and Responsibilities in a Project?

Although the roles of the data engineer vs ETL developer can be intertwined, the ETL developer is mainly responsible for creating and maintaining transparent and functional data storage infrastructure. Here are some of the main responsibilities of a Senior ETL developer:

  1. Identify data storage needs. Each organization processes various information from a specter of sources. What does an ETL developer do? They assess the exact data storage needed for the company in order to provide the best solution.
  2. Create a data pipeline. An ETL engineer programs the data pipeline that helps to organize all created elements and combine them into a single infrastructure. Such a system helps extract information from any specified sources using ETL bodies, format and clean unwanted storage, add metadata, update information, and more.
  3. Manage ETL processes. After assessing the data storage needs, the ETL specialist determines the toolset and methodologies for establishing the data pipeline architecture for the business. The ETL engineer can also write code, implement various ETL development tools, and test the solution. 
  4. Data modeling. At this stage, the ETL specialist envisions in which format the information will be transferred from the data pipeline to the DWH. Data modeling helps to simplify the transformation process by defining the unified database structure. Data models usually are the product of cooperation between data scientists, business analytics, and programmers.
  5. Develop a DWH architecture and administration. A DWH is a data storage formatted and unified according to the requirements of the company. A clear and coherent architecture of the DWH ensures that access to the information, its analysis, and evaluation are done conveniently by all data specialists within the company. ETL specialists fully design the architecture of the DWH. They may also integrate Salesforce software development engineer ETL tools if needed, create interaction scenarios, and provide reports.
  6. ETL troubleshooting and quality assurance. An ETL specialist is responsible for fixing all lags within the created infrastructure. Thus, the ETL developer responsibilities include testing the data models and warehouse architecture, locating issues, and improving the overall system performance.

Junior / Middle / Senior ETL Developer Resume Samples

Below, you can find some helpful ETL developer resume sample entities that can guide you on what skills and experience to look for when reviewing ETL developer resumes.

Junior ETL Developer Resume Sample

Middle ETL Developer Resume Sample

Senior ETL Developer Resume Sample

Benefits ETL Programmers Can Bring to Projects

If a business has the potential to scale up, and the amount of data required becomes hard to process, an experienced ETL development specialist can help you to keep the information organized and structured and enhance the data analysis. Let’s consider more benefits to having an ETL specialist in the team:

  1. Clear Vision for Decision Making. Having quick access to filtered, consolidated data can help to make sharp evaluations, clearer reports, and trustworthy business forecasts based on the information. With a properly designed data pipeline, a business can be sure that all sources of information are addressed and not omitted during evaluation and decision-making. 
  2. Time-Efficiency. Gathering information and making reports without ETL tools can be a daunting task. With a clean data structure provided by ETL specialists, one can easily access the integrated data.
  3. Secure Way of Data Storage. Oftentimes, companies regulated by the GDPR, HIPAA, or CCPA need to remove, mask, or encrypt certain data fields to protect the privacy of their customers. This can include converting emails to a domain only or removing the last part of the IP address. ETL provides a way to adhere to these regulations because it transforms the information before it is put into the DWH.
  4. Live Up to Company Growth Potential. With the company’s growth, the amount of processed information also increases. ETL is a flexible tool that allows modifying the storage, data models, and infrastructure to adjust to current needs.
  5. Competitive Advantage. Optimizing data with ETL tools provides a company with almost immediate access to any information, helps quickly analyze it and offers insights for decision-making. It saves time for assessing the results and allows businesses to make smart and precise decisions timely to stay competitive in the market. 

Why Hiring Ukrainian ETL Developers Is a Smart Business Decision

The issue with finding a seasoned ETL developer can be easily fixed by zooming out of the closest areas and browsing the options on a global scale. As current times allow to drop the limitation of looking for exclusively in-house workers, finding well-balanced hiring options in terms of ETL developer skills and salary become more real. Companies inquiring how to hire data scientist without any risks can find a trusted local vendor to cooperate with.

Ukraine proved to be an outsourcing haven for businesses looking for various IT experts, including ETL engineers. Here’s why Ukraine became a preferred option for companies interested in highly qualified IT experts:

  • A large IT talent pool of 200,000+ IT experts, according to TechUkraine
  • High education level (14M+ people in Ukraine with higher education, according to the KPMG report);
  • Lower salary rates compared to the US and Europe; 
  • Convenient location and time zone difference;
  • 100+ R&D centers opened by global companies in Ukraine, including Apple, IBM, Samsung Electronics, as per the Deloitte 2020 report;
  • Full compliance with GDPR and other data protection regulations.

What Are Average Monthly ETL Developer Salary Rates Worldwide?

Let’s take a look at the monthly salary rates of ETL developers in different countries, based on Glassdoor and SalaryExpert statistics, as well as on our Recruiting Team research over several Ukrainian job portals:

  • The US – $7,942;
  • The UK – $5,283;
  • Germany – $6,210;
  • The Netherlands – $5,976;
  • Ukraine – $3,100*

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in the case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could not be entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

As you can see, Ukrainian Senior ETL developer salary rates are significantly lower compared to European rates and those of the US, which makes hiring Ukrainian specialists a cost-efficient option to consider.

Mobilunity as Your Reliable Partner for Hiring IT Specialists in Ukraine

If you consider hiring a dedicated ETL specialist in Ukraine, finding a reliable local vendor is the key to success. Mobilunity is a well-known Ukrainian dedicated IT resources provider that offers a wide range of tailored solutions, from finding IT experts to handle short-term projects to expanding your team or even creating a dedicated team from scratch. 

We at Mobilunity deeply value quality relationships and encourage close and trust-based cooperation between dedicated teams and clients. Our clients describe Mobilunity as a company number one for IT outsourcing assistance in terms of individual approach in all aspects, from recruiting approach to retention methods.

Get in touch with Mobilunity representatives, and let us help you find the best-matching ETL engineer for your project!

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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