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Hire Oculus Developer in Ukraine: Responsibilities & Cost

Virtual reality is a world transmitted to a person through his sensations by technical means. VR simulates exposure and responses to exposure. Talking of augmented reality – the technology helps to complement the real world, adding sensory data. Virtual Reality programmers can both bring virtual data into the real world and remove objects from it.

Infrastructure and technology are developing in parallel with the development of VR/AR content. There are several main directions for the development of the industry, depending on the content: games, education, social networks, medicine, and cinema.

Perhaps the most useful VR developments are made in medicine. Medical students no longer need to hone their skills on corpses; instead, virtual simulators with tactile feedback have appeared. Also, scientists hire Virtual Reality developers for mental disorders treatment. Experts from Harvard University have published a review in which they consider the effectiveness of modern VR methods for treating mental illness, especially — anxiety neuroses and phobias.

What Happens to VR/AR Technology During the Time of COVID-19 

VR/AR technology has not been significantly affected by the worldwide lockdown and companies still hire Go developers. It is worth mentioning that Oculus Quest devices and other VR/AR sets were sold out and some models are still not available.

It was expected that the closure of retail stores could negatively affect the demand for VR/AR devices and the necessity to hire an Oculus developer would disappear. However, it is too early to fully assess the long-term changes in behavior associated with fitting devices in the store. It is a fact that individuals and companies strive to stay connected during the crisis and devices for virtual entertainment continue to be bought up.

Why Choose Developer Oculus to Build Your App

What are the pros and cons of different VR software development kits:

Oculus VR SDKOculus VR can build VR headset apps with Unity free version, no need to pay for Pro version Oculus headset has a security camera that works with infrared light. This allows create games with 360-degree head tracking in a wide play areaOculus SDK is only allowed to work with Oculus hardware
Google VR SDKGoogle VR SDK devices have 5 buttons and a trackpadThis tool has many special kits for Android, iOS, Unity, and Unreal enginesOldest phone supported by Google Daydream – from 2016. Supported audience size – 260k
Amazon Sumerianno 3D graphics or virtual reality programming skills are required to use itSumerian works with all popular VR platformslack of a unified distribution system for a wide range of users who do not have the special technical knowledge

What are the reasons to choose Oculus?

  • Oculus PC SDK supports Rift and there is an optional Oculus SDK for Gear VR
  • Oculus SDK is not tied to a store and can sell games anywhere
  • High replication potential for both general-purpose devices and specialized niche solutions
  • A huge amount of content for this SDK

What are the differences between Oculus headsets?

  • Oculus Quest. Oculus Quest does not require a computer connection. The processor was updated, the display resolution was increased and a new system for tracking the user’s position was added. It’s called Insight.
  • Oculus Go. This is a relatively inexpensive but compact VR headset that you can take anywhere. The model works in standalone mode without using a PC and wires. The quality of the built-in sound is due to the support of high-quality surround sound drivers. The controller makes VR navigation as clear as possible.
  • Oculus Rift S. A modern reincarnation of the 2016 Oculus Rift VR headset highly appreciated by users and demand to hire an Oculus Rift developer reappeared. The updated version is more ergonomic, has a more convenient mounting scheme, and has an excellently implemented tracking system.

How to Hire Oculus Developers

People that should be included in the VR application development team:

What should you look for in Oculus developers?

ResponsibilitiesSoftware development for various platformsResearch into the possibilities of virtual and augmented realityCollaborate with the design team to create a flawless user experienceCreation and testing of experimental experience using new technologies
BackgroundMaster’s degree in Computer Science
Hard skillsExperience with Unity3D/XCode/ARCore/ARkitFamiliarity with real-time computer graphics, 3D, knowledge of WebGLKnowledge of OculusProficiency with one or more of the following programming languages: C++, C#
Soft skillsFamiliarity with Agile methodologiesCreative ThinkingAbility to work in a team

It’s not an easy task to find a skilled Oculus software engineer. When looking to hire an Oculus developer in Ukraine, an Oculus Go developer may be a suitable choice due to their specialized skills in creating VR experiences and applications, with cost and responsibilities varying based on experience and project complexity. The trend towards an interest in the VR/AR industry is just on the way of development, thus there is still a lack of experienced Oculus VR engineers. The developers of this industry are scattered all over the world, therefore, if it’s hard to find a local Oculus hardware developer, it’s time to try hiring remotely. 

Where to Hire Oculus Developers

In this paragraph, we compare hiring local and hiring remote. What are the pros and cons of hiring local and remote:

Pros of hiring remote workers:

  • Remote workers are more productive than office workers
  • To build a career, they work hard to gain trust and prove their indispensability in the company
  • Reduced costs: having remote workers reduces all associated costs, including office rent, furniture, utilities, and cleaning services

Cons of hiring remote workers:

  • It can be more difficult to strengthen team ties between remote workers. Additional efforts will be needed on the part of the employer if this is a priority for the company

Pros of hiring locally:

  • It is easier to promote teamwork through shared activities or just a shared office
  • Sometimes it’s easier to track the progress of projects

Cons of hiring locally:

  • The cost of office space, including rent, furniture, utilities, cleaning services, etc.
  • Long commutes to work can reduce employee job satisfaction

Why Ukraine Is a Good Place to Hire Developers

Ukraine has been attracting foreign companies with the quality of its IT services and its developers’ high skills. Let’s see the other reasons why Ukrainian developers are so popular:

  • Convenient time zone and geographic location, especially for European partners. Minimal time difference contributes to better communication
  • A large number of talents who have experience and qualifications for work of any complexity
  • Affordable cost, which is a big advantage when budgeting. It is not difficult to estimate costs since everything is transparent and understandable in the Ukrainian IT market

As the developers’ market is still growing, it is better to compare not Oculus developer cost, but VR/AR developers’ salaries in different countries.

  • Ukraine – varies from $2,000/month (for Junior positions) to $4,100/month (for Senior positions) based on the internal data of our recruitment team
  • UK – varies from $5,000 (for Junior positions) to $6,630/month (for Senior positions) according to Glassdoor
  • USA – varies from $7,465 (for Junior positions) to $12,542/month (for Senior positions) according to ZipRecruiter
  • Denmark – varies from $3,955 (for Junior positions) to $5,106/month (for Senior positions) according to PayScale
  • Switzerland –   varies from $8,286 (for Junior positions) to $9,793/month (for Senior positions) according to PayScale

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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